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Monday, November 22, 2010

LUSH mini-haul and review (total rave!!!) :)

I <3 LUSH!!!

OMG...where has LUSH been all my life! I am lucky enough to live about 3 miles from 2 different LUSH stores, but somehow never experimented with LUSH products until now! I know!!! And, for me...the bath product queen! :) Seriously, I think I have found my new fav store!!! :) Can you all feel my excitement here??? Yes, I have heard the raves, but it wasn't until I actually went into the store (while Christmas shopping) and "experienced" LUSH that I fell in love! Granted, I sneezed a few times in the store (I have bad allergies) and the product fragrances...while wonderful...are a little overwhelming when you first enter the store. But, not worries, I sneezed a few times and then got used to it. And, proceeded to smell *everything*!!! YUMMY!!!

First off, you have gotta love the whole "homemade" and "fresh" product idea! The sales person "walked me through" my entire shopping experience there (and, I am a sucker for good customer service!). As soon as I explained that I was gift shopping, she had a ton of ideas and let me test out a ton of products! :) She seemed genuinely enthused about the brand which is always cool. I love it that most items are not packaged...the soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, etc...all look like little pieces of art! Just grab a basket in the store and go bananas with some wonderful and *totally unique* items! Interesting too how the products have a freshness date and many are even packaged like actual foods (the packaging looks like to-go or grocery containers, cute in a campy way!)

Well, I don't want to give away my surprise presents for my 10-year old Niece, Mollee (as she does read my blog!), but lemme tell ya...there are some CUTE items if you are shopping for a pre-teen!!! I had just the best time picking out things for her the LUSH store! Maybe I will have her post a mini-review here after she has had a chance to test out some of her items! :)

So, I am sure this is the first of MANY LUSH posts on this blog! I got two products for myself...

The Lip Scrub in Bubble Gum:

My lips get so dry in the winter! I have seen some reviews online and on YouTube about this wonderful scrub (and, most recently, on my friend Shaylee's blog Check out her Lip-scrub review here: Cosmetically Curious). I just had to try this. Basically it is a bubble gum flavored sugar scrub...that you can actually eat off your lips when you are done. Who wouldn't love trying this! I just rubbed a small amount on my clean dry lips and gently scrubbed and then licked off! That's all there is too it! Simple and effective. Just sugar in a mositurizing oil base. So, easy! You get a ton of product, so this will last me a long time. The scent and the flavor of this lip scrub is TDF! And, honestly, I think that I will never stray from LUSH from this point forward when I need some lip exfoliation. I am planning on do a weekly or bi-weekly lip treatment with this! After I exfoliated, my lips felt very soft and moisturized! :) I topped with some vasaline just for good measure (but I am sure that LUSH has some great lip moisturizers?).

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar:

WOW!!! I love this unique product!!! My Mom and I actually "split" this bar since we were both interested in trying it (I literally just used a kitchen knife to split it in half...worked great!).  We both totally love it! After a long day of Christmas shopping with aching feet, this product really called to us as it is supposed to soothe tired achy muscles and fight exhaustion. Just what we needed! :) It is a creamy bar with cinnamon leaf oil (smells divine!) and Aduki beans.

It applies very creamy and then turns "wet". For you exercisers out there...this is like a "natural" Ben Gay (or any medicated muscle rub). I do a lot of running and exercising, so I am no stranger to sore achy muscles. I actually use medicated rubs quite frequently, but can't stand the smell of them. So, from now on I can just use the Wiccy Magic Bar instead!!!

It immediately feels stimulating and "warm/cool" when you apply it. Really, both Mom and myself felt immediate relief in our tired achy legs. Plus, the scent is very soothing. I will continue to use this and repurchase many times (I am sure!). Once it sinks in it leaves your skin feeling very moisturized. The Aduki beans provide a little bit more pressure to your skin when applying (like a massage).  I really enjoyed rubbing this bar onto my skin. I even had my husband rub my back with this. LOVE it!!! Highly recommend. I am actually very curious to investigate the rest of the range of massage bars. If they are as good as this one, I can't wait to try more! I will actually look forward to coming home after working out to rub this bar on any achy overworked muscles! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! This!!!! :)

So, just had to post a quick little rave for these LUSH products! :) You LUSH users out there...what else should I try from this awesome brand??? I am a big bath taker, so I am interested in the Bath Bombs for sure...and probably more massage bars!



liketreasure said...

my friend is always complaining about aching muscles, i may have to get her this for christmas! x

Unknown said...

Hey @communicatingbeauty!!! :) Good idea for a present! It smells divine...and, WOW! Couldnt get over how well it worked!

Priscilla said...

Pammy!!! you have to hook me up Chica!! tell me how much it is and ill send it through paypal..theres no stores over here that carry Lush and both you and shaylee have have convinced me that I need to have this product! LOL awesome review =)

Shaylee Anne said...

Seriously, I swear it doesn't surprise me anymore, but that massage bar is my fav thing of all time from Lush! haha I really need to go get another one! When I was a competitive dancer I used that thing EVERYDAY! lol Great post! :)

Unknown said...

Shaylee-LOVE IT! I know, LOL, it dosnt even suprise me anymore either, it is so FUNNY our tastes! I *heart* that massage bar! Actually, just rubbed down my back again with that before bed! LOVE it!!!

Pricillia! Sure, I will let you know next time I am headin over there and I could pick ya up something. :) Or, I just checked and you can order from LUSH online is the link to the body bars (and just realized I need to add a LUSH link in my post!).

XOXO to both you lovely ladies!!! :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love lush! I have the wiccy massage bar. At first I couldn't stand the medicinal smell but now I really like it and I love that it feels all tingly on the skin. It actually helps my muscles when they are sore.

Unknown said...

FunnyFaceBeauty-Yes! Love that the Wiccy massage bar really works! So cool!!! :)

Priscilla said...

Thx Pammy! I'll look online in just a bit...but i hope the shipping doesn't cost me an arm and a leg! LOL =)

♥ you =)

Unknown said...

Hey Pricillia! :) <3 you too girl! I hear ya, sometimes companies kill ya on the shipping. You just let me know!!! :)

jenell said...

you have to try the buffy bar! it exfoliates and leaves your skin so soft. you will love it

Unknown said...

@jenell-Okay! Buffy bar sounds great!!! :)

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