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Friday, May 11, 2012

"The Foundation Fairy" The Fair Girl's Foundation Guide

New Blog Series coming soon! 

My fellow "Fairies", this ongoing The Foundation Fairy: The Fair Girl's Foundation Guide blog series is for you! I am going to be chronicling my search for great foundations for Fair Girls like me. 

Typically, I wear the lightest foundation in any given brand. Often even the very lightest shade is too dark for me. I find it especially hard to find shades in drugstore ranges. For reference: My skin is on the cool side of neutral with pink undertones. Actually, I am so fair that I almost look "purple" (does this even make sense?). 

My go to powder foundation is MAC's Studio Fix which I wear in NC 15. Yes, I know that NC is for warm undertones, but somehow the NC15 seems to cancel out the redness in my skin. When I go with a liquid MAC foundation, I wear a NW. 

I fully admit, foundations have never been my "thing" when it comes to makeup. I generally go for a very natural look and like my foundations to just look like "good skin". But, I want to learn! I want to find those great foundations that just make my skin look flawless and effortless. Also, I want to hear what my fellow Fairies are wearing! What brands have those super-duper light shades?

So, keep checking back! I am going to be testing out a lot of new (to me) foundations for this The Foundation Fairy: The Fair Girl's Foundation Guide Series. I am looking for all sorts of foundations: liquid, powder, stick, and even BB Creams.


beautybabbling said...

I can't wear drugstore foundations. I can't find a good match there. Everything is too dark and pink for me. The best matches I've found are Nars Sheer Matte in Siberia and Meow's foundation in Inquisitive Siamese.

Even though our tones are different (I'm neutral), I'm looking forward to reading this series!

Unknown said...

@beautybabbler-Thanks for your recommendations!!! I have never heard of Meow? Must check that out! I am actually plannning to review NARS in Siberia as it is a great match for me too!!! True about drugstore foundations, I usually have to color adjust them with powder to get the color right (and then that isnt even worth it!). Thanks for following this series!

Unknown said...

Cant wait! I hate when I get the lightest shade of foundation and then BAM! my face is darker then my neck and chest..

jennyed2 said...

I use the NARS lightest foundation as well, but with my dry skin sometimes i need a creamer, more hydrating foundation. Laura Merier has a nice light- fair foundation & tinted moisturizer. Oh and just found this one, Yaby Cosmetics- i havent tried it yet but by their color chart on the website it looks SUPER fair!

Unknown said...

@GiN-I hate that too! Sometimes I might "think" the match is okay at home...then glance at myself in review mirror to see an orange tinted face and a white neck! LOL, the sunlight test is the trick!

@jennyed2-Yes, I need to look into LM foundations again. Years ago, I wore the TM and liked it. Never have heard of Yaby! Must investigate...thanks!!!

Isis04 said...

Great name, Pammy---I love the Foundation Fairy! I, too suffer from having skin so fair that even the lightest drugstore foundation is too light or looks too yellow on me. Looking forward to your series so much. Thanks!

Unknown said...

@Isis04-Thanks girl! :) LOL, I know the name is a bit cheesy...but, I can't help it! :) Stay tuned!

Unknown said...

@Isis04-Thanks girl! :) LOL, I know the name is a bit cheesy...but, I can't help it! :) Stay tuned!

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