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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hitting pan: You know you love it, when you hit that pan!

Don't you guys love "hitting pan" on a product! As you makeup and beauty lovers know, those moments are few and far between depending on the size of your makeup stash! For me, the ultimate test of "do I love this product?/would I buy this product again?", is confirmed when I use up enough product and finally "hit pan"! Its so satisfying!  That feeling of "I am getting my moneys worth out of this product."

Here are my current "Pan Hits"! I totally love and adore all of these products and have purchased and will purchase them again.

Mac Studio Fix NC15:

I *heart* this powder, it is my HG. I have never really been into liquid foundations. Maybe the stray tinted moisturizer here and there; but never liked the "feel" of a full face of makeup. And, Mineral powders make my face "itch". So, I opt for powder foundation instead. I just use a light dusting of powder blended into my face with a soft Kabuki (Essence of Beauty Kabuki) or fluffy powder brush. The NC15 color is an exact match to my skin and it just leaves such a flawless finish. Drugstore powders typically are not light enough for my super-pale, I am sticking to MAC. Why stray from what I know *works*! The texture of the powder is so lovely and silky. Not chalky at all when applied with a light hand. Beautiful!!! I have a back-up waiting already for when I run out, because I can't live without this powder!!! :)

Cargo Bronzer in Light:

Hands-down-fav and HG bronzer!!! LOVE, love, love this! It is just the right shade and the right amount of shimmer to give a "good skin" glow. Seriously, I always get skin compliments when I wear this. Perfect for all you pale ladies out there like me. I apply with a dense Kabuki (Sephora's Bronzer Brush) in a "3" pattern on my forehead, nose, and cheekbones).

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow:

Seriously, this is such a stand-out shadow in the MAC collection. If you are not, by chance, familiar with MAC shadows, they are the "gold standard" shadows...great quality, mid-priced (high end, but not ridiculously expensive), and have a HUGE array of colors in a variety of finishes including matte and satin.

Satin Taupe is the quintessential crease shade for me. It has such lovely depth, dimension, and shimmer. It makes my blue eyes really pop and look vivid. This shadow will *always* be in my makeup collection...and it get frequent use. Satin Taupe is just one of those universal shades that looks very flattering on a wide variety of skin tones. I highly recommend this great shade! I am often on a hunt for drugstore "dupes" of this shade, but have yet to find one to compare. So, yet again...why should I stray from my fav eye shadow! P.S> You ladies must pick up MAC Vanilla e/s as well. A must have for your collection. And, my go-to brow highlight! (I am sure I will have a much more extensive review or frequent mentions of MAC Vanilla in the near future).

MAC sheertone blush: Pink Swoon

This blush is so pretty! It looks super-hot-pink in the pan, but it applies as a lovely sheer matte pink that is build able. It is the perfect blush for the apples of the cheeks for a nice pink-Rosy flush. Beautiful! Totally adore this flattering shade! You get such a classic look with this pretty pink on porcelin skin!

As you can tell from reading, MAC is one of my favorite brands! I will periodically do short "posts"/updates when I "hit pan" on additional products!

What are you ladies "hitting pan" on???

Thanks for reading!



мσитѕєяgιяℓ ❥ said...

Nice hitting pan!! I absolutely love the Mac satin taupe- this was my first Mac eye shadow and it is beautiful! I think everyone should have it!! I also have the cargo bronzer which is really nice... I like the hitting pan posts but I actually haven't gotten there much with my products yet...I'm a newbie :)
Great post!

Unknown said...

Hey Tea! Thanks! LOL, it dosn't happen to me often. :) Yes, its so great to hit pan! Especailly when you know you will repurchase. I agree Satin Taupe is my total fav eyeshadow!!!

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