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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

His & Hers Beauty Besties CVS Haul!

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CVS Beauty Besties:
It is time for a CVS Beauty Haul! This time, there is a twist...this is a His & Hers haul! CVS is one of our go-to drugstores for beauty products, medicines, toiletries, and other daily staples. When CVS suggested that I grab a Bestie and head out to CVS for a haul, I decided to grab my husband and have some fun with some CVS shopping! Hey-we are parents for 2 kids under 4. A CVS haul feels like a mini-vacation, lol! Plus, my husband has grown to be a bit of a product-lover like me.

CVS Deals: November is the Month to Shop:
Before diving into our His & Hers Beauty Besties Haul, lets talk a bit about some of the deals that are going on at CVS this month:

CVS/pharmacy is celebrating the festive month of November with special deals storewide and online! From 11/1-11/21, shoppers can earn more than $50 ExtraBucks™ Rewards in stores and save over $35 online throughout the month by purchasing select beauty products from brands like Makeup Academy, Maybelline, L’Oréal, Nuance by Salma Hayek, and CoverGirl! Whether you’re getting an early start on your holiday shopping or restocking your beauty closet, CVS has got you covered for the best beauty deals in skincare, haircare and/or makeup!  

Deals Include:
  • Makeup Academy – Spend $12, get $4 ExtraBucks Rewards in stores/$4 off online
  • Maybelline (eye, face, lips)  – Buy 2, get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards in stores/$5 off online
  • L’Oréal (eye, face, lips, nails) – Spend $12, get $4 ExtraBucks Rewards in stores/$4 off online
  • Nuance by Salma Hayek – Spend $15, get $3 ExtraBucks Rewards in stores/$3 off online
  • Sally Hansen (nails) – Spend $15, get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards in stores/$5 off online
As you know, Beauty Club membership has numerous perks (free sign-up, 10% off beauty shopping pass at enrollment, $5 ExtraBucks® Rewards for every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases).

How I got my Great Deals: 
Shopping tips for using CVS Extra Care card, Extra Bucks, and Coupons:

There is no question, I got some amazing deals during my CVS haul! One thing I have really noticed in my years of CVS shopping, the more you spend, the better the deals. For this haul, I got over $160 worth of products for just over $110! Amazing! So, how did I save so much money??? Here is how I got such a great deal: First, I downloaded a 25% off coupon digitally to my CVS extracare (discount card I carry on my key chain). I got the coupon in my email which is linked to my CVS extracare card number. It was as easy as reading my email on my phone and clicking "download to card". Whenever I get to CVS, I scan my card at one of their kiosks. The kiosk prints out coupon and a summary of the discounts on my card. So, when I got to CVS to shop, the kiosk print out confirmed my 25% was loaded and printed me out about 5 coupons (3 of which I used in my haul for $2 off over $10 in vitamins, $3.00 off Revlon, and $1.50 off of Batteries). Plus, my purchase earned me $7.00 in Extra Bucks (a coupon you get after purchase attached to your recipt. Extra Bucks work just like cash at CVS!). Tip: I have found that I do best when I use my Extra Bucks right away (otherwise, I risk losing them in my purse or forgetting about them). So, just when I thought I was "done" shopping, I used my $7.00 Extra Bucks coupon to buy a Revlon lipstick with my $3.00 off coupon. This saved me $10.00! So, my Revlon lipstick ended up being only $2.29 with tax! These are just some of the deals I got! I will detail more below. :) Keep reading!

Nothing beats a Beauty Haul to get me excited about some new products! My husband and I had a fun shopping adventure and found some great products for both of us and some fabulous deals, too! Without further ado, here is our His & Hers Beauty Besties Haul and the money we saved! In addition to the discounts I listed, I also got 25% off the entire purchase (prices listed include the 25% off applied).
  • Band-Aid Bandages Value Pack: $14.49
  • Axe Shower Gels: Gold Temptation and Dark Temptation: Axe Shower Gels ($5.99 each) are my husband's favorite! These were Buy One Get One for 50% off (which saved us $3.00). 
  • Axe Detailer: $6.49: My husband has never used one of these before. It looks like a "manly" version of a standard body pouf. 
  • AAA Batteries by Duracell: $14.99 (plus $1.50 off with printed coupon): My husband just had the talk with me about how brand name batteries are the best. No more $ store batteries for me. They run out too quickly!
  • Gilette Fusion 4 Pack Razor Refills: $17.79
  • Oral B Glide Mint Floss: $5.29

  • L'Oreal EverPure Brass Banisher System BLONDE Shade Reviving Treatment: I am so excited to try this! I have a new hair colorist and my shade has been turing out ever-so-slightly too yellow. "Purple" shampoos and conditioners are my go-tos to correct overly yellow or brassy color. I had been using an expensive salon brand's Purple conditioner and just ran out. I hope this works just as well! $9.29
  • CVS Health Calcium Citrate + D: Honestly, I hadn't intended on buying vitamins. However, when I saw that the kiosk printed out an extra $2.00 off a $10 Vitamin purchase and then saw that the CVS Vitamins were Buy-One-Get-One for a $1.00. Then I know it was time to stock up! I always use CVS vitamins! They make generic versions that are just like the brand names. So, I picked up my Calcium Vitamin (it is a generic version of Citrical) and their Prenatal Vitamin (no, lol, I am not pregnant. I just take a Prenatal as my Multi-Vitamin. Just in case, because it has Folic acid). So, the Calcium was $13.29 after the $2.00 off and then the Prenatal was $1.00. This transaction alone saved me $12.29 on vitamins!
  • Maybelline Master Conceal in Fair: I am always looking for a great under eye concealer and I have heard that this one has great coverage. Can't wait to try it! $9.29
  • Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Concealer: While I got the Master Conceal for under my eyes, I got this one for other areas of my face like my chin and nose where I need a little less coverage. I will let ya'll know how I like it. I got the shade Ivory. $8.99
  • Revlon Colorstay Overtime Lipcolor: OMG! I am so excited about this deal. So, I had eyed this during my shopping and decided against it. As I was checking out, my receipt printed out $7.00 in CVS Extra Bucks plus I had a $3.00 off Revlon coupon! So, this Lipcolor was originally $14.49, but the $3.00 off coupon brought it down to $11.49 and then minus $7.00 in Extra total with tax? $2.29! What a gorgeous lippie! Funny, it is actually for my daughter's Christmas Ballet performance. The girls are supposed to wear Red lipstick. Of course, I want a long-wearing formula because it will come off otherwise. :) And, of course, I will love wearing this shade, too! 
  • Jergen's BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream: I am obsessed with this body moisturizer from Jergen's! It has subtle skin enhancers that just make your skin look gorgeous. Plus, I love the scent (it reminds me of Twilight Woods by BBW). $13.29
  • Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Top Coat: This is one of my favorite top coats. I was in need of a top coat and opted for this one this time. It was hard to pick as Sally Hansen has so many choices! What are your favorite Sally Hansen top coats? $7.79
Whew! So, that is it! Quite a haul and totally great deals! I had so much fun shopping at CVS! What have your hauled at CVS lately? I would love to hear about your great deals, too! :)

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