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Monday, September 12, 2016

Suppliment your Healthy Diet with life’sDHA™: DHA for All Stages of Life!

I have always been a bit of a health-enthusiast. This started from a very young age as my parents raised me to love eating healthy home-made foods. From gardening to enjoying preparing foods, to eating at the table with my family-I enjoy great foods and a healthy diet!  

Even though both my family and I enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, I am still a big believer in supplements. There are honestly just some nutrients that I know are so essential and important that I am not getting enough of in my typical food rotation. So, I do enjoy using both supplements and foods that are enriched with vitamins and nutrients. This became particularly important to me when I was pregnant with both of my kids. Nourishing both my own body and my growing baby was of the utmost importance. I did quite a bit of research on prenatal vitamins and nutrients that babies need in-utero. I was fascinated by DHA omega-3 and realized that this was a nutrient that was missing in my diet that I not only needed, but that my growing baby needed too!  

DHA for Moms: Pregnancy and more!

If you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant, or a mother of a young child, you should consider learning more about DHA omega-3! 

DHA is an omega-3 is naturally found in breast milk and it accumulates in significant amounts in the brain, eyes and heart. The presence of DHA omega-3 is essential to your body throughout all stages of life: maternal health, infant health, children and adult health. DHA is an essential nutrient not only for brain health, but also for heart and eye health and development as well. DHA is essential for infant cognitive development as well as brain health throughout life.

Supplementing with DHA omega-3 from a vegetarian source from algae (in the life’sDHA® brand), is a fantastic way to add DHA to your body. The life’sDHA® website offers detailed information about this fatty acid’s role at various stages of life. Be sure to visit the life’sDHA® website to read more about how DHA can support brain and eye development throughout all stages of life. Plus, there are some great articles about fitness tips, nutritious recipes and much more!  

DHA needs in Children and in Later Life Stages:

Children need DHA omega-3, too, to support the health of their growing brain. There are a variety of children's supplements on the market and foods that are enriched with DHA. DHA needs even expand to adulthood. The need for DHA is present throughout life.

The more I read about DHA, the more I realize that it is absolutely essential and a nutrient that I need to make sure is present in both my own body and those of my family. Therefore, I am a big believer in supplementing with DHA!  life’sDHA® is a high-quality vegetarian source of DHA omega-3 sourced from algae.  life’sDHA® is an ingredient in foods, beverages and supplements throughout the world. Look for the life’sDHA® logo on product packaging to know you’re getting a vegetarian source of DHA omega-3.


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