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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Stole my Husband's Soap! ;) My love for Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser

Not too long ago, my Hub wanted to find a new facial cleanser. So, of course, me being the product enthusiast that I am, suggested a trip to the mall. How fun to pick out something for him! Well, he decided that he wanted to try something from Kiehl's (and he has used some things from Kiehl's in the past).

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Now, I think the Kiehl's store itself generally appeals to men. It has the old-fashioned pharmacy look and feel. Yet, this retro-inspired store seems very sleek and hip in our local upscale mall.  Plus, no girlie frills, so it was no surprise to me that my Hub wanted to shop here! Even the lab-coat wearing salespeople inspire your trust. I mean, they even "look" like pharmacists, right?!?! ;)

After browsing and my vetoing many of the "Men's line" products that I felt were too harsh for my Hub's normal to dry/somewhat sensitive skin, we decided upon the Ultra Facial Cleanser. Well, let me tell you has been in our shower for over a month now. And, LOL, I just can't help myself, I totally love using it!

The Low-Down on the Cleanser:
  • This cleanser contains a "sugar derived glycoside to thoroughly cleanse without over drying"
  • Gentle enough even for my VERY sensitive skin.
  • This product is highly concentrated. I mean, just the tiniest little smaller-than-a-pea sized drop will clean your entire face. 
  • At about $18 for a 5 oz bottle, this product will last you forever! 
  • I adore that it is unscented and LOVE that it is gentle. 
  • Overall, a great basic cleanser! Cleanses without over drying and does not leave behind any "residue" (I hate that!). Essentially everything someone might look for in a basic, no-frills cleanser.
  • I am using it a bit "less" in this very cold weather as my skin is more prone to drying out (I mean, it is gentle, but not the gentlest cleanser that I have). 

So, Shhhhh!!! Don't tell my Hub (wink) that I have totally stolen his cleanser (but, for real ya'll, he wouldn't even mind). I can't wait for my husband to try more products from this line so that I can test them too! :) tee-hee!

Hope you enjoyed reading!!! Do any of ya'll "steal" your Hub's items in the shower? Would love to hear! :)


Shaylee Anne said...

LOL! I totally do this too!! Anything my bf has I test out too! And I love shopping for him! I'm like "Oh you need a new moisturizer? Perfect BYE!" lol and I'm shopping! But then again, this goes the other way for me most of the time! My bf uses ALL my stuff!! (Especially my Lush stuff, it just disappears!!) This sounds like a great cleanser though, I might have to test this out! I love Kiehl's! :)

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-LOL-Exactly!!! :) My Hub generally uses his own stuff, but often uses my shampoos especially. He is always thinking that all my products are taking over the shower! :) I was able to get a ton of great samples when I was in kiehl's too...there are some great eye creams that I might go back and purchase. :)XOXO!!!

Unknown said...

@Grace Wong- Not sure if this cleanser would make you experience acne breakouts as I do not have acne issues. But, it rinses clean and does not leave a residue...and is gentle, so I assume it would be good for acne-prone skin. I didnt post your comment as I dont post comments with links, but did want to address you question! Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

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