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Saturday, December 18, 2010

What I'm Reading: Holiday "Book Haul"

Hello Beauties! Happy weekend!!!

Well, ya'll, I'm on vacation!!! Whoo-hoo!!! I am off until January 3rd. My life has been so busy this past month, that I am just so excited to have some down-time during the holidays. What do I like to do best when I have a lot of extra time?...READ (Ya'll probably thought I would say "apply makeup" that too!). I got a few Barnes and Noble gift cards as Christmas presents, so I happily went to B&N yesterday to stock up on some books for the holiday! I also added a book to my iPad, but I have yet to read it! As much as I love my iPad, there is just something about a "book"...a real paper one, lol, that I adore! Also, I love the experience of just browsing through a bookstore for a couple hours trying to select my next read. Really, book shopping is one of my fav things to do!

But, seriously, the ultimate relaxation for me is to become completely engrossed in a great novel or series. My plan is to curl up on my couch by the tree in my slippers, with a blanket, my dog, some hot tea...and a good book. I am ready to just dive into my reading! Ahhh!

After discovering the Twilight Series in the "Teen Fiction" section a few years ago, I love browsing that section for books and series to read. LOL-no, I am not a teen-those years have LONG past! But, the books available in that section are just the best "light/quick reads" out there! Seriously!!! While I like a variety of books from really every genre, If I want a quick and engrossing read...a real page-turner, if you will, then I head to the teen section!

Pretty Little Liars

Right now, I am in the midst of reading the Pretty Little Liars series, I love this surprisingly dark tale of four "friends" (or "frenemies") with secrets in their past. I am on book # 2, Flawless. Honestly, what I love about this series is that it is not at all predictable! I can't tell you how many times I am reading a book and the fiction is so formulaic that I just lose momentum. Not the case with this series! These are can't-put-it down books! The first book I read in practically one afternoon of complete and utter engrossment. Is anyone else out there reading this series? I would love to tell you more about it, but don't want to give any spoilers!!! :) Just know that these books are an incredibly fun-read!!!

Vampire Academy

Another fav genre of mine is fantasy fiction (I know, I am revealing my "inner geek" here!). But really, the fantasy aspect is such a good escape! The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead is IMHO one of the best Vampire series out there!!! Actually, I might (gasp!), like this series better than Twilight (and, ya'll know I am a HUGE Twilight fan! "Twi-hard"). 

Richelle Mead is an amazing writer! This series is such a unique twist on the classic Vampire tale. Actually, her Vampire mythology is totally unique. The books are so compelling and, no, I can't put them down when I am in the midst of reading a new one. These books are actually quite mature for the "teen" section. Her plot is well woven, her characters are well developed, and you absolutely can not predict what will happen next nor how the book/series will end. I believe that Last Sacrifice is the last book of the series. And, I must say, I am not ready for it to "end"! A friend of mine at work and I have been reading this series together and we are both absolutely engrossed in it (and, yes, we even mark our calenders for the book releases). Last Sacrifice was just released! 

What do I love so much about this series? Mostly, the main character Rose. She is such a strong character, both physically and emotionally. You really just find yourself rooting for her to succeed. Not since Buffy the Vampire Slayer has there been such a kick-butt female lead character in a fantasy tale! Rose kinda reminds me of Buffy too with her snarky "quippy" remarks, her "I won't fail" attitude, and her barometer of good vs. evil. Last but not least, I adore the Rose/Dimitiri love-story in this one. Really, I can't even begin to predict how this will all end! 

While writing this post, and adding my links, I am so excited to discover that Richelle Mead has sold film options to Vampire Academy! So, OMG...we can all look forward to a series of Vampire Academy movies!!! Now, that just made my day! 

With that said, I am heading to my couch to do some reading! Thank you readers for joining me in a bit of a diversion from my usual beauty-related topics! Besides beauty reviews, will also see pop-culture posts on this blog as well (books, film, tv...). :) 

Is anyone else reading either of these series? Would love to hear your thoughts! 


joana said...

what a GREAT post, have a lovely weekend

Unknown said...

Thanks Johanna!!! :) You too!

Allison said...

I LOVE reading! After years of swearing I wouldn't, just this year, I read all the Twilight books! (After buying the first one for literally a dime at a library sale, ha!).
Enjoy your time reading - there's nothing better in the winter than curling up with a good book, and a warm cup of tea or coffee! Enjoy, girl! :) xox

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love reading during the holidays too (well anytime really). I am really into biographies. Have you ever heard of or read any Jen Lancaster books? She is an amazingly funny writer and I highly recommend any of her books (although its always good to start at the beginning). Ive watched pretty little liars but have yet to read any of the books.

Unknown said...

@ Allison-Thanks girl! :) Thats funny about you reading Twilight...I stumbled upon those before the hype got all crazy, lol! :) Yes, wintertime is the best for reading! :) XOXO!!!

