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Monday, December 6, 2010

Sally's (Face Secret) and Walmart (Hard Candy) mini collective haul!

Hello readers! Just thought I would snap a few photos of haul items that I will be testing in the coming weeks! Couldn't resist one more post tonight as I just felt like writing!!! :)

As I venture into the world of liquid foundations...I figured I needed a stippling brush! I picked this Face Secrets one up from Sally's and will be testing it out with some various foundations. Now this is actually labeled as a bronzer brush. I have a blending brush from Face Secrets that I love, so I figured I would give this a try. And, with coupon plus Sally discount, only $8.

If any of you readers have a great stippling brush, I would love to hear it (high end or drugstore!). I am still testing NARS sheer glow and plan on picking up Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation. Would love any other foundation recommendations for my dry skin (normal to dry in summer, dry in winter). I am uber-pale MAC NC15 in Studio Fix. Have been wearing powder foundation for years and am really excited to try some liquid options!

Since Sally's is across from Walmart where I live...I braved a venture into Walmart. Since I live in an Urban Walmart can be kinda sketchy (underground dim parking garage, situated next to train station, etc). So, I don't venture there often! Don't get me wrong, love me some discount prices and I live in a nice area...its just kinda a scary Walmart (I have been harassed in the parking lot by panhandlers way too many times, one even followed me into the Sallys once asking for money and calling me names)! Okay, I digress...such is Urban Living. Anyways, I braved it in search of good Sally Beauty products and Walmart goodies.

So, in the same vein of wanting to try liquid foundations. I am also venturing into the world of primers. Some wonderful ladies on twitter, makeupalley, and my facebook page recommended the Hard Candy Primer. Now, I actually remember when *Sephora* used to sell Hard Candy (I am sure I am aging myself here). So, I am familiar with the brand and was vaguely aware that it was now sold at Wally World (okay, Walmart, why do I always slip and call it that, tee-hee!). I am not sure if it is a new company sellling it or if it is the same product just repackaged? Either way, I have an old Sephora-sold Hard Candy bronzer that I totally adore.

So, I went in search of the Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer and the Blush Crush in Living Doll (which looks so pretty in some blog photos that I have seen). Well, I was *thrilled* to find a specially packaged Holiday Set (?) with trial sized versions of the Sheer Envy Primer, the Blush Crush in Living Doll, *and* a Plumping Serum Lipgloss, and a Glow all the Way face and body illuminizer. PERFECT!!! ALl of this for only $8. What a great way to test out the primer...and have some travel sized products on hand (ya'll know how I dig a good travel friendly item!).

So, enjoy the photos!!! I am eager to compare this Hard Candy primer with the Smashbox sample that I have been testing (and so far...totally love). Also, looking forward to testing out this newly vamped Hard Candy line at Walmart. There was sooooo much that I wanted to try! Looks like I will be braving the Walmart adventure more often!!!

Thanks for reading! And would love to hear more recs from ya'll on serums/primers/foundations/foundation application! :)


Coming Soon:
-Urban Decay Naked Palette: Swatches and review
-Too Faced Glamour-to-Go: Fairy Edition review


Shaylee Anne said...

OMG! If these Hard Candy sets don't show up in Calgary soon I'm gonna LOSE it! haha I keep seeing them and want them so bad! I love the Hard Candy stuff I own - so these would be fantastic! I've been looking for a really good stippling brush and actually never thought to look at Sally's! Thanks for the heads up I will go have a look tomorrow! :) XOXO

Unknown said...

Shaylee! Glad to hear you love Hard Candy (with our similar tastes it means I will too, sweet!)! I wish I knew you were looking for the set as I could have picked ya up one!!! Next time I brave Wally-world I will look for you! ;) (for swap #2!) If it makes you feel better, they looked totally picked over. I am very excited to try everything out!!! Haven't used the stippling brush yet...wanted to give it a good washing first...but, its *so* soft and I am really pretty impressed with the Face Secrets brushes that I have. :) XOXO!!!!

ohyouprettythings said...

Great haul!! :]

Unknown said...

@ohyouprettythings-Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Marisa said...

That blush color it's gorgeous!!!! It must look beautiful on you (:

Cydonian said...

That is a really cute little set -- I wish my WalMart carried them. I went there once last week or sometime and they didn't have anything except Hard Candy lipgloss sets... lame. I hate that place.

Sharon said...

lovely haul hun,goodluck with searching ur ultimate foundation,Nars has quite a number for different skin types,my skin is dry in winter&normal combo in summer where I get oily on T-zone and the sheer glow works for me..U can also try MUFE foundations&Bourjois foundaations.

Unknown said...

@Cyndonian-I hope your Walmart gets some of those sets soon...yah, too bad Target dosnt sell HC, as I really would rather not have to hit WMart! They were pretty picked over and the one I got was the only one left...wonder what the other sets looked like?

@Pricilla-hey girl! Hope you find these sets too! And-lol about the "area", I always think of that "People of Walmart" website when I go there (tee-hee, have you seen that?)! XOXO!!!

@Sher-Hey girl! I remember reading on your blog that you liked the NARS sheer glow. :) And, thanks for the recs!!! I will have to check those out! I do hear great things about the MUFE!

Thanks for stopping by my blog ladies! :)

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