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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Latest Sephora 500 Point Perk: BeneFit's Next Big Fling!

Oh how I love shopping perks! Ulta rewards points, GWPs, and Sephora Beauty Insider get the idea. I don't know why, but there is something about "earning" these points that makes you just feel less "guilty" about spending money on high-end makeup. LOL, I am sure that this is the idea here! Regardless, I do appreciate that these companies reward their frequent shoppers. From a marketing standpoint, there is no doubt that it increases brand loyalty and certainly brings you back into the store.

For the Sephora Beauty Insider Points Perks, I tend to let those accumulate over time. Then, when there is a really good perk gift, I finally redeem them! It seems as if I have been waiting around forever for a really great 500 Point Perk gift. Every single time that I am at the Mall, I stop in Sephora and check out the 100 and 500 points perk gifts. Sure, I would probably stop into Sephora anyways since I am a makeup fan(atic)...but, there is no question that I have been stalking the 500 Points Perk Gifts! Well, I finally found "the one", the gift I had been waiting for, with BeneFit's "Next Big Fling" 500 Point Perk gift pack! Sure, Sephora usually has nice little deluxe samples; but, the 500 Points Perk gifts only seem to be "worth it" when they feature full-sized products from a personal favorite brand. I picked this up last month, so I am not sure if it is still available in stores.
BeneFit's "Next Big Fling" 500 Points Beauty Insider Perk:
  • Full Sized (I believe?) POREfessional Pro Balm
  • They're Real Mascara (deluxe sample size)
I am so excited to try out both of these products! Actually, I have been using a small sample of BeneFit's POREfessional that my Mom made me (she is a huge fan of this product!). So far I have really liked it! I have huge pores. So, I need all the help I can get! Also, I have heard great things about the They're Real Mascara. So, I am super excited to try that too!
You guys might remember what I got when I redeemed my last 500 Points Perk? If not, then check that out that post here: Sephora Beauty Insider 500 Points Perk Gift. Hint: It was another gift pack from BeneFit!

Did any of ya'll redeem your points for this "Next Big Fling" BeneFit perk gift? Or have you tried these products? I would love to hear if you like them! What types of products do you usually hold out for when saving up your Beauty Insider points?
I purchased items at 
Sephora which allowed me
to get this free gift.


Bailey said...

Wow! that's an awesome perk! I redeemed the bulk of mine a few months go for a Too Faced palette, but I hold on to them and try to get the best perk possible too!

Unknown said...

@Bailey-I totally know that Too Faced palette you are talking about! I was "this close" to getting that one but ended up holding out and saving my points a bit longer. It seems as if I always end up caving for the BeneFit packages for perks. Next time I hope to hold out for a nice Dior one! :) It is so worth it to hold onto the points until you find something really great! :)

BeautyScraps said...

I just got the Buxom 250 point perk. Well, I ordered it anyway :) Can't wait for it to get there! I love those glosses and there is a lip pencil, too.

Unknown said...

@Beauty Scraps-Ooooh! That sounds like a great one too. I have never tried Buxom glosses (and have always wanted to!). Great perk!!!

beautybabbling said...

I redeemed a 500 point perk for a Philosophy set that had a full size lip shine and a few other nice-sized samples. I'm still accumulating for my next 500 point perk (I'll get there during the F&F sale), but I'm like you. I hold onto my points until there is something I really want...sadly, I can't just pop into Sephora regularly to see what they are. The closest one is over an hour away. I wish the website showed you what the perks were before going to checkout.

Unknown said...

@beautybabbling-I thought there was somewhere to see online? Under your account? Maybe that was with a previous version of the website. I wish there was some easy way to know what the perk gift was in the stores as well. Your Philosophy gift sounds so nice!!! Love that brand!

Anonymous said...

I just picked up the 250 point Buxom perk, the 500 point Smashbox sampler (not full-size, but big enough, and products I've wanted to try), *and* the 100 point perk NARS Velvet Gloss pencil, which I'm *loving*! Obviously, I've been holding my points for some time, LOL, to get all of these at once, and still have a couple hundred left over...

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