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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Influenster Loves: Bath and Body Works "Nutmeg and Spice"

I am having so much fun with my Fall 2012 Influenster Beauty Blogger Vox Box! So, I am kicking off a new review series called "Influenster Loves". This series will highlight the items that I am really loving from the box. My goal here is to provide a "just the skinny" review to give you guys the product details and my brief thoughts.

If you missed my Influenster Beauty Blogger Fall 2012 Vox Box: Box Opening, be sure to check that out! 

My "Influenster Loves": Bath & Body Works White Barn Nutmeg and Spice Candle:
I was absolute thrilled to find a Bath & Body Works mini candle in my recent Influenster Fall 2012 Beauty Blogger Vox Box! Not only are Bath & Body Works amongst my favorite products for the body and the home, but also I have been on a major candle kick lately anyways!
The Skinny:
  • Bath & Body Works mini candles are 1.3 oz in a glass jar. 
  • The mini candles retail for $3.50 each but are often on sale. Right now they are 2 for $5.00. 
  • Bath and Body Works also sells other sizes: Small 4 oz candles for $10.00 and Large 3-wick candles for $20.00 (right now on sale 2 for $20). Check for sales!
  • These candles come in a huge variety of scents that rotate seasonally.
The Mini Candle: 
These mini candles are the best way to test out a Bath & Body Works home scent! For just a few dollars you can "test drive" a candle scent at home. If you love it, spring for a bigger size! I like the small size for personal areas like my vanity or a desk. My Nutmeg and Spice Candle "lives" on my vanity. However, I find that I like to place it next to my laptop when I am working on a post.

Nutmeg and Spice:
This scent is so comforting! It is a sweet vanilla with a hint of spice. It is a total "baked goods" scent to me. Absolutely delicious! The scent is very relaxing and cozy. Love it! I will for sure purchase a larger version of this same scent. This candle seems to burn for a long time without using it up the candle too fast. The scent throw is strong. There is no question that this little candle can scent an entire room.
If you are looking for some yummy home scents, be sure to check out these candles from Bath & Body Works! I know that there are quite a few Holiday candles that I have my eye on!

If you are a beauty blogger and are not an Influenster, then you must sign up! Seriously, it is so darn fun! You get to test out and review really great products. There is a fun factor too. Each box has various "tasks". If you complete all tasks including bonus tasks, you can earn "badges" and even some prizes from the sponsors. I am having so much fun with this Fall 2012 Beauty Blogger Vox Box! :)

Thanks for reading!

Note: Influenster is a free service for bloggers and vloggers. Just sign up! Qualification for boxes depends on your demographic and relative influence. :) Check out more details in my Beauty Blogger Vox Box Box Opening post.


beaute desastre said...

is influenster international? How much does it cost?

Unknown said...

@beaute desastre-If you click on my link in this post to the Influenster Box Opening, that post will fully describe how Influenster works. Influenster is free for bloggers and vlogers. You just sign up! I believe it might be USA only. However, I am not totally sure. They send you boxes based on your demographics and relative influence. This is my second box from them and I really love the whole concept of Influenster! So fun! :) Hope that helps!

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