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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cover Girl Lash Blast Fusion (Total RAVE!!!): Holy Grail Mascara

As you can tell by my title, this is a *total rave* article! CG Last Blast Fusion (brown: non-waterproof) has been both my go-to and HG mascara ever since it came out. I totally love this mascara!!!

I have been a fan of the Cover Girl mascaras ever since they came out with the flexible rubberized lash head with their Last Exact mascara (which I also love, BTW). I have tried many "rubber brush mascara" versions by Cover Girl including the original Last Exact (clear and purple tube), Last Blast (now called Lash Blast volume: fat orange tube), Lash Blast Luxe (red fat tube), and my HG Last Blast Fusion (fat purple tube).

Generally, I like regular formulas better that the waterproof versions. That is just my personal preference. I find that the non-waterproof versions have less flaking. But, I know some people swear by waterproof. So, its just up to you.

Here are some highlights on my HG mascara:

  • I *love* that the brown shade is so wearable. I am blond with fair skin...and for an everyday mascara I prefer brown. This is a beautiful medium shade of brown, not too dark, and not too light. PERFECT!
  • This mascara *never* need to even use a lash comb with this. 
  • It is so easy to apply! Just apply straight out of the need to dab off excess on tissue or tube. The wand geniously picks up just the right amount of mascara. Seriously, fool-proof application!
  • Makes my lashes look both longer and thicker. 
  • This is the only mascara that I have ever worn that gets me "Wow, your lashes look so pretty/nice/long" compliments (and this is an accomplishment for my normally short/sparse lashes!!!)
  • Great price!
  • Wears all day long with absolutely no flaking nor smudging.
  • Removes easily (I use Neutrogena's Makeup Remover)
  • Formula has a nice consistency...moist, but not too wet. 
  • Formula leaves a nice "finish" on lashes.
  • The purple tube packaging is ridiculously cute!!! 

The only "downsides" (none of these are even close to being "deal-breakers" for me):
  • The fat wand might take some getting used to for application. I am so used to the size of the wand that it doesn't really matter to me. But, it does feel "different" in your hand and it takes a little getting used to manipulating a fat wand/brush head.  
  • The large tube takes up more "room" in your purse. Definitely not a "slim design" package. But, honestly, this doesn't bother me either as I don't typically reapply during the day. I always leave my mascara at home. 

So, a *total rave* for Cover Girl's Lash Blast Fusion mascara!!! I have purchased this over-and-over again...and will continue to do so. I also love that Cover Girl is so readily available. I usually just pick this up at my local grocery store with a coupon. No searching around to find this product!

What is your favorite mascara? Do you have a Cover Girl Fav? The only Cover Girl mascara (with a rubberized brush head) that I haven't tried is Lash Blast Length. Just wondering if anyone had any comparisons?

Thanks so much for reading my lovelies!

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-Essence of Beauty Brushes: Bargain alert and review


Unknown said...

LOL! I know...its *suprisingly* good! I admit, I have been drawn in by the cute packaging...

Justine (Productrater) said...

I like this, but I don't find it any different than the original lash blast.. maybe I am missing something?

Unknown said...

I agree Justine! It is almost identical to LashBlast (the origional). Loved that one too. Maybe it is the color I like better on the tube of this one. :) Both formulas are great, IMHO, the last blast origional and the lash blast fusion. :) Either way, its totally working for me!

Tracy D said...

I just bought this a few days ago. I've used it twice & so far I completely agree...great product.

Unknown said...

Glad you like it too Tracy! I love it when you can get a good product at a great value! :)

shimmerglow said...

i generally can never find anything that tops loreal voluminous...but that's just me, lol. i might have to try it.

Unknown said...

I, too, love Voluminous...but, Voluminous tends to smudge a bit on me. But, love the effect it has on my lashes. I think the biggest "keeper" factor for the CG for me is absolutely no smudging nor transfer!

Texas Type A Mom said...

I'm totally trying this one next time I'm at Target! I'm using up the rest of some Rimmel Glam Eyes and I really do hate that stuff - flakes galore. I can't wait to try this one out if you're giving it HG status!

Unknown said...

Texas Type A-I am so glad that I could recommend this to you!!! I totally love this mascara and hope you love it too!!!

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