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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maybelline Fit Me: Foundation Review

Hello my lovely readers!

Yes, more foundation testing for me! I must admit this whole new Maybelline Fit Me Foundation really drew me in with its sleek packaging! Way to go for Maybelline for modernizing their package design!

The idea with the Maybelline "Fit Me" line is that you select a shade number and then you can pick foundation, powder, and blush which coordinates to your specific shade number. Good concept! With about 18 shades in the range, you have a pretty good chance of getting a near-close match (even for those with lighter and darker skin tones). Let me tell you, as someone with very fair skin, it is rare that an inexpensive drugstore foundation comes in a shade light enough for me.

For my review, photos, and swatches, please keep on reading! :)

I originally purchased the 115 shade, as that is what I initially thought was the lightest (it was the lowest number on the display). But, it it wore much too dark and had a bit of an orange cast on my neutral-cool skintone (for color references, see my "About Me" section). Well, then low-and-behold, I discover that there is actually a 110 shade! So, I picked that shade up to see if it worked better. The 110 works *much* better with my coloring and "fit me" better! Actually, it is one of the lightest drugstore foundations that I have seen. So, you fellow super fair girls, this may be a good match for you as well!

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the 110 as a shade match for my skin! It is probably the closest that I have come to an exact match in a drugstore foundation formula.

NARS Sheer Glow dupe?

Side-by-side, the shade looks like a near dupe to my newly purchased NARS Sheer Glow in Siberia (review coming soon!). I plan to do a wear test of these two (in a future post) to see how close of a dupe the Maybelline is for the Sheer Glow. My initial thought is that the shade is a close dupe, but that the NARS wears more dewy than the Maybelline. I will have to test them side-by-side. But, for a drugstore line to have a shade light enough for pale-little-me? Impressed!!!

The Skinny:
  • Lightweight feel and natural looking coverage. This product has a natural stain-like finish which really looks and feels very close to a natural skin texture! It is not matte, but is not hydrating either. 
  • I would say this is best suited for those with normal skintypes, but likely all skintypes could wear this. As with most products, I do wish it was slightly more hydrating for my dry skin. 
  • It does not accentuate my pores. This foundation looks very smooth on the skin (even without a primer). 
  • My skin is very dry. So, I do wish this formula was more hydrating. My guess is that this would be a fantastic foundation for those with true "normal" skin. If you skin is dry, be sure to moisturize first as this foundation can accentuate any dry or flaky areas. 
  • Coverage: This foundation has great coverage yet feels amazingly lightweight! It is not sheer, but I felt that you could still "see" my skin. My face looked very natural with this on. 
  • Wear: I had no trouble with this foundation lasting all day on my dry skin. It did not oxidize or change colors throughout the day. 
  • It has SPF 18! I always love it when foundations include sunscreen. While I don't rely on this for my sun protection (I wear sunscreen daily). It is always nice to have that "extra layer"! 
So, does it "Fit Me" (lol), well, I do get a pretty close match with the 110. The formula of this foundation is good, so if you can find a good match, then go for it!



jennyed2 said...

Hi there, i just brought the Maybelline Fit liquid foundation last week and i have some pros - cons with it too. The FIT acually had a shade light enough of my fair skin, i think is was the porcelain so i was very happy about that! Drug stores normally dont have a color light enough for me either. The major bad thing with FIT for me was, I thought it was too matting, i need more moisture for my dry skin. So now its sitting in my disappointed section in my makeup box

Unknown said...

@jennyed2-Hi there!!! Yes, I would agree...a bit more moisture would be nice (especially during colder weather). Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

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