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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winter Boots from JustFab: Fuzzies and More!

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Winter Boots from JustFab: Fuzzies and More!!!
It is time for my monthly JustFab selections! :) Even though there is so much to choose from from JustFab (handbags, jewelry, jeans, shoes, etc), I just can't resist their boots!!! This month I opted for 2 comfortable pairs of flat boots: the Aspen in Silver and the Calvin in Dark Grey.

The Fuzzies Collection from JustFab: The Aspen in Silver:
Have you seen the "Fuzzies" Collection from JustFab? The "Fuzzies" are their assortment of "Ugg"-style faux fur lined comfort boots. They have a full assortment ranging from neutral browns, tans, and black to pink, purple, and even sparkly! Why not be sparkly when in in a comfortable boot? ;) Being 7 months pregnant, I am all-about cute and comfortable footwear!

This month, I selected the Aspen in Silver. What an adorable boot! Man, it is *blingy*!!! If Cinderella wore "Uggs", she would wear these Aspens, lol! These boots only come in full sizes. So, I ordered up from my usual 6/6 1/2 and got a size 7. While they look "huge", they actually fit really well. The fur lining inside takes up a lot of room. So, definitely go up a 1/2 size or more when you order. The base color of this boot is white and there is a sequin overlay on top. As I mentioned, these boots are super sparkly. So fun!!! I think that these would be especially cute if you are looking for a gift for a preteen or teenage girl as they have that bit of "whimsy" that makes them special.

The Calvin in Dark Grey:
I also got the Calvin in Dark Grey this month. I am *in love* with this boot! They are comfortable and casual with just a bit of a modern edge. This boot's material is a distressed faux leather that looks really realistic. The rustic zipper and buckle detailing add the edge. I found these boots to fit *very* loose through the calf. So, if you have skinny legs like me, you might find this boot to be a bit too loose. However, I tuck my jeans into these anyways. So, they still look good...they just feel very "loose". This Dark Grey color goes with everything! Overall, I am very happy with these cool boots!

I love my JustFab boots that I got this month!!! My fellow JustFab lovers, what have you ordered and loved lately? I am already starting to make my wishlist for next month! :)


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