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Monday, October 22, 2012

Infuluenster's Fall 2012 Beauty Vox Box: Influenster Site Relaunch and VoxBox Opening!

Are you an Influenster? If you are a blogger and you are not registered with Influenster, I totally recommend that you check it out!

Influenster's All New Website!
Influenster has totally re-vamped their program! If you are already an Influenster and have not logged on in awhile, you certainly must head over there to check out the changes. Everything has changed with their scoring and badges. Personally, I had to pretty much start over with my score and earning badges; but, I don't mind! The site is very easy to navigate and I think the scores make much more sense now.

If you have not heard of Influenster, here is the scoop: Influenster is an online community of social influencers. It is totally free to join! Influenster connects bloggers and vloggers with various programs depending on their individual influence score. Your score is generally based on your social presence and paricipation across your networks.

There are many things that you can do to increase your score! The Influenster site guides you through a variety of tasks to give you a score determining your influence. You can earn badges for your areas of expertise. Mine are: Fashionista, Beauty Queen, and Decorator (but I hope to earn more!). You can also get Lifestage badges like Mother Bear, Bride to Be, etc. In addition, Influenster hosts brand challenges. Member can take surveys to see if they qualify for particular challenges.

The Vox Box program:
Influenster sends out periodic Vox boxes for each badge category. You get selected based on your expert badges, lifestage badges, Influenster score, and demographics. Previously (with Influenster's old system), I got a "Mom Blogger" Vox box which I really enjoyed! This time around I qualified for the Beauty Bloggers 2012 VoxBox! Basically these boxes are filled with items and coupons for your particular category. The best part? The Vox Boxes are totally free! You just have to qualify! I believe that Influenster sends out various boxes each month. However, you will only get boxes that you qualify for. If you keep your Influenster scores high and particpate, you will eventually get a box!

What do you do when you get a VoxBox? The idea is that each Influenster should qualify for boxes to match their interests. So, basically you just get to have fun and test out the items that you get! Influenster will send you a survey to fill out with your honest opinions. If you go above and beyond by blogging about your box, reviewing products on the Influenster site, and informing your social networks, you are more likely to get selected for future boxes. Plus, you can have the opportunity to qualify for specific brand challenges from your box as well. I believe that you can earn badges from the brands in your box. More than anything, this whole process is incredibly fun! I am not sure what it is about earning badges that makes it so fun? Maybe it is the former girl scout in me! lol!

Those of you who read my blog regularly know that I am a total fanatic for quite a few "monthly" beauty box subscriptions. So, I am sure it is no surprise to you that I think that the Beauty Bloggers VoxBox is amazing! It is seriously packed with goodies!

To find out what is inside my Fall 2012 Beauty Bloggers VoxBox, please keep reading!!!

My First Influenster Beauty Blogger VoxBox!

What a fun box!!! Let me tell ya'll, this box is packed with great stuff! In particular, I like that the variety represented in the box. There is makeup, skincare, hair cair, and some "fun stuff" too! I can't wait to try all of this stuff out!
What did I get? Let me break it down for you:
  • New York Color: Individual Eyes Custom Compact ($4.99): This is one of those all-in-one NYC eyeshadow compacts with primer, illuminator, 4 shadows, and applicators. I am so excited about this! I got the shade "Dark Shadows" which consists of shimmery white as well as light, medium, and dark grey shadows. I have eyed these so many times while at Target. So, I am happy to finally try one out! 
  • Kiss Ever Pro Lashes Starter Kit ($5.99): This false eyelashes kit has everything you need to get started: lashes, adhesive, and an applicator. I use false lashes periodically. So, these will be put to good use! I am especially excited to try the applicator as I have never used one before. I wonder, will it make the process easier? Do any of you use applicators and do you find that they help speed or ease application?
  • Bath & Body Works Mini Candles ($3.50): OMG! So excited about this mini candle!!! I absolutely adore Bath & Body Works Home Fragrances and Candles! So, I am just thrilled to get this little candle. I got a White Barn Candle in the scent "Nutmeg and Spice". Mmm!!! So yummy! Also, I got a coupon for a 3-wick candle for $10.00. That is a great deal as they are normally $20.00. So, I will certainly pick one up next time I am at the mall (you can get up to 5 with the coupon). I am already obsessed with the scent of this candle!
  • EBOOST Powder (1 package, a full box prices range from $28-$39 for 20-30 powders): I haven't used a vitamin powder in years! This powders are meant to boost your "mood, focus, and immunity with natural ingredients and no crash". Yes please! I am a big believer in vitamins. So, I know that I will use this. Or, this might be a way to entice my Hub to take vitamins? He hates swallowing pills but he might enjoy taking this!
  • Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins ($7.29): Whoo-hoo!!! I LOVE Spin Pins and use them all the time. So, I am thrilled to get a couple more (because I always loose them, drat!). These are so simple to use. Just twist up your hair and insert the pins so that they interlock. Your style will literally stay put all day! It is so easy to create a bun with these. With my long hair and having a baby, my hair is constantly up. So, I need these!
  • Not Your Mother's Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream ($6.00 for a full sized 4 oz bottle, I got a 1.5 oz sample): Each Influenster either got this product or the Not Your Mother's Frizz Control Cream. I am not sure why I got the Kinky Moves as my hair is not curly? Oh well! Might give this one to my sister-in-law who has beautifully curly hair. Or, I might use it to see if I can coax some waves out of my hair. Either way, it smells great and has a super cute name!
  • Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin System: Based on demographic, Influensters either get this Boots System or a VitaBath Fragrance Mist. I am happy that I got the Boots System as I am already a huge fan of this brand! I got a cleanser and a moisturizer for dry skin. These deluxe travel sizes are going to be so nice to travel with!
So, that is it! The Beauty Blogger Fall 2012 Beauty VoxBox! If you see anything that you would like me to review in more depth, please let me know! Have any of you tried any of these products? If so, I would love to hear about it! Fellow Influensters, did you get this box?

Thanks so much for reading!


The Rainbow Zebra said...

I got the box, minus the "extra demographic item" (would have liked the fragrance mist). I wish the eye compact came with different colors--I am just not a dark smoky eye kinda gal. It's a nice palette though! And I got anti-frizz cream, so yay! A couple of things will go to my daughter (the eboost and the spin pins--my hair is VERY short). Yay for the candle coupon!

Pretty glad I got this free though ;)

Polarbelle said...

Great post. Now I'm really sad that I must not have qualified. Tell us how the lash placer thing works. I just wore some lashes this past weekend and that might have really come in handy.

Unknown said...

@TheCraftyAngel-I would have loved that fragrance mist too! Oh well! Boots No 7 Skincare is great (even though I am not in need of any skincare). :) Great for travel though! I will for sure use that candle coupon! I am obsessed with BBW candles!

@Polarbelle-Maybe you will qualify next time! I didn't get the last Beauty VoxBox. So, maybe they rotate? I will for sure let you know how that lash applicator works! I am so curious to try it! I need all the help that I can get with false lashes! :)

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