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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Maybelline Eye Studio Cream Shadows: Review

Hello there readers! Hope you are having a great week!!! :)

This review is for the Maybelline Eye Studio shadow trio in Neutral Liasons (25).

The other morning, I woke up with very dry feeling skin. So, I thought with the dryness...what a great opportunity to try out a cream shadow! I did cream makeup on my whole face that day (well, cream blush and shadow).

I applied the cream shadows with my e.l.f. Studio concealer brush and I blended, where needed, with my fingers. The e.l.f. brush worked well with the shadows, but also I could have just as easily applied with my fingers. I used the light color in inner corner and as a brow bone highlight, the medium corner on the lid, and the deepest color in the crease and outer corner. I love the texture of the shadows and it just felt so good going on my dry lids.

The low-down:

  • On my super-pale skin, these colors really didn't show up as much as I thought they would (surprising!). They applied quite sheer. I would call this a MLBB (my lids, but better) look. The colors gave my skin a nice sheen and the color in the crease gave some dimension. But, overall, the color was not very vibrant. I would say light-medium pigmentation.
  • While colors are not extremely pigmented, the overall effect is nice...a very natural look. Good for a day where you really just want to look and feel natural (and not obviously look like you are wearing makeup).
  • Color did not last long and it pretty much faded within a couple hours and showed some minimal creasing.
  • I applied some Maybelline Studio Gel eyeliner on the lash line. This was interesting (a learning experience for me)...that faded by mid day! Granted, I have never tried applying gel liners over a cream shadow, but apparently that just doesn't work as the eyeliner melted right off! Don't get me wrong, I love Maybelline Studio Gel liner, it just doesn't wear well over cream shadow.
  • While this did fade quickly, these shadows could also be touched up easily. Since they are a cream shadow in a small, cute, portable palette, you could easily toss in your purse and touch up with your fingers throughout the day.
  • These shadows feel VERY good going on dry skin! It was just kinda a "treat" to put something creamy on my lids as opposed to my powder shadows. Very "fresh and natural" looking. Sometimes I like to go for a "less is more" look, so these might be the shadows that I reach for in the future on days that I want to go for that type of look.
  • I love using these shadows for a "quick" if I am running to the store first thing on a Sat morning and just want to swipe on some concealer, mascara, and a little cream shadow. Perfect for days like that!
  • These shadows wear slightly better over UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion). I tested these both with and without UDPP. They also wear better if you are careful not to apply too much (which will cause the product to build up and crease).
  • With a coupon plus a sale, I picked up this little trio for less than $4. Not bad!

Swatched left to right. The light color really doesn't show up. 
I applied very heavily for the swatches so you could see the colors. 
You can't really apply these colors this heavy or they will cake. 

Overall, for a natural look, I like these. But, I do wish that they would wear longer and were more pigmented. I will certainly continue to use this little trio, but likely will probably not purchase more. Ya'll know how much I love Maybelline powder shadows, so I think I will just stick to those when purchasing Maybelline shadows.

Hope you ladies enjoyed reading! I would love to hear what cream shadows you ladies like? Or any tricks for application? Tips to increase wear?

This may be my last post for the next few days (unless I post a picture of our Turkey or something?) as I am busily preparing for guests (my inlaws) for the week *and* my husband and I are hosting Thanksgiving dinner as well! Our guest will arrive tomorrow and we have a busy week planned. So, If I don't get a chance to "talk" to you readers...Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)



Unknown said...

Hey Pricillia! No, these certainly would not work for oily skin. I am tempted to try the lightest color as a cream highlighter next...

Cydonian said...

I would suggest applying a primer underneath any cream shadows... even if you have dry lids, it will help the cream last longer and not goop up in your crease. That should also help with the vibrancy!

I think Maybelline has been doing some nice makeup lately but they need to work on their cream products apparently =P Pretty colours tho!

Unknown said...

Cydonian-Hey girl! Yes, I agree...I am quite impressed with Maybelline lately!!! :) And, yes, these wore much better with a primer. These shades are so pretty...just wish they lasted longer. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Shaylee Anne said...

i love your polish colour again! What is it?? <3

Unknown said...

Hey Shaylee! :) The polish I am wearing here is Playa del Platinum by essie! This was one of the free-bies that I got with my Ulta points. I was going to do a NOTD photo with this, but my cuticles are a mess, lol! :)

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