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Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's in my Makeup Bag? Beauty Spotlight Team Mystery Makeup Bag Post

Hey Dolls!

When I initially sat down to write this Beauty Spotlight Team post, I my bag cute enough? Should I add some fun new items to my bag so that my post is extra special? Well, I quickly talked myself out of that line of thought. So, I am opting to write this post as the true every day items that are currently "living" in the cosmetics bag in my purse.

My Makeup Bag:
Some of these items are used all the time and some of them are just items that I can't imagine being without (even if they are not used often)! It took me a long time to find a bag that was "just right" for my purse. I wanted something with compartments that was not "too big". But, when I finally found it...I realized it was perfect! So, is your curiosity piqued yet?

Please keep reading if you want to see and hear more about "What's in my Makeup Bag"...

My Makeup Bag:

The Bag Itself:
Smashbox Makeup Bag from the Smashbox All Day Beauty Kit:
I *heart* my makeup bag! Yes, it is basic. No, it is not frilly and girly (side note: I am the quintessential girly-girl, so this bag is very under-stated for me!). But, I still love it! It fits my needs exactly.

Here are the many things that I love about this bag:
  • It is lightweight! Who wants to add extra bulk to an already heavy handbag? Not me! This bag is super light weight.
  • The black mesh of the bag is see-through. I love a see-threw bag. You can just whip out this bag and quickly find what you are digging for for reapplication in a hurry.
  • Perfect size: This bag is just long enough for any makeup brush that I might want to toss in (I tend to favor brushes with shorter handles anyway!). It is also tall enough to include a quite a variety of makeup items. This bag is also thin enough to slip into my purse without taking up to much room.
  • The bag has compartments! Oh, how I love to organize. Having two zippered compartments keeps the contents nicely organized. The 2 compartments are labeled "am" and "pm" (that was the theme of the kit it came with). But, you clearly don't have to use it that way for your organization. My organization is loosely "tools and basics" on one side and "color cosmetics" on the other.

What's Inside my Makeup Bag?
So, here is the part ya'll have been waiting for! What is actually *in* my bag? Here is the run-down:

