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Friday, September 9, 2011

Total Beauty: 18 Best Face Cleansers

Running low on face wash? See if one of these best cleansers can help you out

18 Best Face Cleansers
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Washing your face is one of those things that really can't be negotiated. And for something that you do every morning and night, it's crucial that you have the cleanser that's right for you. See our readers' faves now and find your own perfect match. average member rating: 8.7

"This is the only cleanser I have found that does a wonderful job of keeping my pores clean, but does not strip my face and leave it crepe-y or scaly looking." average member rating: 8.8

"My face used to feel tight after washing, but since [I started using this], my skin is always soft and moist." average member rating: 8.9

"This cleanser leaves your face refreshed and revitalized without removing your natural moisture."

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