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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Suzanne Somers Organics: Face, Hair, Nails, Suppliments and More!

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Suzanne Organics by Suzanne Somers: Face, Hair, Nails, Suppliments and More!

There is no question, Suzanne Somers is aging beautifully! I mean, really...what is her secret because...I want to try it! I grew up watching her on TV and have always been a big fan. So, I am very excited to have the opportunity to try out a few items from her extensive Suzanne Organics line. 

Suzanne was diagnosed with cancer. So, she immediately decided she needed to cut toxins from her life. Suzanne was shocked to discover how many chemicals were used in the name of beauty. After years of using traditional makeup and products, Suzanne realized that many of the formulas she was previously using contained dangerous parabens, toxins, and artificial ingredients that can potentially be harmful. In order to give herself and others healthy alternatives, she launched the SUZANNE Organics line. I am so glad that she did! It is a wonderful line with so many amazing products. Suzanne Somers has developed beauty and health products that are pure and clean, easy and fun!

Driven by her desire to use more natural products that are good to your skin, Suzanne Somers developed the SUZANNE™ Organics Cosmetics line. This line is made with natural and non-toxic skin-nurturing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, aloe, argan oil, grape seed oil, bamboo powder, tapioca, rich mineral powders, raspberries, oranges, Vitamin E and more. 

SUZANNE™ Organics Cosmetics seeks out effective botanical actives that harness the power of nature for hair, skin, body, and nails. Suzanne Somers beauty products are made with natural ingredients like botanical extracts, enzymes, skin-nurturing anti-oxidants, and organic fruits and vegetables. From nourishing skin-care to flawless make-up, these products were designed to help you glow.So, you can feel confident that when you use SUZANNE™ Organics Cosmetics products that you are using items that are actually good for you!

This is a 3-piece set including the Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner, and the Styling Gel. You get all three for $54.99. 

Suzanne Organics Wild Orange Vanilla Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner:

Suzanne Organics Hair care uses natural Cocoa Butter Cleansers that give both a mild lather and an effective cleanse with no residue. High performance superfoods are some of the key ingredients in Suzanne Organics conditioners. These superfoods strengthen the hair shaft while enhancing elasticity for shiny, stronger, hydrated, and more beautiful hair.

These products are free of harsh sulfates, detergents, and foam boosters. I will admit, I do enjoy the rich and thick lather that I get from some shampoos. However, I do know that the ingredients needed to create this amazing lather, are not necessarily good for my hair. So, I will go ahead and tell you that you are not going to get much lather, at all, from this shampoo...but, remember, lather isn't necessarily a good thing! I do find that with shampoos like this one that do not create much lather, that I end up using more product than neccesary to try to build up a bit more suds. 

I really enjoy the soft orange scent of this shampoo and conditioner duo! This shampoo and conditioner gently cleansed my hair and left it feeling soft, volumized, shiny, and bouncy. The conditioner has a mid-range consistency. So, I honestly did not think it would moisturize that much...but, it did! My hair feels and looks very hydrated and healthy.

I think the quality and performance of the Suzanne Organics Wild Orange Vanilla Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner are top notch. I will continue to enjoy using this and will likely re-purchase. 

Suzanne Organics Wild Orange and Vanilla Styling Gel:
Now, I do not normally use gel on myself for hair styling. However, I do use it on my son. He has extremely sensitive skin and also has eczema. So, I am very picky about what I use on him. With the quality of the ingredients in this gel, I can feel confortable using it on my son. It gives his hair the soft control that it needs to keep his bangs out of his eyes. 

SUZANNE Organics 3‑Piece Bestsellers Skincare Kit:
Ageless Serum, Bioactive, Liquid Oxygen:
This 3-piece bestsellers kit is a fantastic way to dive into Suzanne Organics skincare! These three products promise to give you a glowing complexion as they work to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This set currently retails for $104.99.

Suzanne Organics Ageless Serum:
This serum promises to plump and firm while restoring your skin's elasticity.

