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Friday, April 22, 2011

Sigma Travel Brush Kit: Nice in Pink (review)

Hello beauties!

Is anyone else planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer? I sure am! With that in mind, I wanted to start investing in a nice set of professional quality travel makeup brushes. I have been eyeing this set by Sigma for quite sometime as I know the quality to be good and because...yes, its PINK!!! :) I want a travel set that literally has everything I need in one small case. I want to be able to "grab and go" when packing. I am admittedly the worlds worst packer, so anything to help streamline the process will help me get out the door faster. I want a kit that has everything I need so I don't have to deliberate about what brushes to take with me.

For me, travel brushes are not just about travel. If they are good quality, travel brushes might become daily use brushes because I actually prefer a shorter handle on a makeup brush. I like getting really close to the mirror when applying eye makeup and sometimes I just feel like I have more control with a shorter handle.

This review is for the Sigma Travel Brush Kit in Nice and Pink.  For tons of photos and a review of each brush in the kit, please keep reading after the jump!
Have any of you ordered from Sigma before? If not check out the picture above. The items come beautifully wrapped in mesh bags! You get a free gift with each order as well. You can see the Nice in Pink Travel Brush set wrapped in the larger bag and a *matching* pink travel foundation brush came wrapped separately as my "free gift". Perfect! 

This is the informational brochure that came with the set that tells a little bit about each brush and its potential use. These are all travel sized brushes. The handles appear to be about 2 inches (a guess) shorter than the full sized Sigma brushes. In comparision to other travel brushes that I own (by other brands), the Sigma brush handles are longer in this travel set. So, these aren't "tiny" brushes, but they are shorter in length than full sized brushes. The brush hairs appear to be full sized. 

How cute is this set??? The brush case itself is a super soft faux-leather trifold design that shuts with a magnet closure. It is the prettiest shade of a soft pearly pink. Each brush has a pouch and there is a zipper compartment for additional brushes (you can slip the GWP foundation brush in the zipper pouch). It folds up quite small and really is a great size for travel. It is lightweight and could easily slip into your purse or carry-on (I *never* check my makeup! That is always a carry-on for me!). 

All of these brushes are of extremely high quality and are well made. The brush bristles across the board are soft and dense and tightly secured in the ferule. The brushes are of a good "weight" (not flimsy) and are very sleek looking. There is no question that these are high quality and of professional caliber.

The F30 Large Powder
Lets start with the powder brush! This natural bristle brush is nice and fluffy and dense. It really amazed me how fluffy and big this was considering it was a "travel" brush! Now, I am used to applying powder with a HUGE powder brush or a kabuki. But, this size works great too! It distrubutes powder well and is incredibly soft. There was no shedding after washing. 

This brush is ideal for applying pressed or loose powder on your face. This will be the only powder brush that I need when I travel. 

F40: Large Angled Contour:
OMG, I totally love this natural blush brush!!! I have honestly never used a fluffy angled blush brush before. The shape is absolutely ideal for blush application. It concentrates the color right where you need it and then the angled shape blends it out very softly. 

As you can see in the photos, the brush head is very fluffy. The white color is good as you can see exactly how much blush powder you have in your blush (blush is something you want to build gradually as it is hard to tone down if you over-do). 

I really love the softness of this brush as well as its angled shape. This has become my *every day blush brush*!!! I always use this now if I am applying a powder blush (I use a stippling or my fingers for cream). It is so incredibly soft! I have experienced no shedding from this brush when I was it. Love it!!!

F50 Duo Fibre:
This brush is made with a combo of natural and synthetic bristles. It was designed to give your makeup an "airbrushed" look. 

I am realitively new to the use of a duo fibre brush. So, I am still experimenting with the best way to use this brush. It gives a very soft-focus finish if you use it to apply a liquid foundation. You can also use it misted with water (i spray on some evian spray) or a makeup fixative to stipple powder foundation after it has been applied. I love this method as it makes powder just sink into your skin and look very natural. You could also use this to apply a densly pigmented blush (to give a softer look). A great multi-use brush to have in your kit! 

The Eye Brushes

The F70: Concealer:
This is a rounded yet tapered and flat synthetic concealer brush. 

