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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Surface Hair: Bassu Shine Spray

Hey there dolls!

Are you seeking shiny hair? I know that I sure am!!! My hair is very long and is somewhat dry/damaged highlights. I heavily rely on moisture and shine products to keep my hair looking shiny and smooth. Also, the use of good products can help prevent further damage. I like products that give moisture and shine without leaving you feeling greasy. Who wants to apply a product just to feel like you need to wash your hair, right?

This review is for the Bassu Shine Spray from Surface Hair. For my full review, please keep reading!

Surface Products:
Surface feels that superior hair can can be achieved through natural ingredients. Surface hair is earth-friendly! The products are with ingredients that are organic, sulfate-free, gluten-free, contain 100 % vegan protein, and are paraben-free. Surface products are formulated with sustainable harvested ingredients. This professional/salon brand that can be found in the US or Canada in fine salons.

Surface Hair: Bassu Shine Spray:
This shine spray is a brand new product from Surface's Bassu Line. It retails for about $28.00. The Bassu Line is designed to control, moisturize, and soften hair. This antioxidant-rich shine spray detangles beautifully and gives great shine. Oh, and the scent is so yummy! It reminds me a bit of cherries. While I am generally not a fan of scents in skincare, I am the opposite when it comes to hair cair. I love hair care products to smell great, and this one sure does!

Wet or Dry? Both!

Surface Shine Spray can be used on wet or dry hair! When used wet, it detangles and protects. My hair is much easier to comb through when I spray this on. I use about 4-6 squirts of this product on wet hair and then comb through.

This product can be used on dry hair in 2 different ways: as a finishing spray for a shine boost or as a thermal protectant.

As a finishing spray, I just like to mist 2-3 squirts to my hair length. I make sure to hold the bottle pretty far from my head so that the mist can be really light and cover a large area. The cool thing? This product gives shine without making hair feel greasy and without weighing the hair down. I think the trick is to just apply a small amount and if you need more, then add more.

As a thermal protectant: Add a light mist (I like just 2-3 squirts) of this spray before heat styling to protect your hair and boost shine. I have used this product before flat-ironing my hair with great results. My hair feels very smooth and soft and looks shiny when I apply Surface Shine Spray before flat ironing.
I like using this product best as a finishing spray. I feel like I am giving my hair an extra shine and softness boost by squirting this on right before I step out the door.

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Sharon said...

great review,sounds great thanx for sharing Pammy

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@Sher-Thanks!!! anytime :)

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