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Monday, October 25, 2010

Want smooth skin? Yes to Carrots: C is for Clean Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Hello dear readers!

I am here with another quick product rave and review for "Yes to Carrots" Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

Its always good to "go green" when you can with cosmetics! The "Yes to" company seems very environmentally friendly. They do not test on animals (a big plus in my book!). Also, the products contain natural and organic fruit and vegetable extracts. The "yes to" brand includes: Yes to Carrots, Yes to Cucumbers, Yes to Blueberries, and Yes to Tomatoes...and a baby-line: Yes to baby carrots (too cute!).

I am highly intrigued by the "Yes to" line and definitely want to try more products!

With my uber-sensitive skin, there are not a whole lotta scrubs out there that I can use without irritation...but, this is one that I can! It is super gentle on my skin and leaves my skin feeling amazingly soft.

This is a white cream-based gentle scrub with moisturizing properties. The scent of it is just heavenly!!! I can't quite describe it but it is sweet and creamy and "honey"-scented. I also noticed that honey is in the ingredients. I absolutely love the feel of massaging this cream scrub into my skin. It feels very relaxing and soothing!

I apply to a wet face and massage VERY gently on my face avoiding my eye area. The tube says to massage for one minute (side note: massage gently, be good to your skin-don't try to "scrub"). I rinse with tepid water and follow up with a gentle cleanser to remove the fine-milled scrub residue. My face feels very soft and smooth after using this. Love the feel!!!

I find myself wanting to use this just for its yummy scent! I love that it is gentle and non-irritating. And, I feel like you can instantly see fresher smoother skin!

I would love to try more products from this line! Does anyone have any "Yes to" products that they like?

Thanks for reading!



Anonymous said...

I love the Yes To line. I have a few products from them, and love them all. I might have to try this. Great post :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Kristen! I know that I am really wanting to try the Yes to Cucumbers soothing Eye gel...

HellonFace said...

im now trying it out coz i have a allergic skin and i thought it will be nice and good for my skin but really it just gives a smooth feeling and thats it .. i was kind of looking for something else in this product but im nearly finish and i have to go and get one but different do you know any ?

Unknown said...

HellonFace-Hi there! Hmm, not sure what you are looking for exactly, so not sure what to recommend. I know that Body Shop has a Vit C scrub that is supposed to be good and St. Ives has a Green Tea scrub that I want to try as well. Good luck!

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