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Monday, April 4, 2011

Total Beauty: 7 Tips to Help You Organize your Makeup

Ignoring it won't make the mess go away. It's time to clean up your makeup stash -- here's how

7 Tips to Help You Organize Your Makeup Like a Pro
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It's time for a total overhaul and to find out the best and smartest ways to keep your stash in check, we went to the experts who offer up tips that'll help you keep your makeup organized and up-to-date.


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Sharon said...

great post Pammy!

Unknown said...

Thanks Sher! :)

Danielle said...

This is a great post with great ideas, BUT i have sooooo much stuff there is no way to organize it! I just can't throw anything out! Ugh!

Unknown said...

@Danielle-I hear ya girl! It is so hard to sort through and organize! It is a "constant mission" with me! :)

Unknown said...

These are really great tips! When you organize your makeup it really allows you to see what you have...because it's easy to forget! Thanks for sharing :)

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