This product has the texture of a very lightweight lotion and it has a soft and pleasant scent. I apply this right after washing my face in the evenings (note: this can be used twice a day). It sinks in rather quickly and leaves a slight residue. My skin feels immediately softer and smoother after using this.

Suzanne Organics Liquid Oxygen Therapy:
This elixir helps to alleviate signs of aging with the power of oxygen, much like an oxygen facial does. It works to hydrate, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight free radicals, soothe irritation, and it promotes clear skin. The key ingredient is suspended oxygen (Perfluorodecalin). It also contains Contains apple skin and watermelon rind extracts (for hydration and skin rejuvination), Citrulines (for moisture barrier), minerals, and Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5).

This product is a lightweight and soothing clear unscented gel. It feels very cool and soothing going on the skin. Because it absorbs quickly and leaves no residue, I like using this in the mornings after washing my face (but this can be used twice a day if you like). I find that this gives my skin an extra hydration boost as well as extra smoothness from the plumping effect! My makeup applies beautifully over this and my skin, overall, looks better when I use this.

Suzanne Organics Bioactive Moisturizer:
This super fragrance-free soothing cream is loaded with skin-loving ingredients to hydrate and smooth your skin. The Bioactive Moisturizer contains natural, botanical active ingredients, like CoQ10, Argan Oil (restores moisture), and Sea Buckthorn Berry (essential fatty acids, Omega 3,6,7 and 9).

I use this cream at night after cleansing, applying serum, and any treatment product that I might be using. This is a beautiful last step in my skincare routine as this cream is so soothing. I always wake up with hydrated and plump skin after I use this before going to bed.

Hair Skin Nail Supplement:
RestoreLife Formulas Hair, Skin & Nail Renew (30-day Supply):
Are you guys into supplements? I sure am! I have always been a believer in the power of vitamins, nutrition, and anything that I can do to take charge of my overall wellness.

I have found that my nails are always in the best condition when I am taking a hair/skin/nails suppliment. I have supplimented on and off over the years for nails/skin/hair. So, I am super excited about trying out this version from RestoreLife! My hair certainly seems to benefit, too with faster growth. However, I find it a bit harder to quantify skin results since I am always experimenting with skincare products.

This RestoreLife Formulas Hair, Skin & Nail Renew suppliment is formulated with Formulated with biotin, Cynatine HNS Plus, bioactive collagen peptides, and silicon. I always look for hair/skin/nails formulas with Biotin as that is the key ingredient that I seem to have the best luck with as far as nail and hair growth.

The jar is a 30-day supply with 90 tablets. So, that is 3-tablets a day for maximum results. I find that it can be hard to remember to take that many suppliments a day. So, I am starting out with taking this formula 1x a day and will evaluate my results at 1 tablet a day. If I am not seeing the results that I want, I will increase my dosage. Since I am petite, I often take less medication or suppliments than directions indicate and still get results. I will keep you guys posted as I see results! I know with suppliments it can take longer than 30-days to see real results and if I took these as indicated, I only have a 30-day supply.

A 30-day supply of the Restore Life Formulas Hair, Skin & Nail Renew retails for $59.99.

SUZANNE Organics 10‐Toxin Free Nail Polish Fall Collection 5‐Piece Set:
What a gorgeous nail polish collection!

This set includes all 4 Fall collection nail polish shades plus the Suzanne Speed Dry. These gorgeous polishes are free from the typical toxins and chemicals that traditional nail polish contain. These polishes are both vegan and cruelty-free. So, you can feel good about using and wearing these lovely shades.

The polishes apply smoothly. I find that they lay down a rather thin coat and need about 3-4 coats to build up the coverage to my liking. They really look beautiful on and I am super pleased with the performance and the wear! Plus, topping them off with the Speed Dry makes your manicures and pedicures super quick. This is a big thing in my book. As a busy stay-at-home Mom, I have limited time for doing my nails. With two little ones always needing me, I have no time for dry-time, lol!

