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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Skincare Trends: Influencer Favorites from Erborian

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Skincare Trends: Influencer Favorites from Erborian 
I get so excited when my favorite skincare lines get love from the online community! So, it is no surprise for me to find out that Erborian is so well loved. 

Perhaps you’ve seen it in magazines, in Sephora....well, now you can see the Erborian-love on your favorite influencers’ pages. Erborian, combining Korean ingredients with French luxury, gives you the ultimate innovative and multi-tasking products. So, lets chat below about the Erborian products that have become influencer must-haves!

Who? Eman
What? Erborian CC Crème ($44)

Erborian's well-loved CC Creme is probably the Erborian product that I am most familiar with and also the first item I ever tried from Erborian a couple years ago. It is seriously just so good! I really enjoy both the Erborian CC Creme and their BB Creme. 

This CC Creme has SPF 25 protection and it has the ability to perfect your skin and leave it feeling soft, hydrated, and radiant. The coverage is very sheer and lightweight feeling. Now, the color Clair is just ever-so-slightly too dark for me. However, it still works since the product is sheer enough.

Link to watch Eman's YouTube video featuring Erborian CC Creme: Watch Here.

Who? Anastasia of Glamorable
What? Erborian Eau Ginseng Lotion ($39)

Find out more about Anastasia's thoughts on the Erborian Eau Ginseng Lotion here. I tried a similar product, the Erborian Ginseng Milk. Erborian has a whole collection of multi-benefit liquid lotions and I have tried a few over time. Erborian's Ginseng Milk is thicker than water yet lighter than a cream. It is a nice second step to your skincare routine. It provides moisture while smoothing and tightening your skin. Ginseng is an ingredient known to tone, tighten, and smooth the skin. If you are looking for weightless moisture in a toner, this is it! It instantly sinks in and hydrates. I just swipe it on with a cotton ball/round after cleansing. This product works so well for my skin type (combination skin that is somewhat sensitive and prone to occasional breakouts). I feel like I can get the hydration that I crave without irritation nor the risk of breakouts. I love it!!! Note: I have also tried the Yuza Double Lotion and really enjoy that one, too! 

Who? Leckie Roberts of Westvillagewasp

If you are a fan of cushion foundations, then you are going to love this BB Creme with a cushion compact packaging! The formula gives beautiful sheer coverage with nice hydration. I find that this product is great for giving on-the-go coverage that you can build on or touch up throughout the day because of the convenience of the compact.

Find out Leckie's thoughts on the Erborian Liquid BB Creme Au Ginseng Cushion Compact here

Have you explored Erborian? Please let me know what your favorites are! :)

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