As you guys may know, I am super picky about concealers and concealer application. I have super dark circles, so I want my concealer applied *perfectly*. I always prefer short handle travel concealer brushes so that I can get super close to the mirror. 

I like this concealer brush. It has a flat and small shaped head which I think is the ideal concealer brush shape. You can really pack on a lot of concealer with this brush. The size fits perfectly into the under eye area and inner eye corners. My only wish is that it was ever so slightly softer. But, I have been spoiled with the softness of my ecotools travel concealer brush from the EcoTools MINERAL Brush Travel set. But, while I like the softness of the ecotools brush, the Sigma concealer brush has a much better shape. The ecotools is too big and not stiff enough. So, really I guess I do prefer the Sigma one as it gives a better application because of the size and stiffness of the bristles.

This has become one of my everyday concealer brushes. It will for sure be the only concealer brush that I need when traveling!

E40: Tapered Blending:
This is a Super-fluffy natural bristle eye shadow blending brush. As you can see from the photo it is super duper fluffy. I have never used an eye shadow brush quite like this! You can use it to apply and blend color very softly into the crease. You can also use it to blend out colors or soften colors that you have already applied. My fav use: I use it to apply Benefit Powderflage (a highlighting/light reflecting "concealer" powder) underneath my eyes and over concealer. This is truly the ideal tool for applying this product!!! I use this brush every single time I use Powderflage. I love this brush!!!

E30: Pencil Brush:
This is a small pointy natural bristle brush which really has a fine pencil like point. So, just as you would expect with a brush of this name, it allows you to apply powder shadows with the precision of a pencil. I love this for applying shadow to the lower lash line, upper lash line, or outer eye corner. You can do very detailed work with this great brush! I really like this brush.

E55: Eye Shading Brush:
This is your "basic" eye shadow brush. It is very soft and made of natural bristles. Its dense and soft flat head apply eye shadows perfectly. It is just the right size and shape for good lid application. If you could only use one style of eye shadow brush, this should be it! I can really apply just about every type of eye shadow with this all over my eye. You could even do crease work with this if you held it at an angle. Great for lids and highlight too! This has become my everyday go-to eyeshadow brush. I like it *so much more* than the basic e.l.f. eyeshadow brush that I had been using previously. 

The Free Gift: The F60 Foundation Brush:
Now, I typically don't use this style of foundation brush. In the past, I have found these types of brushes apply foundation a bit streaky. Well, not the case with this one! This works great! Granted, I don't think it will make me give up my HG Foundation brush, the Sigma F80 which I totally *heart*; but, this is a great alternative for everyday or for travel! Plus, look below at the cute bag that they wrapped it in! :) Awwh! 

So, if you can't tell already (lol!), I totally adore this kit! I highly recommend the Sigma Travel Brush Kit!!! Now, I do not own the Sigma full-size equivalents to compare, but the brush heads on all of these travel brushes appear to be the same size as a full-sized brush. So, as far as I can tell, the only difference between these travel brushes and the full-sized equivalents is a couple inches in brush handle lenght. So, if you are looking for a professional brush kit, but don't want to pay the high price for a full sized brush kit, this kit might just be for you!!! It is half the price of a full sized brush set. Since I got this kit, I am using many of these brushes as my every-day brushes (especially since I have a preferance for shorter handles). 

If you travel with this cute brush set, you truly will have absolutely everything you need to create your basic face! Also, if you are not a pink fan (the Nice in Pink kit), this brush set also comes in Naughty in Black
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Gaby Fauchon said...

I have this in black and love it as well! I'm not travelling often but it's great to have when I stay at the boyfriend's house and go out with friends at night. I use these brushes daily also! This summer I will probably be heading to the beach so obviously I won't need makeup =P

Unknown said...

Hey Gaby! :) Yes, its such a nice set! So good to have everything you need in one place, especiallyf or a night out or a short weekend trip...and, yes, everyday too! xoxo!!! Happy Earth Day!

SiSi Sparkles said...

What a cute little set! It sort of reminds me of that Hello Kitty Sephora one. Thanks for the review hun :]

Unknown said...

@SiSiSparkles-Thanks girl!!! :) yes, a super cute set

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