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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wet n' Wild Holiday Palettes (part 2): Sugar Plum Fairy Review

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Hello lovelies!

This is "part 2" of my Wet n' Wild Color Icon Holiday Palettes review series! See "Part one" (here). This review is for the Sugar Plum Fairy palette set.

I have, yet again, nothing but raves here!!! I must start out by saying that I have been *majorly* into purple shadows lately! I am normally a total neutrals shadow type girl...but, have found that, on me, purple shades are surprisingly "neutral" and just lovely for the colder months! Of all the holiday palettes this one is my favorite just for the sheer fact that it is an array of pretty purples! I have so much fun creating looks with this great palette!!!

Note: it is hard to see the lightest shades here
I had poor lighting for the photo 
(but these shades are of the least pigmentation in the palette)

The low-down:
  • Extremely low price! $4.99 for entire set! And, if you are lucky, you will find it during a WnW sale! :)
  • Hard to find in my area. Good luck finding this!!! But, just keep looking! I would say snatch this up if you see it! :)
  • Shadows are soft and somewhat powdery/chalky. The whiter shades seem especially more chalky than the other shades in this palette (and less pigmented...but, still pretty!). Generally, the darker shades seem to "wear" better. But, despite that, I still totally *heart* this palette!
  • This palette contains all shimmer/glitter shades. This might be a minus for some people...but, shimmery/glittery never bothers me! If you want to tone down the shimmer you can pair with some matte neutral shadows.
  • These purple shades are surprisingly neutral! I have been reaching for this palette very frequently! Love this for even every-day wear (despite being so it for daytime or anytime!). These colors look lovely with my cool-neutral very fair skin tone!
  • Pigmentation varies: Now in comparison to some of the other palettes, as my fellow blogger Turtle Beauty has pointed out (check out her review here), this palette is of the least pigmentation of the series of holiday palettes. But, even so, I still totally love it!!! And really, in this palette, the pigmentation depends on which shadow in the palette. As you can see in my swatches, the pigmentation varies depending on the shade.
  • As always, I suggest using these shadows over an eyeshadow primer (like UDPP) to get the best color payoff and wearablilty.
  • Standout shades: Totally LOVE the bottom two shades used as a liner shades! I typically wear either the left column together or the right column together. I also really love the middle right hand shade. Love this in the crease.
  • On my light blue/grey eyes...purple shadows really bring out the little bit of green in my eyes! So, I love wearing this palette as it is like "changing" my eye color for a day. Too cool!!! :)
  • The liner: Purple shimmery liner. I really like the shade but the texture, like the other color icon liners, is quite hard. But, once you warm it up, is pretty wearable. I just hate having to "tug" on my lid with a hard liner. The shade is very pretty though! And works well with one of the darker liner shades topping the pencil liner for long wear.
In summary (if you can't already tell, LOL), I totally adore this palette! So much so that I bought a couple of these for girlfriends as gifts! :) I hope that WnW does a variety of Holiday Palettes every year! I will always look forward to these. I love that you can get pretty good quality shadows at a great price with Wet n Wild!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Are you ladies enjoying your Sugar Plum Fairy Palettes?



Unknown said...

Hey Priscilla! Yes-I just love it! Wearing it today! THanks for stopping by! XOXO!!!!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I really like their single eyeshadows but find that the palettes aren't as well pigmented and tend to be a bit chalky.

Unknown said...

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Thanks for your comment! I have only a couple of the eyeshadow singles, so hard for me to compare. :) But, I love those too! :)

Anahita said...

OMG this palette look so pretty!!!

Unknown said...

@Madiha-Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yes-the palette is so pretty! :)

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