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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Fresh Basics: Live Clean Fresh Water Hand Soap and Body Wash

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Fresh Basics: Live Clean Fresh Water Hand Soap and Body Wash
I love filling my home with fresh scents. Simple, fresh, and clean...that is how I would describe the Live Clean Fresh Water scent. Lately, I have been using the Live Clean Liquid Hand Soap and Body Wash and am absolutely loving the fresh scent and the gentle clean that these products give. 

Hand Washing:
Did you know that Oct 15th was global hand washing day? Me neither! ;) But, it sure does make you think...Hand Washing is such a basic thing. It is a proven way to prevent illness but so many people do not do it often enough! I find that motivating myself with pretty and fresh hand soap scents can be a motivating factor to increase hand washing. Plus, the Live Clean hand soaps are beautifully packaged and affordable! 

Live Clean Hand Soaps are formulated with certified organic extracts and 98% renewable & sustainable plant-based ingredients; they’re cruelty-free, SLS free, phthalate free, paraben free and more. They are available in three delicious scents: Coconut Milk, Fresh Water and Argan Oil at Target and for just $4.99 for 500ml. That is a great deal for the money and a lot of hand washes per bottle! ;) 

Live Clean shared some hand washing data with me that I would love to share with you. Since we are just now approaching "flu season", what better time to talk about hand washing basics? 

Did you know 95% of people don't know how to wash their hands properly? According to Dr. Tania Dempsey MD of Armonk Integrative Medicine, "If everyone washed their hands with soap regularly, one million deaths could be prevented every year." Sounds so simple, yet seems 95% of people are doing it wrong.

Fun Hand Washing Facts from Dr. Dempsey:
  • Studies have shown that diarrheal illnesses can be reduced by 50% just by frequent hand washing.
  • Respiratory illnesses can be reduced by close to 20% with hand washing.
  • It takes at least 15-20 seconds of vigorous hand washing with soap and water to remove enough of the harmful bacteria that spreads disease. 
Somebody once told me that you should wash your hands long enough to sing "Happy Birthday". Great tip, especially if you know that you have been exposed to an illness or someone is ill in your house. 

Besides loving the Live Clean Liquid Hand Soaps, I am also really enjoying their Body Wash! Like their hand soaps, the body wash is a great value for the huge size and I just love the scent!!! 

Do you have any great hand washing tips? I would love to hear them! 

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