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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Super Sparkly Halloween Lashes! Ardell Pixie Dust

Check out my lashes for Halloween!!!

Just a quick post here to show you guys these totally crazy/cool lashes that I got for Halloween! Love them! Seriously!  (Sorry that one is flipping downward in the picture).

I am going to apply the top lashes only (not brave enough to glue something to my under-eye area!). Super FUN lashes!!!

Lash application tips:

  • Cut lash strip to desired length, check for size before applying glue
  • Apply desired eye shadow and a black liquid eye liner(to help disguise the lash band)
  • Curl lashes and apply a light coat of mascara (to help natural lashes blend into false lashes)
  • Holding tips of lashes gently, apply a thin strip of lash glue to lash strip. 
  • Let glue set for 60 seconds to let the glue get slightly tacky before application (sometimes I wave it around a bit to dry, or blow on it)
  • Apply to lashes to your upper lash line
  • Shape to your eye and press right along the lash line and hold in place a few seconds. Try to get the lashes as close as possible to your natural lash base Sometimes I use a shadow brush end or q-tip to hold down the lashes rather than my fingers. 

With Halloween coming up, "fun" costume lashes are out everywhere! Great time to even pick up "regular" false lashes as there are many sales. While I love the look of false lashes...I never seem to end up wearing them as I am always running out of time when getting ready to go somewhere...and fake lashes would be my last step. :)

P.S. I am dressing as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween! :)

Coming Soon:
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