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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Shielo Hair Care

Hello Lovelies!

I love having blonde hair. But, lets face it...keeping blond/highlighted hair looking good takes work (and good products)! I need shampoos, conditioners, and treatment products that soften, prevent damage, reduce frizz, add protein and/or moisture, and keep hair looking shiny. Whew! That's a tall order. It almost seems that most shampoos/conditioners/treatment products that I test out don't work for me (and never "make it" to be reviewed, ya'll know that I mostly like to write reviews about products that worked for me). So, I am always pleased-as-punch to find products that work!

My most recent discovery is Shielo Hair Care. Not only am I happy with the quality of the products, but I am also pleased to discover that the line is cruelty-free, sustainable, and made in the USA.

The brand has 5 lines depending on your hair type: Volume, Color Protect, Hydrate, Antioxidant, and Anti-Aging. Given my hair condition (dry and highlighted), I tested out the Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner and the Antioxidant Leave-In Antioxidant Protectant. But, the Color Protect line could have also worked for my hair.

Hydrate Moisturizing Shampoo:
This Sulfate-free ultra rich shampoo moisturizes and fortifies your hair with shea butter and organic extracts of white tea. This formula is for thick, dry, or coarse hair in need of some mega hydration. It is great for color treated or abused hair.

Wow!!! This shampoo is probably the richest and thickest that I have ever tried. It is very concentrated. You only need a small amount of this thick product to produce a lovely rich lather.

The best part? The scent!!! This product smells amazing. Its like a creamy tropical fruit (can't quite place the scent). The scent lingers in your hair and I just end up smelling yummy!

Price: $22.49 for a 8 fl oz bottle.

Hydrate Vibrancy Conditioner:
The Hydrate Conditioner has the same yummy scent of the shampoo. It contains "hydrating peptides", plant proteins, and organic extracts. It is ideal for chemically damaged and dry hair. It is richly concentrated. But, I still slather on a ton...just because that is what I tend to do with conditioner (I always run out of conditioner before shampoo. My hair just drinks it up!).

Price: $22.49 for a 8 fl oz bottle.

Antioxidant Leave-In Protectant: 
I am a huge fan of leave-ins. This is a nice lightweight non-greasy leave-in that lightly conditions and doesn't weigh your hair down. You can really be generous in your application because of the non-greasy feel. I mist heavily onto my wet hair and comb through. I still apply a different/thicker leave-in to my ends (like Sebastian Potion #9). But, this Antioxidant spray is good for a protective boost all over.

It contains antioxidants, proteins, and amino acids to protect your hair from styling abuse and heat damage. You can also use this throughout the day and on non-hair-wash days to refresh your style.

Combined Effect of Products:
I tested all of these products at the same time. So, my results are from the cumulative effects of using all products together. My hair is bouncy and soft and not weighed down. I love it when rich products hydrate without the added "weight". The shampoo cleanses gently and doesn't leave hair feeling "stripped". The lovely scent lingers nicely in my hair. My only critique was that I needed to apply additional products to my hair to eliminate some mild frizz.

These products all smell amazing! Totally worth a try if you are looking for something yummy smelling for your dry hair.

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