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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Travel Light with Tweezerman and Conair!

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Travel Light with Tweezerman and Conair:

Thinking about traveling soon for Spring or Summer vacations? One great way to cut down on bulk with packing is to take travel-sized beauty products and tools. The trick is to find travel-sized beauty tools that work just as well as their full-sized versions. This can be hard! 

Recently, I have discovered (and re-discovered) some of my favorite travel-sized beauty tools and accesories. So, I am excited to share these with you today!

I pretty much exclusively use Tweezerman tweezers. They are just the best, in my opinion. They have a tight grip and are sharp enough to really get the job done quickly and easily when it comes to tweezing. I practially tweeze something daily, be it my brows or random stray hairs. 

For travel, I am absolutely loving Tweezerman's Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror (retails for $36)
This travel-sized makeup mirror is equipped with three different light settings. It is a nice size, yet it is still small enough to fit in your purse or suitcase for traveling. It would also work great for those of you who do or finish your makeup at work! It stands up and adjusts easily. You can just place it on a desk or table and get ready easily! I know that I have struggled with my travel makeup mirrors in the past as I could never get the right lighting in a place that I could set the mirror. Since this one has a light, you always have great lighting with evening, daylight & indoor settings. Not only is this one great for travel, but the size really is big enough for you to use for everyday, too!

I am also loving Tweezerman's Micro Mini Tweezer Set (retails for $24). The smallest tweezers the brand has ever made, this pocked size kit includes a Slant, Point & Flat Tweezer (2” each) packed in a metallic case. They seriously are not kidding when they call these "micro" mini! These are literally the smallest tweezers that I have ever seen. I mean, Tinkerbell could use these, lol. The cool part? They perform just as good as full sized tweezers! This little set literally takes up no space and has 3 awesome tweezers to take care of all of your tweezing needs on-the-go. This cute set is now living in my purse. If traveling on a plane, be sure to stash this in your checked luggage though as it probably would not be allowed on a plane as they are super sharp. 

In terms of travel packing, my hair tools take up the bulk of my beauty items. Try as I do, I haven't been able to find a travel hair dryer that I really like. So, I usually just suffice with what is at my destination as far as hotel hair dryers (or if staying with family, I will borrow one). With that said, I really love the Conair MiniPro Smoothing Brush. This is essentially a heated brush that works to smooth down your hair. This is great for travel! I can let my hair pretty much air-dry and then either finish it up with a hair dryer or let it air-dry all the way. Then I just quickly brush/smooth this MiniPro Smoothing Brush throughout the top layers of my hair and I am good-to-go. Quick and easy and it takes up very little space: and takes WAY less space than packing my round brushes and my flat iron. I can just take this! Retails for about $19.99. 

So, these travel beauty items are some of my newest and best hacks for eliminating needless bulk and clutter when you are traveling! What are some of your favorite travel beauty items? I would love to hear! 

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