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Monday, January 3, 2011

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss Review

Hello there beauty readers!

I am so happy to be reviewing one of my favorite brands and formulas of lipglosses! What a pleasant surprise to find something that I like *so much* at the drugstore!!! Seriously, IMHO, this is just the idea texture for a lipgloss!!! I actually just picked up a couple extras of these as they were 75% off at my CVS yesterday! So, that made them about $2.00 each. Score!!! I hope they don't discontinue my fav color, Lilac, or I might have to pick up some more back ups!!! Ack!

General thoughts on Revlon Super Lustrous Glosses:

  • Absolutely perfect texture! I love the feel of these glosses on my lips. Not too sticky! 
  • Nice scent. No, the scent is not as good as high end glosses like MAC, but the scent is subtle and slightly vanilla-like. 
  • High shine finish. Just like a gloss should be! :)
  • So moisturizing! I love applying this. I really feel these help improve the general condition of my lips. These might be amongst the most moisturizing glosses that I have tried! 
  • Easily accessible and affordable. I mean, I see these lipglosses everywhere...even at the grocery store! 
  • Nice color selection. Sheer and milky colors in a range of hues in both glossy and sparkly finishes.
  • Contains SPF 15. This is always a nice bonus in a gloss. All lip products should contain SPF, IMHO.  
  • Packaging is so sleek! Just about the same size as a MAC lipglass. The plastic is hard and durable (very scratch resistant, so it continues to look great even after getting tossed around in your purse). The gold accent makes it really look like a more expensive gloss. I LOVE that it is square shaped! It won't roll around on your bathroom counter or vanity. This sounds like such a simple thing, but its great! I don't know if I am just always in a hurry in the mornings, but I have had lipglosses go rolling off the counter. Doh! ;) I also like that when you are closing the gloss, you can feel the cap slightly "snap" in place. You will always know it is completely closed (no lipgloss leakage in your handbag!). 
  • These glosses are not that "long lasting", but really...what gloss is? Stickier glosses last longer, but then their texture is so sticky! Some people might prefer that. But, for me, I would prefer a less sticky gloss that I can apply more frequently. That is the case with these glosses. 

Pink Afterglow:

This gloss I have repurchased a couple times (which says a lot considering that I always like trying new things!). It is just so....wearable! It is a sheer medium pink that really wears clear on my pigmented lips. It  has a high gloss finish with sparkle. So easy to wear and so pretty. Now, this one is HIGHLY shimmery. So, if you do not like shimmery glosses, then you will not like this one. 

Pink Whisper

This is a beautiful and milky light baby pink. Generally, this is the shade that I almost always look for in lipglosses and lipsticks...light pink, but not too nude. Perfect color! It is not quite opaque, but not nearly as sheer as Pink Afterglow. There is a subtle sparkle to the product, but there are no noticeable sparkles on the lips. This looks great on its own or topping a baby pink lipstick or liner. Really nice pigmentation on this one. Love it!!!


What a totally unique shade!!! I, for one, totally love the look of purple toned glosses and lipsticks. When you are as cool-toned as me...these shades just work! It really wears more like a pastel pink with cool undertones. It is a milky gloss with no noticeable shimmer on the lips. What I love about this shade...It seems to "mute out" my highly pigmented lips. It gives me that nude-pink lip look that I find is normally hard to achieve with a gloss alone. But, this gloss just does it for me! I sure hope it is not discontinued (since I just bought a back up for 75% off!). Love, love, love this color!!! Revlon, please don't discontinue it! 

Some Swatches for you!

These lipgloss have really become my favorites lately! Certainly my fav drugstore gloss. I must say, since discovering Revlon lipglosses, I have practically stopped buying MAC lipglasses (gasp!). Really, I like the texture of these much better than MAC lipglasses. I highly recommend these! Especially if you can find them on a great sale! :)


Anahita said...

Wow lovely colors! I just love the lilac one you are right its totally unique :)

Unknown said...

@Madiha-Yes, I totally agree...Lilac is so unique and the shades are lovely...lets hope they don't discontinue Lilac! :)

Dyna said...

wow I am lusting so much after these, I haven't bought them yet since here in Malta they charge like three times the original price for them - which is so not fair, so I'm trying to find them on ebay but haven't found a good seller yet. I love the shades you got - although I prefer shimmerless shade - like the lilac one. Thanks for sharing :):)

Ai said...

Pretty!! I really like the looks of Pink Whisper :) Little curious about the Lilac too though... hehe I'm such a chicken when it comes to wearing unique shades of makeup haha


Anonymous said...

I love these lipglosses, I have reviewed tem on my blog as well!!!

The lilac is also my favourite one, still havent been able to find the mathing nail polish tho:(

JL said...

Pink Whisper has my name on it! :D Thanks for the review Pam

Fifi said...

OMG 2 dollars! People in the States are so lucky when it comes to makeup, lol! Here in where I live the price would never be that low. I think this costs about 9 dollars here and there's rarely any discount, blah. This is my favorite gloss too by the way, unfortunately the shade selection here is not as wide. :(

GYA said...

loving this lipgloss so much! the shades are so wearable. im loving nude attitude as it fits my warm toned skin.

