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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pevonia Skincare: Luxe Natural Formulas with Professional Results!

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It is always exciting for me to explore a new (to me) brand. I have heard really wonderful things about Pevonia skincare over the years. So, I am super excited to dive into this line! 

About Pevonia (from Pevonia):
Pevonia believes the most powerful ingredients in skincare come from the safest source – nature. For nearly three decades, Pevonia uses highly sustainable processes in line with the company’s stance on environmental conservation, tests only on humans, and has been the leader in delivering natural skincare solutions to the finest spas and professional aestheticians. 

I got to try out an assortment of facial skincare and bath products from Pevonia. To find out more about each of these products and how I liked them, please click "read more" to continue! :)

Details about my Skin Type and Concerns:
Let's start off with Skincare! Before I dive into the products, lets talk a bit about my skin type and overall skincare concerns. 

I have classic combination skin that is somewhat oily in the t-zone. My skin is also sensitive and prone to redness and sensitivitiy reactions. I want the products that I use to be effective without irritating my somewhat sensitive skin. I am somewhat acne prone on my chin and around my nose. So, I have to be careful in product selection. I am also intersted in age prevention: fighting fine lines and preventing further signs of aging. In addition, I have very dark under eye circles. The dark circles are due to heredity, allergies, super fair skin (which makes the contrast of darkness look more stark), and general lack of sleep. So, I am always looking for good eye creams and concealers for this particular concern. Also, my eye lids are becoming a little bit crepey. So, I am looking for products to help with that issue, too. 

Let's start off with the most unique product in my Pevonia assortment. I can honestly say that I have never tried anything like this before! I am always interested in any product that promises fuller looking lips. I have very thin lips (especially my upper lip). Also, over the years, I have noticed that my lip line is becoming much less prominent. Plus, my lips are prone to dryness and are just never full nor plump looking. 

This product promises to instantly plump lips while also smoothing fine lines on and around the lips. It is described as a "highly active" product...and man, is it ever. Seriously, I have never had a product "burn" so much before. Whew! 

In addition to plumping and smoothing, this product also deeply moisturizes and repairs with a blend of ingredients: Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Sesame Seed Extract, Shea Butter and Capsicum.

Note from Pevonia on the "burning" sensation:
A pinkish tint to the skin may appear accompanied by a warm and tingling sensation which subsides within minutes. This temporary effect is due to the circulation enhancement for optimum absorbency and results. Wash hands thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. 

So, as I mentioned this product BURNS...for 10 minutes. I did read the warning on the package and I knew to expect some discomfort. However, it really was very, very uncomfortable to use. The first time I used it, I even rinsed it off...but, it had already absorbed and still continued to burn for 10 minutes. I thought "I will never use this again". However, then I looked in the mirror. I was pretty amazed at the results. My lips were plumped, hydrated, and smoothed. Once the burning sensation stopped, it stopped completely. So, while I didn't enjoy the burning, it is a "normal" reaction to this product (apparently). While I would not enjoy using this product daily because of the discomfort, I would certainly reserve this as a product that I use before a night out or a special event when I really want my lips looking full and moisturized. 

Remember, my skin is sensitive. So, this burning sensation might be very mild for others. Like I said, it is not something that I would want to experience every day. However, the results really were lovely and I would use this product again sparingly just for special events. 

I am so excited about this eye cream! This is probably one of the most expensive and most luxurious eye creams that I have used to date. There is no question, eye creams are totally a product that I splurge on. As I mentioned, my eye area is a "problem" area as I have very dark under eye circles and have very sensitive eyes. To me, getting a good quality eye cream that works and helps with my concerns is paramount to my satisfaction with my skincare routine. Also, I have such a long list of concerns for my eye area that I really like to use eye creams, like this one by Pevonia, that really do address my entire list of concerns. So, while this product is super expensive at $182.00 for 1.0 oz, you are getting a lot for your money as this product helps with so many eye area issues. 

This product promises to decrease wrinkles, crepiness, dark circles and puffiness for a more youthful eye contour. This product was designed for individuals with mature skin and those over age 40 with crow's feet, crepiness, dryness, dehydration, dark circles, and puffiness. What can I say, that is totally me? lol! While I do not have any wrinkles yet, I do get fine lines in my eye area if my skin is dehydrated. Also, I struggle with dark circles and somewhat crepy eyelids. I am looking for eye creams that are richly hydrating so that they can be a good base for the heavy concealers that I wear to disquise my dark under eye circles. 

This eye cream contains some of Pevonia's most advanced and most luxurious ingredients. Also, side note, the packaging is indeed very nice: luxurious and very well made (albeit a little bit bulky). 

I love the idea of an eye cream that can also help to disquise the look of dark circles with a bit of a tint. While I still need concealer to do any "real" coverage, I will take any help I can get from my eye cream. Plus, I generally do enjoy products that are multi-tasking! I think for those of you who have dark circles that are not as dark as mine could use this product and skip an additional concealer as this product really does provide nice coverage (just not enough for my uber-dark circles). 

EyeRenew promises to help your eyes with Pevonia's Proprietary EyeAwaken Complex which unites a botanical blend of youth-reviving ingredients such as Plankton, Marine Collagen, Silanetriol, Hyaluronic Acid, and more to repair and flawlessly conceal.

