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Monday, October 30, 2017

Makeup Wars: Favorite At-Home Spa Treatments

Makeup Wars: Favorite At-Home Spa Treatments

It is time for another Makeup Wars post! Makeup Wars is a collaborative and coordinated post with other Makeup Wars bloggers (top Beauty Bloggers). I will share my picks for Favorite At-Home Spa Treatments here and if, you scroll down, you will find links at the bottom of this post so that you can browse the other Makeup Wars blogger's posts to see what they choose! I know that I am curious to see what they picked, too!

This topic is near and dear to my heart. I absolutely love going to the spa, but who has the time and money to do that often? So, much more often, I do spa treatments at home. My absolute favorite way to do this is with a facial mask during a long soak in the tub. There is no question, at-home spa treatments totally rejuvinate me! It is a ritual that I look forward to every week. 

Now, as a beauty blogger, I am often rotating my products and trying out new things. So, today I am going to share with you my recent favorite masks and treatments. These are the masks and treatments in my current rotation that I am really enjoying. 

To find out the details, please click "read more" below to find out about each of these products! 

Makeup Wars: Favorite At-Home Spa Treatments 
My Current Favorite Masks and Treatments for Home:
I do have a lot of masks and treatments in my rotation. What can I say? I am obcessed with facial masks and scrubs! They are all a little bit different. So, I kinda pick the one I want to use based on the condition of my skin and what I feel that my skin needs on that particular day. I have combination skin. So, I am all over the map as far as where I am with oiliness, dryness, breakouts, or overall condition of my skin depending on the day.  

Conture recently released a few masks that I am really loving! After a long hot summer full of sun exposure and potential skin damage, it is nice to sit back and relax and repair with these powerful masks. These NEW masks from Conture each use unique ingredients to restore, lift, and brighten skin, bringing out its natural radiance. Some of these masks are available already on the Conture site, and some of these are coming soon. I am so excited that I got to preview them for you readers!!! 
  • Kinetic HydraMask Replenishing Treatment: A unique mask featuring natural amino acids and antioxidants that naturally brighten and plump mom’s skin’s appearance, while restoring skin’s natural ability to revitalize dry and problematic areas. Unique ingredient: Marbleberry. Retails for $65.00. 
  • Kinetic IllumiMask Illuminating Mask: The revolutionary IllumiMask is the first product to combine the lifting qualities of the Tibetan goji berry with the innovative, patent pending, stabilized Iconic-A (a liquid form of vitamin A), and orange citrus stem cell extract. Unique ingredient: Iconic-A. Retails for $65. 
  • Kinetic Revive Overnight Peel: Optimize your skin’s performance with the Kinetic Revive Restorative Peel, a renewing formula that kinetically stimulates skin cells to improve radiance and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Unique ingredient: Iconic-A. Retails for $80.  

I am way late to the party on Biore cleaning strips. I know, I know...they have been around for years. However, I am just now getting into them. I think this is because I have noticed a lot of congestion in my pores around my nose lately. I tend to get clogged pores more often nowadays rather than actual breakouts. So, I love whipping these out when I am feeling a bit clogged around the nose area. There is something very satisifying about using these! 

Purify your pores with a splash of color with Bioré® Skincare’s new Limited Edition Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – the ultimate in fun, funky, grime-removing goodness. These playful tie-dye patterns with swirly splashes of mood-boosting color work like a magnet, lifting out deep-down grime, oil and blackheads inside even your most clogged pores. Retails for $6.49 a box. 

No, this is not a mask...but, it is a beauty treatment and I think it fits well within this post. Using the Neu Lash Lash Enhancing Serum is a nightly ritual for me the past few months. I am somewhat new to lash enhancing serums. So, I can't really compare to others. However, I can tell you that my normally skimpy lashes do seem to be in better condition lately and the lashes seem to have a longer grow cycle (so they take longer to fall out). I am really enjoying this as the very last step in my routine! 

If you feel like going au-natural and ditching the mascara try this lash enhancing serum! Infused with pumpkin seed extract which nourishes the lashes and helps them look more luxurious than ever. Eyelashes look plumper and fuller, and, since they get moisturized, they look glossy, too!
Retails for $95.00 at Nordstrom. 

Ooooohhh...eye treatments are the best. I love any type of eye mask treatment! My eyes are my "trouble spot". I have dark circles and...what can I say, I am a tired Momma of a preschooler and a kindergartener. Plus, my eye are my first area to show some minor signs of aging in the form of fine lines. So, any soothing and hydrating eye treatment is a must in my book to rejuvinate that area. 

Easy-to-use, multi-benefit eye sheet masks nourish, revitalize, soothe and brighten the under-eye area. Restoring a youthful appearance for a well-rested, stress-free look. 6 packets included. Retails for $32.00. 

Mmmm...honey and almond might just be the best combo for a facial scrub! I do tend to gravitate towards scrubs that are that combination of ingredients. 

Made from honey and pure crushed almond grains, this skin-smoothing scrub delicately exfoliates the face, revealing glowing skin that’s soft and hydrated. Retails for $28.00. 

As much as I love my spa nights, sometimes there simply isn't the time...or I am just too tired. That is why I love having a facial treament like this one on hand. In just 60 seconds, you get a mini spa treatment right in your morning shower. So, I keep this tube in my shower and use it about weekly to give my skin some extra glow and attention! 

This mask reveals healthy-looking, glowing skin 4X faster than your typical at-home masks or peels. You can transform dull, tired-looking skin to brighter, more naturally radiant and velvety soft skin in just 1 minute. The 60 Second In-Shower Facial is formulated with Aveeno's moisture-rich soy and lemon peel extract. It is perfect for use in the shower as it works with the steam of your shower to deeply but gently exfoliate dirt, oil and dead skin. Retails for $6.99. 

So, those are my recent picks for at-home Spa Treatments! :) 

Interested in seeing what the other Makeup Wars bloggers picked for their favorite at-home treatments? Then be sure to scroll through the links below. I know that I sure will!

What are your favorite at-home treatments? I would love to hear! :) 

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Brooke @ Blushing Noir said...

I love those Pore Strips! It's so gross but I love seeing what rips out lmao

MarciaF said...

I love love love those Borghese Eye Masks. They are wonderful and feel so good on.

Erika said...

The Ilumimask and the eye mask patches sound like something I need!

lola seicento said...

I love the Borghese Eye Masks! I have the same approach as you do to masks and scrubs, I pick them based upon the needs of my skin that particular day. I do love to do multiple masks as well!

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