Mmm...lipblams, can't live without them and I usually have an assortment in my makeup bag.
  • Yes to Carrots Citrus Lip Butter: This Lipbalm is nice and effective! A great basic lipbalm. Plus, it is organic and all-natural. Love that! 
  • Lip Devine Lip Shimmer in Rose: This is a lightly tinted shimmery lipbalm. This is great for just giving my lips some "oomph" during the day. I use this when I want a boost of moisture plus shimmer. Plus, it smells yummy!  
  • Your Best Face (YBF) Quench Lip Treatment: I need to do a full review on this awesome lip treatment!!! I have these all over the place: in my purse, at my desk, on my nightstand, etc. This lip product goes way beyond a traditional balm. It moisturizes and infuses lips with antioxidants. It has a minty smell and feels fabulous going on your lips! Love it!
Beauty Tools/Basics and Skincare:
  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets: If you have never tried these, then you must run (not walk) down to your local drugstore to pick up a package of these bad-boys! These blotting papers are a must for any girls purse! Instead of blotting your "break through oil" during the day with powder, use these blotting sheets! They absorb excess oil without disrupting your makeup. Just press one sheet on any oily spots on your face. You will "see" how much oil you soak up on the paper (which is actually more like a little piece of absorbent plastic). Seriously, everyone needs these! My skin is normal-to-dry in nature, but I still need to use these. I can imagine that you oily skinned gals can't live without blotting papers!  
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel: This is an item that I hardly ever use for touch ups, but I just couldn't imagine being without a moisturizer! This is one of those little sample sized GWPs that are perfect for tossing in your bag.  
  • Ecotools Retractable Kabuki Brush: Ecotools makes such great brushes. This retractable kabuki is just ideal for a purse! The aluminium case is super lightweight and the hairs retract without bending. The brush itself is soft and fluffy: perfect for applying or touching up face powder on the go! This item never leaves my purse, ever!  
  • Ulta Retractable Blush Brush: This lightweight and retractable brush is great to have on hand for blush and bronzer touch ups. I have had this retractable brush forever and it is still going strong!  
  • Spoolie Brush: This was one of those great "Birchbox Extras" came in one of my Birchboxes. I use this for taming my unruly brows. It is nice to always have one of these on hand!  
  • Nail File: My dry nails are prone to cracking and peeling. I always need a file on hand. This one from Bath and Body Works is super cute too! :)
For cosmetics, I try to pack great basics that can freshen my look. Honestly, I prefer not to pack my expensive cosmetics in my purse (with the exception of lip products). So, many of these are drugstore products or items that I don't mind melting or breaking. But, as I type this I realize "I can't remember the last time something melted or broke in my purse". Most of these items live in my purse (and never make it to my makeup vanity at home). But, the lip products: lip liners, lipstick, and lipglosses rotate on a weekly basis.
  • Pressed Powder: I do rotate pressed powders on a regular basis. Right now, with the strong GA Sunshine, I like to carry a powder with added SPF: Physician's Formula SPF 50 Powder  Foundation in Translucent Light (I need to review this!). Honestly, I very infrequently touch up my powder. Most days I don't touch up my powder at all. But, I love to have a pressed powder on hand for when I do. But, I do use the mirror in this compact frequently!   
  • Blush/Bronzer: This blush/brozer duo from e.l.f. is the ideal size for a purse makeup bag! This was from their $1.00 "Back to School" item selection from Target last year. This pinky-peach blush and basic bronzer go with any makeup look I might create. So, they are ideal as a purse touch-up product. The only downside, the cheap $1.00 packaging has scratched terribly and the e.l.f. logo on the outside has worn off. But, the product inside? Still in great condition! When this runs out, I will replace with the e.l.f. Studio Line blush/bronzer duo in the black package with the nice mirror.  
  • Lipsticks: Right now I am packin two of my current fav lippies! Revlon's Carnation (the perfect pink!) and Cover Girl's Sweetheart (love the formula!). As much as I love my high-end cosmetics, nothing beats a good Revlon Lipstick!!!  
  • Lipgloss: I rotate these pretty frequently as well (depending on what I am wearing on my lips that day). But, sometimes they end up living in my purse cosmetic bag for a very long time! Smashbox Scoop: I think this has been in my purse for over a month! I adore this gloss. It is sheer, moisturizing, and shimmery. Just perfect for adding moisture and shine throughout the day. This is probably my most-used product in this entire makeup bag!!! Bourjois Rose Artic: This iridescent pale pink is just so lovely! I love wearing this totally on its own (no lipstick needed). Great formula!  
  • Aveda Dual ended Eye Pencil: OMG, I have had this thing forever! It is a dual ended matte white and shimmery white pencil. I am a huge fan of white eyeliner (I use it to brighten the inner corners of my eyes and help me to look more "awake").  
  • NARS Copacabana Illuminator: This is a small sample that I got from the NARS counter. It is just nice to have a highlighter on hand.  
So, that is it! A peek inside my makeup bag! I sure can stuff a lot into that small bag! Please let me know if any of you are interested in detailed reviews about any of the products or items mentioned. I would be happy to do that!

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to check out more Beauty Spotlight Team links and Makeup Bag Posts!!! It is a pleasure being associated with all of these lovely bloggers on the Beauty Spotlight Team!

Stay beautiful!
Some items I purchased on my own 
and others I got samples of. 


MarciaF said...

You have a lot more in there than I realized. I love YBF Quench. I need to buy a new one!

Unknown said...

@Marcia-Yes, it is suprising how much I can fit in this bag! :) The YBF Quench rocks! :)

Unknown said...

You have pack a lot in there, I'm impressed :) The Yes to Carrots Lip Butter looks cute, I keep meaning to try something from that brand so maybe that will be my first item :)

Makeup and Mutts said...

That nail file is so cute! Fab post :)

The Rainbow Zebra said...

Thanks for the compact brush tips! I will check them out! I have 2 eyeliner/shadow brushes but NEED some more that will fit in my makeup bag (which takes up a great big space in my Ameribag lol)

What a fun post!

Prime Beauty said...

Great edited choices! I never thought about having a see-through bag but that is an awesome idea!!

Unknown said...

@Replica-Yes to Carrots body butter is great too! :) I want to try more from that brand as well.

@Vintage Makeup-Thanks! :)

@Manicured Slayer-Retractable brushes are great for the makeup bag for sure! It keeps the hairs on the brush clean and nice. Sigma has a cute retractable kabuki that I toss in my pure occasionally too.

@Prime Beauty-Thanks Cindy! :)


Soos said...

Great to see what things are necessities for others!

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