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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Makeup Wars: Brand Feature with Keune!

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It is time for another Makeup Wars! This time the Makeup Wars team is bringing you a brand feature with Keune. Each Makeup Wars blogger got the opportunity to use an assortment of Keune products for their hair type. This way, as you scroll through our posts, you can hear about the entire brand from the perspective of a variety of women with differing hair type and hair needs. How did these products work for the Makeup Wars group of bloggers? You will just have to keep reading through to find out! 

My Hair:
Before diving in to the product descriptions and my reviews, lets talk about my hair type. My hair is very long, thick, and heavily highlighted. I am naturally a dark blonde and I highlight my hair to a light blonde shade. While my hair is thick, it is fine in texture but also somewhat coarse as well. I generally find that shampoos geared towards coarse damaged hair are what resonates with my hair. Rarely can a shampoo or conditioner be "too thick" or "too rich" for me. It is actually the contrary, I struggle to find shampoos and conditioners that are smoothing and moisturizing enough for me. My other issue: tangles. My hair tangles so easily and it is so long that it really can be a pain! My hair is certainly in the dry and damaged range. With that said, my hair can be transformed into touchably soft and beautiful hair with the right combination of products!

About Keune:
This is a natural product line with environmentally friendly products. Keune wants to give you healthy and shiny hair with products enhanced with plant extracts and other natural ingredients. 

I tried out the So Pure Natural Balance Color Care line. To find out more about these products and how they worked for my hair, please click "read more" below! :)

Keune So Pure Natural Balance Color Care Products:
The So Pure Color Care line was created to enhance your hair color while preserving shine. The products are enriched with Sunflower Seed Extract to prevent color fading as well as Jasmine and Sandalwood for aromatherapy. 

Keune | So Pure Natural Balance Shampoo and Conditioner:
Using a sulfate-free shampoo is not the norm for me. I will fully admit to being someone who is addicted to the rich lather of a shampoo. However, I do know that you do not need a rich lather to get your hair clean. We only "think" we do. Going sulfate-free is actually better for your hair! Once I got past the lack of a thick lather with this shampoo, I really do like the gentle cleanse that it gives my hair. The So Pure Color Care Shampoo cleanses without over-drying and when used with the matching So Pure Color Care Conditioner, it leaves my hair feeling soft and manageable. The other very distinctive and unique feature of the So Pure Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner is the scent: licorice! I am not sure if it is an added scent or the mixture of the botanicals in the products (sometimes it just smells like straight licorice to me and sometimes it smells like licorice mixed with sandalwood). If you like botanical scents and licorice, then you might like this scent. It almost smells masculine to me. With that said, my husband is a huge fan of the smell of these products!

Keune | So Pure Natural Balance Moisturizing Overnight Repair: I am obsessed with the idea of repairing your hair overnight when you sleep! I am a busy Mom of two and never have enough time during the day. If I can accomplish something while I sleep...all the better! ;) To use, I simply apply this moisturizing serum to the dry ends of my hair before I go to sleep on nights that I know that I will wash my hair the following morning. Not only can I use this product how it was intended as a night treatment, but also I like to use this during the day by just adding a touch of this product to my hair. It smooths it out nicely!

Keune | So Pure DeFrizz Shine Serum: OMG! I am absolutely obsessed with this stuff! Just the tiniest drop of this magical serum transforms my hair into super shiny and silky beautiful goodness! It instantly zaps any frizz or any signs of dryness. It makes my hair look so healthy and shiny. I adore this stuff and it will be a staple in my routine! I use it as the very last step in my hair routine. I just a touch to the ends and then smooth my hands through the lengths of my hair. I just love this moisturizing Argan oil-based serum! If you only try one item from Keune, try this!!!

Keune | So Pure Texture Spray: I haven't used a non-aerosol hairspray in years. I enjoy using this. It gives nice hold without being overly sticky. Plus, the scent is refreshing. I only use hairspray on my bangs and this seems to keep them well in place.

Overall, I am quite impressed with Keune! This was my very first foray into the brand and I am certainly excited about it. I would love to explore the line further. So, if you are a Keune fan, please tell me what you enjoy using from the line. For me, the stand-out product is the So Pure DeFrizz Shine Serum. It is now a part of my everyday hair routine!

Be sure to check out my fellow Makeup Wars blogger's posts to hear about how Keune worked for their hair type! :)

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Kelly said...

I really liked the So Pure line!! The texture spray is awesome!

Phyrra said...

I loved this line! The argan oil is fantastic

Prime Beauty said...

I am so impressed with Keune!

MarciaF said...

I love learning about all the different lines they have. The serum sounds the best.

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