Sharon said...

lovely colours,great review hun I need these

Cydonian said...

Thank you again for recommending Lilac, I needed a better gloss for my Gaga lipstick and it's perfect! (I wasn't a fan of the one Mac put out) I normally don't like these creamy glosses as I call them "unmentionable fluid" glosses... yeah... but these are really nice and don't look uh, awkward. lol!

Anonymous said...

I bought 2 of these glosses at CVS as well. I for sure know I have Lilac, but not sure of the other lol. I wore one for a little while yesterday, and just love the way it feels on my lips.

Anonymous said...

OMG this lip gloss sounds so good! I love lip glosses a little too much and want to try each and every one out there! I'll be sure to snag this one if I manage to find it! Good lip gloss = girl's best friend! ;)

Khara said...

I have those Lilac is my favorite..

Tracy D said...

I agree! I found the peach one in Florida this past year and I love it, so moisturizing and a nice creamy opaque color that looks great over anything. I am on the hunt for the Lilac one now.

KimmieKarma♥ said...

I went back to CVS yesterday just for the Lilac lip gloss and it does not disappoint! I'm really happy with how it looks on me as well!

Shaylee Anne said...

Hey Pammy!! These look amazing, I'm definitely going to have to try that Lilac shade! And OMG congrats on your huge win from Beauty Crazed!! I swear I was just as excited when I read it as if I had won! (I squealed a little lol) I hope you had a great holiday girl!!


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love these lip glosses. They feel so good on the lips and not totally thick or sticky. I have the Lilac one and had a lovely peach colour with gold shimmer but can't find it anywhere :(
I saw they came out with some new ones recently which I will definitely have to check out soon.

Gaby Fauchon said...

I love those! Pink Afterglow looks gorgeous!

Unknown said...

@Dyna and @Fifi-Yes, we do get lucky sometimes with the sales here. Hopefully some ebay sellers picked some up on this sale and can pass on the savings for you! :) But, I must say, I would totally pay more for these...shh, lol, don't tell Revlon! ;)

Unknown said...

@CandyApples-Yes, Pink Whisper would look great on you! :)
@Jinz-Thanks for stopping by! Pink Whisper is lovely! :)
@si gya gya bego-I used to have that shade too and loved it (used it all up!). :)

Thanks to all of you for stopping by my blog! :)

Unknown said...

@Gaby-Pink Afterglow is suprisingly wearable considering how sparkly it is. I love it! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Unknown said...

@Cyndonian-Wendy!!! Hey girl! I am so glad you love it with the Gaga l/s!!! And, lol girl..."unmentionalble fluid", you are too funny! Seriously, lol! We need to always give eachother a shout out when we find a cool purple lips shade (gloss or l/s!)! XOXO!!!

@Kristin-thanks for stopping by! I the feel on the lips! :)

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Totally agree Alicia! Great glosses!!! I hate it when a gloss is too sticky, these are just the right consistancy. Revlon really got the formula right! :) That peach shade sounds nice!

@MyBestBeautyBuys-Tracy, I hope you find it! And, I pray its not discontinued!!!

@KimberlyM-Yay! I am so glad that you got it and that you like it!!!

@Kayotic-Yay, another lilac fan!

@MUJunkie88-Priscilla-Girl, I have MISSED you on here!!! XOXO!!!Yep, lovin the lilac! :)

XOXO to all of you for stopping by! :)

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-YAY!!!!! Shaylee is *back*!!! :) Missed ya girl! Hope you had an aweseome ski vacation!!! OMG...I will have to stalk all my CVS's to see if I can snag you a Lilac to send in our next swap!!! And, yes, OMG...can you believe that I won that amazing giveaway!!! Whoo-hoo! How cute too that you squealed! A true friend!!! ;) I squealed too...I kept re-reading the email as I couldn't believe my eyes! XOXO!!!

@Rizzie-TOTALLY agreed...lipgloss is a girls best friend!! ;) I mean, seriously!!! :)

xAgnes said...

YAY! I was so happy to see this post lol cause these lipglosses are my all time favourite lipglosses too! :D but im soo jealous you have lilac! i searched all over when it came out but couldnt find any in canada! booo.. but pink whisper.. i gotta look for that and add it to my collection lol i already got pink afterglow & love it too! although "life's a peach" is the one i use most :p great post pammy!

Unknown said...

@xAgnes-Hey sweet girl! I am so glad you like these too! :) I wonder if they are going to come out with some new colors since they recently put so many of these shades on clearance! Still hoping that they won't discontinue lilac!!! It was hard to find for a while around here too, and then they added it to the perm line. I need to try "Lifes a Peach" too!!! Thanks for stopping by Agnes!!! XOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I love these lip glosses!! What a lovely blog post! I might have to see if I can get my hands on some of these! They're all amazing!!! :D
Bex XxX

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