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Monday, December 23, 2013

Pregnancy Skincare Favorites from Belli

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As I am at the end of my pregnancy, what better time to share some of my most-loved pregnancy skincare products from one of my favorite go-to pregnancy skincare brands: Belli Skincare! Belli specializes in both facial and body skincare for women who are trying to conceive, who are pregnant, and skincare for the new mom post-baby as well as skincare for baby, too! Now, I have not tried the whole line. Mostly, I have just explored the pregnancy skincare range. So, that will be my focus today. :)

Belli Skincare knows that pregnancy can cause drastic changes in your skin. Not only has my skin type changed with pregnancy, but also I am so limited with how to deal with my skin as many of my go-to skincare products have no-no ingredients for pregnancy! Ack! Enter Belli Skincare to the rescue. It is comforting to know that everything in their line is 100% safe for pregnancy. It takes the guesswork and worry out of trying to choose safe skincare while you are pregnant. Plus, the products are effective!!! 

Pregnancy causes my normal-dry skin to become combo-oily. When I am not pregnant, I rarely breakout. However, when I am pregnant, I battle breakouts frequently. It is so frustrating! Typically during the first part of my pregnancy (this pregnancy and my last pregnancy), I am still using my usual skincare products. Once my skin starts getting hard to deal with, I switch to pregnancy skincare. After going through this twice, I think next time (wink: if we try for baby #3??? Who knows!!!), I will start pregnancy skincare when trying to conceive. I was getting constant breakouts and was having a hard time dealing with the oily skin. After a few weeks of using Belli, my skin really calmed down! My breakouts became easier to manage and my oily skin felt refreshed from using the Belli cleanser and scrub! 

For this post, I will highlight my favorite 4 products from the Belli Skincare line: the Elasticity Belly Oil, the Anti-Blemish Facial Wash, the Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub, and the Acne Control Spot treatment. All of these products are my current heros in my skincare routine! Even if you are not pregnant, you might love theses! These products are natural and safe to use as well as highly effective! Honestly, even after pregnancy, I am still going to want to use these amazing products! 
For the Body: 
I love this Belli Oil! Belli sent it to me during my first pregnancy. I loved it so much during my first pregnancy that I immediately went out and purchased it with my second pregnancy! :) As you all know, the belly stretches to crazy proportions when you are pregnant. I mean, I get the "you look like you stuffed a basketball under your shirt" comment at least a few times a week! All of the stretching leaves your skin feeling so uncomfortable, tight, and itchy. This Belly oil from Belli gives my stretching skin immediate relief! It soothes and moisturizes and it just feels good going on. Plus, it does contain ingredients that can mimimize stretch marks. I know...stretch marks are primarily genetically determined. However, after *not getting them* (yay!!!) in my first pregnancy, I wanted to completely replicate my body skincare routine in my 2nd pregnancy so that I would not get them this time around either!!! 

Every night before I got to sleep, I spray about 10 squirts of this oil onto my belly (well, as the belly grows, I tend to apply more and more to cover a larger surface area, lol). Then I gently massage the oil onto my belly. I love the soothing lavender scent! It is perfect aromatherapy before bed! Plus, the formula contains antioxidant rich Vit E and and grapeseed oil.
For the Face:
OMG! I flippin adore this cleanser. Seriously, I know I have mentioned this cleanser many times before, and I will again: This cleanser is not only my favorite pregnancy facial cleanser, but also one of my favorite cleansers across the board! I have not only gotten this cleanser as a blogger press sample, but also I have purchased it myself quite a few times. 

This cleanser is just so effecive! Yet, it is also gentle. It is the perfect balance! It is a mild gel-based cleanser that cleanses my skin completely without leaving any residue nor any dry/tight feelings in my skin. The key: This cleanser contains lactic acid which is the exfoliator acid that is allowed in pregnancy (when you are pregnant, you should stay clear from other common blemish fighters like: Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Benzol Peroxide). What can I say? My skin seems to love Lactic Acid! I feel that this cleanser is able to cut through all the extra grease on my skin and really leave me completely cleansed. You can also use this cleanser as a "mask" by leaving it on your skin a few minutes before rinsing. This allows the lactic acid to really do its magic on your skin. Other key ingredients in this product: Lemon Peel Oil (natural anti-bacterial) and Green Tea Extract and Cucumber (antioxidants). 

I adore this Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash and will continue to use it! Especially while nursing and possibly even beyond that! :) I recommend it not only to pregnant women and nursing Moms, but also to anyone with combo-oily acne prone skin that wants a very effective, natural, and safe facial wash!

This is a new product for me this pregnancy! I must say, I love it!!! Over the years, I have learned that my skin responds very well to mechanical exfoliation. Using this amazing Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub 2-3 nights a week has really improved my skin's texture and clarity! Plus, the minty scent smells and feels amazing on my skin! It is so refreshing to use! At first, I thought the Peppermint oil might irritate my sensitive skin. However, it does not.

How I use:
After using the Belli Anti Blemish Facial Wash to cleanse my skin, I use this Fresh Start Pre-Treatment Scrub (2-3 nights a week). I just apply a small dollop onto my hands and smooth it very gently and lightly over my skin. Then, I rinse and apply treatment products and moisturizer. 

One of the most frustrating things about pregnancy facial skincare is the lack of treatment products for existing breakouts. My go-to Benzol Peroxide products are totally out. So, I need to reach for something else. This spot treatment as well as my trusty Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask (used as a spot treatment) are my go-to's when I get a pregnancy pimple.
Belli's Acne Control Spot Treatment is a lightweight and slightly slippery-feeling gel. The active ingredient is sulfur which works to not only clear up existing breakouts, but also works to prevent new ones. So, I use it both on actual breakouts as well as on my chin area in general where I am prone to breaking out. This treatment is extremely gentle and works pretty darn well! While it has not completely gotten rid of my breakouts, I do think it helps manage them and decrease the frequency.

So, those are my current pregnancy skincare favorites from Belli Skincare!!! As I mentioned, I would not only recommend the amazing facial skincare products to pregnant women, but also to any person with combo-oily breakout-prone skin wanting gentle and natural skincare! I will continue to love these through the rest of my pregnancy, during my months of nursing, and even beyond! :) 

I would really love to explore the Belli line further! Especially the baby skincare range and the post-baby/nursing skincare products! Has anyone else tried Belli? I would love to hear what products you recommend from this line in the comments below!

During my last pregnancy, I reviewed Belli as well! :) If you want to read about my experience with Belli during my first pregnancy. Please read this review as well: Pregnancy Skincare from Belli.

As always, thanks so much for reading! :) 


Chantel said...

Amazing products, great detailed review.

Unknown said...

@Chantel-Thanks for the positive feedback! The products are really great! :)

Unknown said...

Nice collection..!! I will definitely suggest all these products to my pregnant daughter in law.

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