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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Foundation Fairy: Milani's Even Touch and Smooth Finish Foundations: New Shades!

Finding the perfect foundation can be difficult! This whole blog series, the Foundation Fairy, actually chronicles my quest for the perfect foundations for my Fair Skin. When I heard that Milani launched new shades in their Cream to Powder and Powder Foundation lines, I just had to scope them out!

If you haven't tried our Milani products yet, then you must check out the selection of products at your local Walgreens or CVS! Seriously, if you haven't tried Milani yet, you are missing out! The quality of this line is absolutely stellar. I have found many favorite products from this brand and even some high end dupes. What do I recommend? For starters, Milani's polishes, baked blushes, face powders/illuminators, eye shadows, and brow kit. If you missed any of my previous Milani reviews, be sure to click the links! :)

So back to the review! To find out how I like Milani's Smooth Finish Cream to Powder Foundation and Even Touch Powder Foundation, please keep reading.

Milani's Smooth Finish Cream to Powder Foundation:
Milani's Cream to Powder foundation comes in 9 shades: Sand, Spiced Almond, Caramel Brown, Cocoa Mocha, Walnut, Medium Beige, Buff, Warm Spice (new), and Pecan (new). If you tried this line in the past and were unable to find a shade match for your darker skin tone, then you might want to scope out the new shades!
My Shade:
I tested out the shade Buff which is a pretty good color for my very fair skin. Initially, when I looked at this shade in the pan I thought, "This is going to be way too dark and yellow for my skintone". So, I am surprised that I got this shade to work for me! When I apply lightly and blend it in,  it actually melts into my skin tone surprisingly well. Also, I tend to top with a powder which helps to adjust the shade. The yellow tones in the product cancel out some of the ruddiness in my neutral-cool colored skin. I am slowly starting to realize that I seem to be one of those people that can literally pull off both warm and cool shades for foundations (depending on the brand). While the shade is just a touch too dark, it really does not leave any obvious demarcation line. With that said, I do use this product somewhat sparingly. So, I think it just blends into my skin and melts right in.

The Feel:
I love the way this oil-free product makes my skin feel! I find this product to be very hydrating. My skin feels incredibly soft when I wear this. Quite honestly, I am new to cream-to-powder makeup! Previously, I would have thought this product to be too heavy for my skin type (which is normal-dry this time of year). I was wrong! I found this product to be just right! It hydrates, smooths my skin, and diffuses the look of my pores. Yay!

How I apply:
A little bit seems to go a long way. I apply very lightly. I just dab a little bit on with my fingers on the areas that I need coverage: my chin, around my nose, a few random areas of my cheeks, and a dot on my forehead. Then I take my beloved Sigma F80 and blend it out. It is so easy and takes only a few seconds to apply! This product gives me all the coverage I need accept that I do need additional concealer for my very dark under eye circles. I finish this product off with a light dusting of translucent powder through my t-zone.

The Wear and Finish:
The finish of this foundation is beautiful and natural. Honestly, I was expecting more of a "powdered" looks since it is a cream to "powder" product. On me, the finish looks natural and ever so slightly dewy. Am I missing something? I really love the finish! I found this product to have average wear. I did not find it to be incredibly long wearing as there did seem to be some fading of coverage by the end of the day.

The Packaging and Price:
This product comes in a sleek gold compact. There is a mirror in the lid and you can lift the product pan to reveal a sponge (that I don't use). The packaging looks totally high end! The best part? This product is only $7.99 at your local drugstore.
Milani's Even Touch Powder Foundation:
Milani's Even Touch Powder Foundation comes in 11 shades, 3 of which are totally new: Shell, Fresco, Natural, Beige, Warm Sand, Caramel, Creamy Cocoa, Warm Toffee, Natural Tan (new), Creamy Beige (new), and Golden Beige (new).

My Shade:
I tested out shade # 01 Shell. While I love the feel of the product, the shade is a touch too dark for my super-duper fair skin tone. I found this to be a bit too dark on me and a bit too yellow. However, I am very, very fair. If you have light or light-medium skin, this shade would be nice for you. If Milani came out with a shade that was just a bit lighter and more neutral toned than Shell, I would have a rival to my Holy Grail MAC foundation.

The Feel:
This is a very light and velvety oil free lightweight powder. The product feels incredibly smooth and has a bit of "creaminess" for a powder. It is somewhat reminiscent of my beloved MAC Studio Fix powder foundation. Actually, this is the closest drugstore product that I have found in comparison to the MAC Studio Fix (that I wear almost every day, My HG powder foundation).

How I apply:
I just dust on a light amount of powder with a fluffy brush or large kabuki focusing primarily on the t-zone and blending outward. You can also use this over liquid foundation to help set it.

The Coverage and Wear:
The coverage is really good as is the staying power. Again, I just wish that the shade worked for my fair skin!

The Packaging and Price:
This product is packaged exactly like Milani's Smooth Finish Cream to Powder makeup. Actually, I wish that they were packaged a bit differently as I always seem to grab the wrong product (depending on what I am reaching for at the moment, lol!). This product retails for $7.99 at the drugstore.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Thanks for reading!!!


Rosy said...

OMG!!! I super love the packaging for it looks so elegant and classy. I also love the shade for it matches my skin tone. I will def grab one of this and I just can't wait to try it out.

Unknown said...

@Rosy-Hope you love it!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely try this! I have very pale skin with neutral undertones so foundations are usually too yellow or pink so it's difficult to find a foundation.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous-Hope it works for you! :)

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