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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skincare Routine Update! Glycolix Elite Fortified Facial Cream

Hell my dear readers! I am here today with a Skincare Routine Update! Please see my Skincare Routine Intro Post here and my cleansers here: GlyDerm Gentle Cleanser and Topix Resurfix Ultra Gentle Cleanser. As I find and test products that enter my "permanent" skincare rotation, they will be labeled as a "Skincare Routine" item. Some products come and go, but the real keepers will be entered into the official "Skincare Routine"!

So...Wow!!! I have finally found *it*! This is the product that has been "missing" from my skincare routine!!! A great moisturizer! Whoo-hoo!

As someone with dry skin, I need a lot of moisture (obvious, right, lol!). Well, I have, in the past, primarily relied on my moisture provided in my SPF daytime lotion, moisturizing toners, and lightweight gel-based moisturizers. I was very hesitant to add a heavy moisturizer in the PM as I did not want it to dilute the strength of my night time treatment cream (Differin Cream) nor did I want any ingredients in the cream to "interact" or block active ingredients in my treatment products.

Well, after reading a great post by dermatologist, Cynthia Bailey, on her amazing blog (go check it out here) about layering products and Glycolix Elite Fortified Cream (by Topix Pharmaceuticals), I had to give this product a try! To summarize Dr. Bailey, she stated that Glycolix Elite Fortified Cream is safe to layer with treatment products as it will not impact the result of your treatments. Your treatment products will penetrate through the cream. This is exactly what I need! I love it!!!

(for Glycolix Elite Fortified Cream review, please read after the jump!)

How I use:

After washing my face with a super gentle cleanser, either GlyDerm or Topix Resurfix, I immediately apply a small amount of Glycolix Elite Fortified Facial Cream. I let that sink in while getting ready for bed and then right before I go to sleep, I apply my treatment product (differin cream).

This cream has *completely* alleviated my dry skin!!! I no longer wake up with the dry patches that I have been plagued with (side note: I think the addition of a glycolic wash, GlyDerm, 2-3 nights a week helps with this too)! I feel that my skin looks smoother and more even toned as well. My makeup applies so nicely in the mornings on my plumped and smooth flake-free skin!!! What a wonderful cream!!! Dry-skin ladies, you must try this!

This unscented (yay!) cream is very rich in texture but totally non-greasy. It just feels *good* going on your skin. I have had absolutely no problems with breakouts from this skin. Sometimes I am hesitant to try heavier creams as I fear breakouts. Even though my skin does not break out often, heavier creams can possibly cause problems. This product is rich without feeling "heavy" on your skin.

Great ingredients:

This cream has many beneficial ingredients including antioxidants! I am on a learning curve with my knowledge and use of antioxidants. They are "free radical" fighters that help to combat damage to your skin. This is especially good for repair and prevention of aging. Glycolix Elite Fortified Cream contains Vitamins A, C, and E, Green Tea, and Co enzyme Q-10 to "assist in minimizing free-radical induced skin damage". So, you are not only getting the benefit of great moisture, but also antioxidant protection and repair as well!

Please note that Glycolix Elite does *not* contain Glycolic Acid. There are some similar formulations of this cream by Glycolix that do. So, if you are ordering pay very close attention to the ingredients as the names of the products are very similar and all the jars look the same. This one, Glycolix Elite Facial cream contains no glycolics. But, if you want a formula with Glycolic acid, go for it!

The best part: This cream is so affordable! Only about $18 (plus shipping), for a size able jar. You only need a small amount (the jar says to apply sparingly), so I am assuming this jar will last me at least 8-10 months. You get the benefits of great moisturization AND antioxidants! I highly recommend this product!

Thanks for stopping by to read! I would love to hear what you dry skinned ladies are using for moisturization? Also, I would love to find some drugstore alternatives. While I love this cream, it would be great to have something easily accessible at the drugstore!



Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Hey gorgeous! I will have to try this also. I have dry skin also and in the winter it gets bad. I have to always keep a cream on. Thanks for posting! XX

Unknown said...

Jacenda-Hey girl!!! You would totally love this then! I have seen such a difference in my skin! XOXO!

Lisa McIlvoy said...

I am goin to try it!!! I am always on a never-ending search for a great moisturizer too!  I have tried so many - high and low in price.  I use Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate which I LOVE at night, but would like a great cream too.  Where do you recommend ordering?

Unknown said...

Hi Lisa! Great!!! :) I am sure you will like this...very affordable and effective! :) I ordered from (and only $14 there), and they ship pretty fast! Let me know how you like it!!! :) I should try that Kiehl's one you Kiehl's!

Celazome said...

Hi Pammy,

For your dry skin, about how many times on average do you find yourself reapplying moisturizer throughout the day?

Unknown said...

Hi Celazome-Well, it just kinda depends on the day! :) Some days I dont have to reapply at all (just in the morning before makeup and after I wash my face at night). Other days, when my skin is "flaky" I reapply to dry spots throughout the day. Since I have been using this lotion, I havent had the flaky daytime issues. Hope that helps!!! :)

Unknown said...

u mentioned this doesn't have glycolic acid in it?? how come my jar reads it as the 2nd ingredient?..thanks

Unknown said...

@Sandra Robinson-Not sure? I wrote this review 2 years ago. So, I do not have the product anymore to look at my jar. I know that this brand carries many creams with similar names. Possibly you have another version of this product that contains Glycolic Acid? Or, perhaps the product was reformulated since this review was written. That does happen sometimes. Maybe newer versions of this product contain Glycolic acid?

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