This product contains a self-adjusting tint that blends into most skin tones. As with most self-adjusting tint products, the shade is ever-so-slightly too dark for my super fair/porcelain skin tone. However, for me, it doesn't matter as I still have to top this product off with a bit of concealer anyways. When you dispense the product it is suspended and as you apply the pigment spreads and you can see the tint appear. This product sets rather quickly and leaves a nice matte finish. I like that I can use much less concealer than usual when applying over this product. So, I am pleased as that makes my makeup look less cakey since the layers are thinner. 

Overall, I liked this product. I like that it is very concentrated and you only need a small amount to get good results. Also, I almost forgot to mention that I like the cooling sensation of the metallic applicator tip. 

I believe this is a new product in the Pevonia lineup! This foundation-like product is really in the BB/CC Cream category as it is a 5-in-1 product that hydrates, provides coverage, protects from the sun, and moisturizes. 

According to Pevonia, the primary benefits are as follows: Lightweight and ultra-hydrating, this age-defying formula is infused with unique flash action microspheres delivering saccharides, lemon, and cucumber extracts for immediate skin brightening and optimum luminosity. Extended Benefits include broad spectrum SPF 30 protection from UVA/UVB rays. This product is rich in Collagen, Vitamin C, and Green Olive Extracts to repair lines and wrinkles.

This YouthRenew™ Tinted Cream SPF 30 is really nice! I am completely stunned that the shade works with my skintone as usually products that come in one shade do not match my skin tone. So, I am super pleased that I can wear this. I like the light coverage and the natural look of this product. It provides nice hydation and the SPF 30 gives my skin an extra boost of SPF coverage (note: I never rely on foundations, bb creams, or cc creams for enough coverage for adequate sun protection. So, I layer on over my usual morning spf). 

Doing weekly facial masks are my little treat for myself. This simple act of self-care only takes a few minutes a week and just gives me that little bit of "me time" that I crave. Plus, I get to reap the benefits of great skin! 

So, I am super excited about this treatment mask from Pevonia. This amazing mask is a pore-control booster treatment that absorbs excess oil leaving the skin matte and evenly toned. It can help to minimize enlarged pores, mattifiy the skin, even out complexion, smooth the texture of the skin, and provide hydration.

This mask is targeted to individuals concerned with oily skin, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone & texture, dehydration, lines and wrinkles.

How I Use: 
I use this mask in the evenings after cleansing my skin with a soothing cleanser. Then, I apply the mask in a thin layer. I leave it on for about 15 minutes. Then I rinse off with cool water. I follow this up with my usual mask-night skincare routine which is a simple moisturizer (non-acid and non-retinol) and eye cream. 

I think I had nice results with this mask: smoother hydrated skin! 

BodyRenew Bathing Pleasures:

Last, but not least, lets talk about Pevonia's amazing line of body products! 

Let me tell ya'll, I was dying to try out these products as soon as my package arrived from Pevonia as the box smelled divine! 

As much as we would all like to get to the Spa frequently, busy schedules and budget often inhibit frequent spa trips. So, how about turning your bathroom into your own spa? That is easy when you have decedant product like these from Pevonia. Pevonia wants you to awaken your senses and choose from three blissful scents depending on your mood and skincare concerns: Jasmine & Lavender, Peach & Vanilla, and Pineapple & Coconut, Each natural aroma- therapeutic collection offers three in-demand products: bath salt, bubble bath and body moisturizer.

The packaging is lovely! Plus, the body moisturizer and bubble baths come with scented hang tags infused with wildflower seeds that you can plant. What a cute idea! As soon as I saw this, I started planning on planting those with my kids on the weekend. What a fun activity and a cute packaging idea. In keeping with Pevonia’s green ethos, BodyRenew features a unique program called Pevonia Planet Bloom as an extension of the brand’s commitment to environmental conservation. BodyRenew products include a wildflower seed infused tag that once planted, helps beautify our surroundings for a greener earth. So fun!!!

Here is the scoop from Pevonia on each body product:
  • Bath Salts: Drench your skin with hydrating and soothing anti-stress Jasmine & Lavender essential oils and detoxifying micro minerals. Sea Salt mineralizes the skin providing an infusion of negative ions that neutralize the effects of pollution, stress, and free radicals. It also contains a powerhouse ingredient, Atoligomer, which infuses the skin with 73 minerals to strengthen it.
  • Bubble Bath: The Jasmine & Lavender Bubble Bath is garden scented with flower extracts that calm and soothe the skin and the mind. Lavender’s aromatherapy effect is known for promoting relaxation, and is perfect for bath time; Citric acid smooths and brightens the skin tone. This is ideal for sensitive skin and to relieve dryness.
  • Body Moisturizer: Moisturize, renew, and protect the skin with a body moisturizer that contains high performing aromatic phyto-extracts from Jasmine and Lavender. Ginseng root also works as an anti-oxidant while brightening the skin.

Overall, I am absolutely thrilled with Pevonia! Not only do I like the products across the board, but also I have found a few new products that are now a part of my daily routine. I especially loved the Myoxy-Caviar® Timeless Eye Contour and the LipRenew Plum & De-Age Treatment. 

Be sure to scope out Pevonia! I know that I am excited to explore Pevonia further. So, if you are a Pevonia lover, please let me know what products you are using and loving so that I can try them, too!

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