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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Do Cult Nails and “Field of Dreams” have in common?

Hi there readers! I have a guest post today from Marcia. I hope you enjoy reading! :) 

Marcia is one of the two bloggers from Beauty Info Zone. Her passion is color - eyes, nails, lips, blush. She is basically a frustrated artist. In addition to Beauty Info Zone, she's a skincare contributor on Temptalia's blog so you can find her in many places on the Internet. Please visit Beauty Info Zone to learn more about Marcia and see what other colors thrill her.

What Do Cult Nails and “Field of Dreams” have in common?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your dream was always to design something and as an adult that dream came true? That happened to Maria, the creator of Cult Nails. She had always loved nail polish, even as a child. She became a nail blogger in 2010 which helped cultivate her dream but she still had ideas of certain shades and types of polish and she couldn’t find them. She followed her desires and started her own nail polish company, Cult Nails.

Cult Nails is everything we look for in polish plus even more:
·         Reasonably priced ($10 each)
·         Fabulous easy to use formula
·         B3 Free (no toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate)
·         Camphor Free
·         A totally green company that doesn’t test on animals and uses recycled and recyclable products for shipping
·         Vegan formula
·         Gorgeous, unique colors

I first found Cult Nails on several nail blogger sites. One look at the shade she named “Unicorn Puke” sold me. Luckily for me (and you) Maria has recreated Unicorn Puke (which sold out quickly) with a new name “Clairvoyant”. Personally I think it’s Maria who has the clairvoyance for creating this flaky polish that is absolutely beautiful on. The flakes in it are small so they lie down flat. You can see so many colors in this polish – pink, red, teal, purple to name just a few.Every time you turn your nails you see beautiful colors reflecting back.

I bought a set (Super Powers, $40) ( that had Clairvoyant as one of the polishes and have chosen to show it to you over two other Cult Nail polishes, Time Traveler and Mind Control.

Time Traveler is a bright but dark blue that covers fully in one coat. Mind Control is a sheerer shade that looks best with two coats; it’s an almost charcoal polish with lovely purple shimmer in it giving it the effect of a purple polish. Clairvoyant has a bright blue base with all those gorgeous flakes in it. I love it over either of these other two Cult Nails polishes and can’t wait to try it over black.

I’m thrilled to have found Cult Nails and can’t wait to see where else Maria’s dream takes her and us. She built that baseball field and here we come!

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check out Marcia's blog! :) 
Marcia purchased the products
mentioned in this review. 


Ammie said...

Great review!

cosmopolitancowgirl said...

Thank you for the review and photos. I just discovered cult nails. (so sad that I missed Unicorn Puke lol) Their website doesn't really explain the colors. Do you happen to know if they have a jet black, shiny with no glitter, flakies,etc.? If so, pleae tell the color name. Thanks.

Unknown said...

@cosmopolitancowgirl-I am not sure? Let me check and see if I can find out. And yes...Unicorn Puke (lol) looked amazing!

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