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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stila Travel Palettes (part 2): Rave for "Make an Impression in Moscow"

Hi there blog readers! Those of you who have been with me from the "beginning" (lol-2 1/2 months ago!) know that one of my very first posts was on the Stila Travel Palettes. Well, I finally got the "Make an Impression in Moscow" palette and just had to share my total rave!

Of the 3 Stila travel palettes, this one is *by far* my favorite one! Not only are the colors beautiful,but I think that they are ideal for my coloring. The brown colors (especially the copperish "Nadia") give good contrast to make my blue eyes pop. And, the baby blue color "Chill" matches my eyes exactly! :) So, if you are a blue-eyed fair skinned girl like me, you might just want to pick up this little palette for only $10 at Ulta. What a good deal!

The low-down:

  • As with all the Stila travel palettes the packaging is TDF cute! The package is small, portable, and sturdy. With a nice sized mirror inside and good magnet closure. Love it that the Stila girl "looks like me" on this one, LOL! :)
  • The eye shadow colors: Matryoshka (shimmery light beige-brown), Nadia (Shimmery Copper, almost orange), Chill (Shimmery baby blue), Mink (shimmery deep brown). 
  • The eye shadows have great texture and are very pigmented. They apply and blend well! Totally love them! 
  • Here is how I wear the shadows: Matryoshka on the lid, Nadia in the crease, Mink outer corner and blended on upper lash line. I line the lower lash line with a MAC 266 and the Chill Shadow topped over Wet n Wild's sky blue liner pencil (this combo lasts ALL day without smudging!). I line the upper lash line with Bobbi Brown gel liner in Chocolate Shimmer Ink (which coordinates so well with these shadows). I highlight and do inner corner with Wet n Wild's Brulee shadow single (might do a mini rave post about this soon...I have been reaching for this more than my MAC it!). I love doing my eyes with this palette! I am experimenting a bit more with color lately and I think lining the lower lashes is a great way to finish off a neutral eye and make it more interesting. (If I could *ever* master the art of self photography I would post an eye photo!!! I promise ya'll, I'm might be a better medium for me!).
  • The Convertible Color (lip and cheek cream color): Lily (a lovely shimmery/dewy sheer peach). I find the texture of Lily to be very different than the convertible colors in my other two Stila travel palettes (that are "harder" in texture and wear better as a blush). Lily is *very* creamy and glossy. It wears best as a sheer lipcolor/gloss as I found it to be a bit too dewy and sheer for the cheeks. As a sheer lip color/gloss...totally Beautiful!!! It wears as a perfect shimmery peachy color on my lips. Seriously love this as a lip color! 
Here are the other items that I used to "finish off" my eye look.

In summary, I totally love this palette!!! The shadows are great quality and work so well together. These colors really work with my coloring and bring out my baby blue eyes. The convertible color is very creamy and wears great as a sheer lip color! I <3 this palette!!! :) 

Hope you enjoyed reading! 


Sharon said...

great post hun,love that palette I need to try Stilla products cant wait to see ur looks with these

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher! :) Stila products are great!!! Thanks for reading.

Shaylee Anne said...

So funny Pammy! I have all of these too! haha I totally agree about the cream colour, its totally different in this one! I feel like I'm going to use it up really fast because I get so much of it on my finger! But it is super pretty! These colours probably look great on you! This palette isn't ideal for me...I'm more of the "Pretty in Paris" girl! haha Great Review!!

Unknown said...

Shaylee!!! :) Too funny! "Pretty in Paris" is one of the ones that I don't have yet! I can see how those colors would look good on you! Yes, I agree...I feel that the CC on this Moscow palette will run out way before the shadows.

liquoredonlacquer said...

great post! I love this palette its super adorable!! :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks liquoredonlacuer! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Looks very nice. I bought one of those palettes but didn't think the shadows were pigmented enough.

Unknown said...

FunnyFaceBeauty-the pigmentation is much better on this palette than my other Stila travel palettes? Interesting? Also, the texture of the CC is much more creamy. Thanks for reading!

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