@FunnyFaceBeauty-Hey Alicia! No, I have not heard of Jen Lancaster, but I will write that down for next time I am browsing! I love getting book recommendations!!! :) Havent watched the Pretty Little Liars tv show yet as I wanted to get through the books first...but, it is all saved on my DVR! :) XOXO!!!

Anonymous said...

I am currently reading the Vampire Diaries since I really love the TV-series I thought it was time to read the books as well, but they are not that much alike, but still good though. When it comes to the best vampire-books I've read.. it's definitely the Twilight-series :) love them so much! And, I have plans on reading the Vampire academy books as well.

However, I recently started to read the House of night series. have you read them? The first book is pretty good, very teen-ish with a lot of problem and drama. So I have to go in with part two soon, but as I said before, I'm stuck with the Vampire diaries for the moment :)


Unknown said...

@Makeup Barbie-Yay, you are a fellow vampire-book lover! ;) Vampire Diaries: I LOVE the show, but the books were only "meh" for me. I actually quit reading those in about the middle of the 3rd book. The plot was just getting bizzare to me. The House of Night Series: I read about the first 5 (or 6?) of those and then felt like the series was getting "weak", the first few books in that series were pretty good-but, like you said too much "teen drama", and too much of that goddess-worship stuff. Now, I LOVED the Night World series of short stories (same author of Vampire Diaries...LH SMith?). Those I thought were really great! I like the Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire Mysteries series too (The True Blood series). Those are quick/fun reads (which I like better than the show). I would LOVE to find a new vampire series!!! :) That BlueBloods one looks interesting...Nice to have a fellow Vampire fiction reader on here!!! :)

Jillith88 said...

Thanks for the great book tips. I can't wait to get my hands on the Vampire Academy books! I too read a lot of young adult fiction. I <3 your blog!

Unknown said...

@Jillith88-Thank you!!! :) Oh-you will totally love the Vampire Academy books!!! Totally fun to read! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marisa said...

Awesome reads!!! I LOVE The true blood series (:

Unknown said...

@Marisa-I wonder when Charlene Harris is releasing the next True Blood? I am in Sookie/Eric withdrawal, lol!

Anonymous said...

I've totally forgotten about the True Blood series (I do enjoy watching the show even though if it can be a little too much.. and weird :P) but the books I've ignored. I have to read those too.

The vampire diaries are good so far. I'm on book 2 now (the struggle), but before I decided to read them I read a little bit on Wikipedia just to get a sneak peak on what would happen in the show (I then saw that there's such a big difference between the show and the books), so I thought as well, wow, these books are weird, I wonder if the show will get this weird too.. haha. So we'll see how I react, if it's too much for me to handle :P

And like you say, it would be nice to find some more vampire books :) if you came across some, please post the tips :D

Have you read the new book written by Stephenie Meyer? I can't remember what it's called, but that one sounds crazy as well :D

Unknown said...

@Makeup Barbie-Hey girl! I *totally* agree on the True Blood series, I watch the show with some girlfriends in the summers...but, it can be a bit too "much" sometimes. The True Blood books are MUCH tamer!!! Actually, they read more like a romance novel (and the True Blood book series seems tamer to me than the Vampire Diaries book series). I know, some odd stuff happens in the VD books, but the show is soooo different! A total stray from the book plot. No, I have not read the new book by S. Meyer, are you referring to The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner? If so, then it is on my self, but not read yet! ;) You be sure to pass along any good books you find too! :) Have a great day! XOXO!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I had no idea that the True Blood books were tamer :) I have to read them, definitely! I just don't like that Bill is so.. unattractive? in the series, lol :) maybe he is in the books? Oh well!

So I've finished reading "The Struggle" second book of Vampire diaries, and I have to say that the ending was surprising! I can't believe it. I hope that Elena, eh, remembers her true feelings about Stefan and I really hope that, that situation don't happen at the show! (I've been really busy so I haven't watched season 2 yet, but I will these days :) I can't just watch one episode at the time, I have to watch all! lol).

I wasn't really referring to The short second life of Bree Tanner, all though I have read it, and it's quite good, but short :P I want more Twilight books! Like the one chapter she wrote from Edwards perspective. Midnight sun? That would be awesoooooom :D I meant the Alien book, hmm.. The host I think it's called. :) but since you didn't refer to that one, I don't think you've read it :P

I will absolutely keep that in mind! :) Happy holidays! xoxo

Unknown said...

@MakeupBarbie-Hey girl!, I am not a Bill fan either! Lets just say that there is more Eric in the books! ;) Oh, yes, The Host! I have seen it, but I think I will pass (I think its about Aliens?). Yes, I have read that online chapter of Midnight a great perspective from Edward! Lets hope that one makes it into print!!! :) XOXO!!!

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