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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

New from Kiehl's: Get Glowing Skin and Treat Your Lips!

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Don't you just love the idea of a product that works for you while you sleep? I suffer from chronic dry lips. My lips are in constant need of moisture. Plus, the health of my lips really depends on what I apply before bed. I am a mouth breather. So, my lips can get very dried out as I sleep at night. 

Buttermask for Lips is an intensive overnight mask for your lips. This mask repairs your moisture barrier and soothes your lips with nourishing ingredients. Buttermask is infused with Fairly Traded Coconut Oil and Wild Mango Butter, this nourishing overnight treatment for dry lips smoothes and softens your lips while you sleep.

I really love the results that I get with this product and I honestly just enjoy using it. I keep it right by my clock on my nightstand so that I remember to apply it every night right before I go to sleep. I adore it!

This product retails for $24.00. While the price is a bit high for a lip treatment, I think it is totally work it as the product delivers fantastic results and it only takes a little bit of product to treat your lips. 

This is a glowy radiance-boosting skin moisturizer. This product is unique! It is somewhere between a tintied moisturizer and a bronzing liquid highlighter. It honestly is a multi-tasker as it provides a sheer tint, a bit of luminosity, and a dose of moisture to your skin. I don't use this as a stand alone product, but use it more as a mix-in to boost products already in my routine. 

The Glow Formula Skin Hydrator does more than just hydrate! It is infused with Pomegranate Extract (Pomegranate is a powerful superfood which is rich in antioxidants). Pomegranate has been shown to help improve skin texture and quality. The Glow Formula Skin Hydrator also includes skin illuminating minerals which help to reflect light and boost luminosity. 

How I use this product:
I mix about a pump's worth into my moisturizer and apply during my morning skincare routine. This is the step that I do before applying my tinted sunscreen. As ya'll may know, I do prefer more of a natural look for everyday. So, I just wash my face, apply this product mixed with my moisturizer, then apply my tinted sunscreen, then proceed with makeup. When I do this, I find that I can skip foundation. I normally use a dusting of powder foundation. However, when I use this product. I like to skip the foundation and just opt for a light dusting of a translucent powder instead to set my look. 

This is honestly my new favorite product and something that I really enjoy applying! While the effect is subtle, I think it makes a difference in the look of my skin. Plus, I know that the antioxidant protection works over time preventatively. I really love using the Glow Formula Skin Hydrator! 

If you are looking to give your skin a boost of radiance or your lips a boost of moisture, then head on over to Kiehl's and be sure to check out the awesome new products including the amazing Glow Formula Skin Hydrator and the impressive Buttermask for Lips! :) 

As always, thanks for reading!

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