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Monday, May 28, 2012

Pure Ice Vinyl Remix Nail Polish: A diffrent kind of "Crackle" (NOTD)

Special effects polishes are all the rage these days! It seems as if there is always something new and fun to try out! Here is the latest: Pure Ice's Vinyl Remix polish duos.
The polishes come in sets of two with a Platinum Magic Base Coat and a Vinyl Remix coat. There is also a cute little record design nail file. I tested out the shade: Art in Motion.

Looking at the bottles, it is hard to imagine what type of polish effect will be created as the colors appear to just be white and black; but, they are not!
The Effect:
When you apply the Vinyl Remix coat over the Platinum Base Coat, a cool effect happens. The black crackles in the direction of your brush strokes and the underneath white layer gets tinted a very light pinkish red. The effect is generally the same as a crackle/shatter polish when you apply in the "normal" manner. If you apply lightly and with short brush strokes, you can create more of a pattern. Feeling super creative? You can alternate shades of Vinyl Remix and the underneath shade/tint will be different.
How to:
Its so easy ya'll!
1. Apply Platinum Base Coat
2. Use Vinyl Remix polish and apply using light and simple brush strokes.
3. Design and Color will appear quickly.
4. Top it off with a clear top coat of your choice.

This is such a fun manicure. The best part? It is super quick and easy to do! You can find these Pure Ice Vinyl Remix duos at Walmart and selected Walgreens.

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