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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall 2012 NEW "The PoP Portfolio" by PoP Beauty: 36 Shades!

Here is another new Fall 2012 release for ya'll! PoP Beauty's PoP Portfolio palette! Don't be fooled by the cheap looking packaging, the shadows inside are really fantastic! I have quickly fallen in love with this palette! Yes, there are many drugstore palettes out there that look very similar to this one (elf, Claire's, Profusion, etc); but, the quality of this PoP palette is far superior to the ones found at the drugstore!

If you like metallic shades, you should check out this palette! All of these shadows have major pigment and a metallic/frosty shine. Honestly, this is the nicest assortment of metallics that I have in one single palette (and that is saying a lot if you have seen my palette collection!). My inner "Palette Princess" is thrilled with this palette! :)
To find out more details and see more swatches and EOTD, keep reading!

The PoP Portfolio by PoP Beauty: Fall 2012!
This palette includes 36 vivid shades of metallic eye shadow. The assortment includes not only a range of neutral shadows, but also beautiful colors as well! You can create quite a variety of looks with this palette: from light daytime neutrals and soft colors to bold nighttime smokey looks! You get great basics with this palette as well as some truly unique metallic shades! I really like the colors are included in this palette. Great selection!

Pigmentation, Texture, and Finish:
I really must impress on you how impressed I am with the pigmentation! You can see in the swatches how rich the pigment is. Oftentimes in palettes like these, you get rich pigment in the dark shades only. Not in this case! The light shadows are just as richly pigmented as the dark shades.

The shadows have a very soft and somewhat buttery feel. I find them to be ever-so-slightly powdery (but really not bad!). I find these shadows to blend easily and be very easy to work with.

The metallic finish is just gorgeous. If you are not into metallic finish, you are going to want to pass on this palette as there are no matte nor satin shades. Typically I do not create an eye look with only one finish. I like to include a variety of finishes for dimension. So, when creating looks with this palette, you might need to reach for some other staples in your collection (like good old Mac Vanilla<--I can't live without this shade for the brow bone!) to complete your look.
The Packaging:
As I have mentioned, the packaging does look a bit cheap. It is just a thin plastic with a clear lid. While I can appreciate that you can see all the lovely colors through the clear lid, I do wish it was a bit more sturdy. No, mine has not broken. I just wish that it was a bit more durable for travel. 

Here is an everyday eye look that I created using some of the light neutral shades in the PoP Portfolio palette combined with Pixi's Lash Line Ink Liquid Liner.
 It is so easy to create a fool proof winged line with this liner!
The tip on Pixi's Lash Line Ink is super fine and easy to control.

The Skinny:
I am really happy with this palette. I am having so much fun experimenting with some new and colorful metallic shadows!


Olivia Frescura said...

Love this product! It's super black and so easy to apply- and I am really bad at doing winged liner usually, too!

Unknown said...

@Olivia-Glad you like it too!

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