Sea Salt
Speed Dry (clear)

I am absolutely loving Suede as my nail color and it is the color that I am reaching for all the time now for my nails. I like Bordeaux on my toes. Sea Salt and Eclipse are nice too for a tips/toes combo as well. These shades are sophisticated and elegant and totally suitable for everyday wear and office wear.

This 5-piece set retails for $94.99.

True Brazilian Activating Serum and Finishing Gloss Combo: 
I am so excited about this True Brazilian duo avaialbe at Suzanne Organics! I am no stranger to Brazilian Keratin hair treatments. I got one professionally done once and absolutely loved the results (but not the price!). I have also experimented with a few at-home anti-frizz treatments. So, I am super excited about trying out this True Brazilian Activiating Serum and Finishing Gloss.

While my hair is straight, it is somewhat damaged. It has a rough/coarse texture from damage and highlights. Smoothing treatments and serums mean less styling time for me and smoother and shinier hair.

This combo from True Brazilian is super easy to use right in your own home! It does not take that long and the results are really nice! Plus, this duo retails for $49.99 on the Suzanne Somers site. That is so much less than a salon Brazilain treatment and it takes much less time, too!

True Brazilian Activating Serum:
This serum contains key ingredients like Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Abyssianian Seed Oil which sink deep into your hair to repair and smooth it. These ingredients are heat activated by blow drying and flat ironing your hair after applying the treatment.

To use, just wash and condition your hair as usual and then towel dry. I apply about 2 pumps of the serum and then distribute through my hair (avoiding the root area). Then I blow dry my hair as usual. After drying, you seal in the treatment by using a flat iron. Work in small sections until your hair is completely flat ironed.

After using this treatment combo, my hair is smoother and shinier and the frizz is reduced. Overall, I think my hair looks much more healthy after using this treatment.

True Brazilian Finishing Gloss:
This finishing gloss is the perfect last step to your True Brazilian experience! I just use about 1 pump on my hair after finishing my flat ironing with the Activating Serum. This gloss leaves my hair looking super shiny and feeling super smooth. It contains key ingredients like Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Cupuau and Tamanu Seed Butters, and more. These ingredients add antioxidant protection, shine, moisture, and and leave your hair feeling soft and silky.

3Way Poncho:
If you are on the Suzanne Somers site making an order for makeup, skincare, or supplements, then you must scope out her unique 3-Way Poncho before you check out! What a fun idea...a versatile top that can be worn a few ways! Plus, a 2-pack of neutral ponchos (black and mocha) is only $29.99.

The Poncho comes in 2 sizes: Missy and Plus. I ordered Missy. I will tell you, these are VERY roomy. Yet, somehow it does "fit". It is a very loose fit, but the tops do not fall off me. While I do feel that these tops are slightly too big for my slender frame...since they don't fall off, then they still are wearable and certainly very comfortable and stylish. When I pair them with very slim fitting skinny jeans/jeggings, they look great!

The Suzanne Somers site suggests that you can wear these ponchos 3-ways: cowl, hoodie, or off the shoulder. For me, I really only liked it two ways: as a cowl or off the shoulder. For me, I just didn't care for the way it looked as a hoodie since I have a long torso it just made it ride up too much in the back and the hood part is too narrow. However, you guys might like it as a hoodie, I just didn't personally care for it that way. The great news is that you still have tons of options for how you can wear these tops!

I personally like these tops best worn as off-the-shoulder tops. The tunic length of the top is perfect when you pair the ponchos with skinny jeans or leggings. The material is super soft and I really do enjoy the feel of these when I am wearing them. The black is a true black and the mocha shade is more of a camel shade. These are very flattering and easy to wear and I can see how these are sized to fit most people! Even though they are a little bit too big for me, I think the style and roominess of them is very current for the leggings/tunic top trend. So, I will continue to wear and enjoy these fun ponchos!

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Suzanne Organics lineup! There is so much to choose from: hair, fashion, makeup, nails, suppliments...and even more items that I have not tried yet like fitness items, home cleaners, weight loss, and more!

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Have you tried anything from Suzanne Somers? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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