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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quick Rave: Hard Candy's World Balmination Lip Balm in "Good Girl"

Hey there dolls!

I have a Quick Rave post for you today! Quick Rave posts are "down n dirty" posts on some of my current favorite products.

This Hard Candy balm in Good Girl is part of Hard Candy's Fall 2011 lineup. I have nothing but good things to say about this fantastic lip product! Just go ahead and throw away your notions of a "tinted" lip balm...this product goes far beyond your typical lip balms! Lip "Balmination" is when glossy color meets a moisturizing lip balm!

If you want to hear more about this fab lippie, please keep reading!

So, what are World Balmination Products? A balm? A lip color? Both?
First of all, to call this a "lip balm" is really an injustice! The texture is actually not "balm-like" at all! This is like an ultra moisturizing very sheer lipstick. However, since it is so sheer, you can keep applying it without the color looking cakey or it building up too much. It is like a lip moisturizer/lip color/and lip gloss hybrid! A true all-in-one product!

My thoughts on World Balmination in "Good Girl":
  • I feel like this "lip balm" is the perfect all-in-one lip product: moisture, color, and shine. You get all 3 and it does all three extremely well.  
  • It is extremely moisturizing. My lips are super dry. But, frequent application of this throughout the day has kept my lips in tip-top condition. I feel no need to use any other additional products for moisture when I use this.  
  • It provides a lovely sheer color. The color it provides is way more than you normally get with "typical" lip balms. The Good Girl shade is just the perfect sheer peachy pink on me (and I have very pigmented lips). It is a very everyday wearable shade for my very fair complexion. Simple and pretty! Nice glossy finish!  
  • The scent: Yummy lemon/vanilla. You are going to *want* to keep applying this as it is just such a subtle and pleasant aroma.  
  • The packaging: The packaging is pretty basic: A standard sized clear lipstick tube. I like that it is clear so that you can see the actual shade through the package. The lipstick tube has already gotten a bit scratched up as I take this with me everywhere every day. But, the product inside is well protected.
I adore this Hard Candy "balm" in Good Girl! I find that I am reaching for this way more than my higher end lip colors. In addition, since this is so moisturizing, I don't even need to apply a lip moisturizer! I like any product that makes my morning routine quicker. This provides all you need for your lips in one easy step! Plus, less to carry in your purse! Love, love, love it!

If you haven't already, I highly recommend that you go and scope out Hard Candy's Lineup at your Local Walmart. These World Balmination Lip Balms are a a steal for about $3.00 a piece! There are 8 shades and I can't wait to try more!

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