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Monday, July 8, 2019

Smooth Perfected Skin with Osmosis Stem Factor Serum and Clear Plus+ Hydrating Mist

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Smooth Perfected Skin with Osmosis Stem Factor Serum and Clear Plus+ Hydrating Mist

Every once in awhile I stumble across a product or products that really just blow me away. Let me tell ya'll, I am so impressed with Osmosis and their Stem Factor Serum! 

Have you heard of Osmosis Skincare? It is a "medical grade" skincare line that is sold in spas and dermatologist's offices and online on sites that specialize in medical grade skincare. Osmosis has a different approach to treating your skin. Rather than attacking aging and breakouts with powerful ingredients that irritate (like most lines do), it targets your skin with healing ingredients that support the health of your skin. 

Honestly, when I started testing out the Stem Factor serum by Osmosis, I did expect it to be good. However, I didn't expect the results to be that noticable...but they were! I have been using the Stem Factor Serum plus the Clear Plus+ Activating Mist for about 2 months and absolutely love the results! My skin has a smooth, clear, even toned, and almost poreless look. It is hydrated and firm and just looks so healthy. It is almost hard to describe. However, it is noticable! I have continued to use my Rx Retin-A during my product testing a few nights a week (as I get fantastic results from that as well). What I think is happening is that they Osmois Stem Factor is healing any dryness, redness, and irritation that is secondary to Retin-A use. My skin has a healthy and plumped look. I feel that my fine lines are smoothed and the tone of my skin is so even and clear. Honestly, I have not had a breakout in forever since using this. Also, my pores are diminished.

My only minor critique is that the packaging is not very luxe for the price. However, since my product testing started, Osmosis has updated their packaging! So, the new packaging is apparently much nicer. I know that packaging is just packaging...however, it I am paying that much for a product, I do expect the packaging to be nice. 

Osmosis Stem Factor:
According to Osmosis, they use advanced technology utilizing exosomes that encapsulate the growth factors and proteins increasing penetration, stability and activating more receptors to enhance results. Over 150 different skin growth factors derived from adult stem cells create this magical serum that improves all aspects of skin aging and skin damage. It gently restores the repair process and stimulates new cells to build collagen and elastin, heal hyperpigmentation and reverse aging.

With the packaging and product makeover, Osmosis Stem Factor will now be called Osmosis +Skincare Growth Factor Serum. From Osmosis: The 'fountain of youth' in a bottle. This one-of-a-kind serum is powered by over 150 different growth factors with advanced technology to rejuvenate, heal, and protect for visibly younger-looking skin after just one use.

This mist is to be used immediately after Osmosis Serums to enhance penetration of the product and to boost hydration. I just spray into my hands and then pat it onto my face. I do find it to be very soothing to use. According to Osmosis, this product refreshes your complexion to maintain a balanced level of hydration. The spray quickly penetrates the outer dermis of your skin to firm, soothe and moisturize your texture. Hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in this product.

Clear Plus is being replaced by a product called Osmosis +MD Boost Peptide Activating Mist. Since it is in the MD line, it will only be available by purchasing it through a licensed spa professional/salon.

How I Use Stem Factor and Clear Plus+:
I use these products together to maximize my results. After gently cleansing and washing my face, I apply one pump of Stem Factor in the evening. Immediately after, I spray the Clear Plus+ onto my hands and then pat it on my face. As soon as the products dry down, I top off with a moisturizer. I use these products on "nights off" of using my Retin-a treatment. 

Here is the new packaging:

Honestly, I love these products so much that I am sad that I am almost out of the Stem Factor serum! The product does go quickly and it is very expensive. Stem Factor retails for $130 and Clear Plus+ retails for $30 (I still have a ton of Clear Plus+ left). I am excited about the packaging and brand redesign and relaunch. I am hoping to get to try out the newly launched products and upgraded packaging. I will certainly update this post and give social media updates once I have tried the new products and packaging! :) I think it will certainly be a change for the better. The products themselves are fantastic. So, better packaging would just be the icing on the cake! :) 

Overall, I adore the Osmosis Stem Factor Serum used with the Clear Plus+ Activating Mist and I highly recommend them! 

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