Pammy Blogs Beauty: The Conture Skin Enhancement System: First Impressions (and 25% discount code!)

Friday, December 23, 2016

The Conture Skin Enhancement System: First Impressions (and 25% discount code!)

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General Info and First Impressions!

Hi lovelies! I am so excited to embark on a 3-part blog series with the Conture Skin Enhancement System. This is a device that has intrigued me for quite awhile now. So, I am super excited that I got a chance to try it out and to partner with Conture to bring you these review posts! 

Over the next few weeks, I will share with you product and device information about the Conture Kinetic Skin Toning Device and the Conture Skincare Starter Kit, my first impressions, my inital results, and my long-term results. Today's post will focus on some general product info and my inital impressions. 

My Skin:
Before jumping into information about the Conture, let me tell you a little bit more about my skin. I am in my early 40s. So, I am starting to see some mild signs of aging in the form of fine lines. I am honestly pretty lucky here as the fine lines are really mostly apparent when my skin is a bit dehydrated. However, they are there and I would like to minimize them. As far as skin type, I have combination skin with a slight tendancy for clogged pores in my t-zone area and the occasional breakout. Plus, my skin is also somewhat sensitive. This is what has held be back from a lot of professional-type devices in the past. I want to fight aging, but need to do so in a gentle way! 

The Conture Device really intrigues me! I like the idea that it is a non-invasive and painless way to improve the look of your skin and fight the impact of aging. So, how does it work then? Well, apparently the Conture combines isometric compression with low frequency vibrations to stimulate and tone the skin. According to Conture, this device is similar to ones used by professionals and in MedSpas. Conture expresses that with continued daily use, the Conture can help to enhance the skin's appearance and increase absorption of anti-aging products. This, in turn, fights the signs of aging! 

The Conture device essentially forms a vacuum that lifts and releases the skin. This action is the isometric compression. The other way the device works is with the radiating effects of the low frequency vibrations. Clinical studies have shown that these vibrations stimulate the skin and can enhance absorption of topicals by up to 300%. 

Conture recommends utilizing the device in specific target treatment areas. At 40+ years old, I am starting to show some signs of aging in the form of fine lines. So, I am going to be targeting the following areas: Forehead, Crow's Feet, and Smile Lines. These seem to be the primary areas that I am showing aging.

I follow the below graphic from Conture in reguards to placement and movement direction fo the device. Again, I am focusing on the following treatment areas: 1, 3, and 7 for my product testing.

To Use:
The device really is easy to use once you get the hang of it! Conture is great with providing information about how to use the device. They have a video that walks you right through the steps of initial use. So, it was honestly really easy to learn how to use this system.

I will admit, you do have to get used to that "sucking" feeling of the device on your skin. However, it certainly does not hurt and it does not seem to irritate my sensitive skin. The process is a bit time-consuming. However, as I get more used to the device, it is becoming a more automatic part of my skincare routine. 

  • Start with cleansed skin that has been patted dry.
  • Gently apply the Conture Kinetic Treatment Serum to your face lightly (don't rub in) in your desired treatment area. 
  • Simply touch the touch screen on the device to turn it on
  • Work a few minutes on each treatment area zone (e.g., 2-3 minutes for your forehead). 
  • To use device, alow it to make a good connection with your skin and let it lift and release 3x and simply slide it over when it releases (overlapping slightly). Continue like this until you are done with your segment. 
  • You can complete your routine by applying either the Conture Kinetic AM Ignition Lotion or the Conture Kinetic PM Recovery Crème, and/or your own desired lotion or crème. 

So, I am just getting started with the Conture! I have had the device for a couple weeks and am really starting to get the hang of using it. In addition, I think I am starting to see some initial mild results. My skin seems to feel more plump and smooth in the areas that I have been treating. I am excited to see more results in the coming weeks. I really like that the Conture device can be integrated into your existing skincare routine. So, while you can use the products that come with the device, you can also use your own products in conjuction with using the Conture device with the Kinetic Treatment Serum. 

Discount Code:
Exciting news!!! Conture has graciously offered a 25% discount on their website for Pammy Blogs Beauty readers. Simply enter my code at checkout on the website: Pammy25 on

Stay tuned! I am going to follow up with a results post as well as a long-term results post in the coming weeks. So far, I am really enjoying my Conture device!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued for sure!

la Kaf said...

The idea of vibration for skin care works for cellulite as well. Does the Contour work with other products, like scrubs?

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