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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Building a new Frontier: Find out about Kalu Yala

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Building a New Frontier: The Truth About about Kalu Yala
The Kalu Yala Institute: Environment & Community Internships in Panama

Are you looking for some excitement? Perhaps a travel opportunity in a remote location? Did you just graduate from college and you are looking for an exciting next step? A chance to be a part of building something unique? Can you imagine being part of building a new settlement? I am so intrigued by Kalu Yala! If you are looking for some adventure and a great creative and challenging outlet, then you are going to want to find out more! 

With Kalu Yala you can help to build the world's most sustainable modern town from the ground up in an ecologically-responsible way.

Currently, Kalu Yala is a pasture area set between two rainforest covered ridgelines that form a seven thousand acre river valley, accessible only by two miles of rough dirt road nestled in the Panamanian rainforest. This truly is the next frontier! 

On this tropical frontier, the plan is to dig into volcanic soil and build a small settlement with plans to become a town and eventually house a population of over 10,000 people. I don't know if you have read any Kalu Yala criticism, but if you have maybe these links can clear up any questions. 

The Mission:
This is the stated mission according to the Kalu Yala Facebook page:

Building the world's most sustainable town by engaging shareholders and homeowners in the creation and governance of a destination with a purpose and using the momentum from our actions to lead to a greater good for the people and environment in our region.

The Kalu Yala Institute offers a very intriguing alternative study abroad program with a special focus on learning-by-doing. If you engage in this program, you will live, study, and design projects within a developing and potentially sustainable modern town nestled in the tropical Panamanian jungle.

This is a fantastic opportunity for college students and young professionals. This is a chance to harness your passions for sustainable living. 

There are a variety of ways to be involved. Two of the main focuses in development include creating the town's foundation in Kalu Yala, and developing relationships in our neighboring town of San Miguel.

According to Kalu Yala Organizers and the Go Overseas site, Other Opportunities Include the Following:
  • Biology: Learn more about the rainforest
  • Business: Plan, fund, and launch a new company 
  • Construction Arts: Learn skills like post & beam carpentry as well as structural masonry
  • Culinary Arts: Work directly with local farms on maintaining a local and seasonal menus
  • Design Thinking: Combine independent thinking with technical skills
  • Engineering: Design, build, and test all the systems necessary to support a thriving population
  • Hospitality: Learn how to manage a visitor experience built around human connection to nature
  • Media Arts: Reinvent the way we tell stories about sustainability and the world as a whole.
  • Outdoor Recreation: Enhance your outdoor skills and knowledge out in the field
  • Political Science: Dive into rural challenges and solutions in Latin America
  • Public Education & Community Development: Develop effective community-organizing tactics
  • Public Health & Wellness: Learn what constitutes the wellbeing of individuals and communities
  • Sustainable Agriculture: Grasp permaculture farm planning & management
After hearing about Kalu Yala, are you intrigued? I hope after reading, you now know some truth about Kalu Yala. If you are looking for your next big adventure...this might just be it! ;) 

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