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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute's Kaleidoscope Lip Kit

image source: Neimans
What a beautiful and unique way to present a lip palette: a Kaleidoscope Kit from Le Metier de Beaute.

Le Metier has Kaleidoscope Kits for lips, cheeks, and eyes. These kits are beautiful as well as extremely functional! Basically, the Kaleidoscope Kits are round stacked pans of product that open up by fanning out. You can open one product at a time or you can fan them out to display the entire kit in a staggered fashion. This is a unique packaging concept that I have honestly never seen before. The packaging effect and display is very beautiful and artful. Often I find lip palettes to be overly large and difficult to carry with you. Not this kit! The packaging is compact and easy to store or to carry in your purse or travel makeup bag. It is the perfect lip kit for on-the-go!

I first tried out Le Metier's Lip Color during my Neiman Marcus Le Metier facial and makeover. I have been in love ever since! To hear more about the Le Metier Lip Kit from their Holiday Collection, please keep reading!

I tested out the Kaleidoscope Lip Kit in Bauhaus from the Holiday Collection. This kit is a lippie-lover's dream! It is certainly the most beautiful (and most expensive) lip palette that I own!

The Shades:
  • Linaire— a lustrous gold-infused rose petal
  • Criterion— a gilded amber-peach
  • Esthetique— a shimmering vintage rose
  • Shilhouette— a Cimmerian cloak of sheer amethyst
These lip colors are like a glossy and creamy lipstick. The texture falls somewhere between that of a lipstick and lipgloss. So, like a creamy liquid lipstick. The product is slightly sticky which allows for longer wear. The pigmentation is semi-sheer. The finish is incredibly shiny and glossy. These are just beautiful and are a pleasure to wear! Linaire is my favorite shade of the group. Such a flattering color!
If you are looking for a high-end lip treat, you have to try the Lip Kaleidoscopes from Le Metier de Beaute! This Kit not only contains gorgeous lip color, but also it looks beautiful sitting right on top of my vanity!

The Skinny:
Available at Neiman Marcus for $95

*If you are interested in Le Metier de Beaute products, please contact my awesome local Le Metier contact Karen! She has done my makeup and a facial at the Le Metier Counter and she is totally awesome!!! Here is her info at Neiman Marcus Atlanta: Phone: 404-266-8200. Here is the link to my post about my experience at the counter: Beauty Pampering with Le Metier. If you visit Karen, be sure to tell her that I sent you! :)

Thanks for reading!


Chantel said...

Very pretty lip colors!

Unknown said...

@Chantel-Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Pammy!

I've been trying to post a comment on your blog since your announcement that you are an Ambassador for Roc again (stupid google!) I wanted to say Congratulations!

Please try all the wrinkle reducing and large pore reducing products!


Unknown said...

@Zan-I am so sorry that you have had trouble commenting! Darn Google! Thanks for the Congrats and I sure will try some anti-wrinkle and pore reducing products (Retinol is supposed to be great for both of those things!) :)

lola seicento said...

I have Bauhaus as well, and think it is a lovely Kaleidoscope! Fabulous review, as always Pammy!

Unknown said...

@lola-Thank you! :)

Sara said...

Wow these look lovely! Such a beautifully presented palette. But at that price they're a real treat.

Came across your blog in Modesty Brown's beauty spotlight - it's lovely to find a new read :)

Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

Unknown said...

@Sara-So glad that you found my blog through Modesty Brown! :) Thanks for reading!!!

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