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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New from beautyADDICTS: GlimmerSHEER duo balm Highlighters!

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While I love the look of an overall matte complexion, well placed highlighting can capture the light to accentuate your bone structure and give you an overall glow without making you look overly shiny nor greasy. It is the best of both worlds! You can have your matte skin (if that is what you prefer) and just strategically place your glow where you want it. :) This is so easy to do with these new GlimmerSHEERs from beautyADDICTS

GlimmerSHEERS are duo balm highlighters in a sleek and pretty compact. The compacts themselves are really nice: pink metallic with an inner mirror. The inside contains two types of balm highlighters: a shimmery-creamy balm and a clear jelly-like gloss balm. The "Glimmer" shimmery-cream is a softly pigmented traditional highlighter that gives a lovely sheen and a soft focus highlighting effect. The "Sheer" clear jelly-like gloss is a clear tinted luminizer that works to hydrate your skin and give it a very subtle glowing effect. You can either layer these products together or wear separately. I will fully admit that I use the "Glimmer" side of these duos much more frequently than the "Sheer" side. I really love the highlighting effect! It seems to have much more impact than the "Sheer" side.

GlimmerSHEERs come in 4 shades: Glow, Express, Motivate, and Seduce. I tried out Express (a duo of a vanilla/beige shimmer highlighter and a clear tinted jelly gloss: the tint almost looks completely clear with a slight gold tint) and Motivate (a duo of a soft baby pink highlighter and a sheer pink jelly gloss). To use (either side), I just lightly swipe my finger tips into the pan and apply directly to my face on areas that I wish to highlight: my upper cheek bones, down the center of my nose, over my brow, and on my chin. The highlighter side gives a nice radiance and the clear side gives a very subtle dewy finish to your skin. 

The Skinny:
beautyADDICTS GlimmerSHEERs retail for $28.00 each on

Overall, I love the ease of using these highlighters! It is such a quick and easy way to add glow to your look while emphasizing your bone structure. 


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Chantel said...

Gorgeous highlighters.

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