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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BeneFit Powderflage: review

Review time! Had to write about this *totally* unique product that I absolutely adore! I have super-dark under eye circles (I blame heredity, allergies, and getting up way too early for work); so, I am always on the quest for products to cover up/correct dark circles or treatment products for the under eye area.

Powderflage is marketed by BeneFit as a concealer "powder". But, honestly folks, this powder on its own is *way* too sheer to cover anything. So, I don't use it for a concealer, but as setting powder for my usual concealer under and around my eyes. For this use...the product is perfect!!!! I hope that BeneFit makes it forever!

The packaging is totally adorable, in a typical beneFit style. It comes in this Camouflage-design cylinder that I now use as a storage container for some of my extra makeup brushes. Inside the container is the powder itself, which is packaged in a cute clear and light pink "ball" (which is a screw top container with a powder sifter inside). Powderflage also comes with a "flager" brush and instruction/tips for use. The "flager" brush is like a mini fan brush. But, really the "flager" brush is useless. I find that a regular fluffy eye brush works *much* better than the "flager" brush for application (I use the shadow brush from my ecotools mineral travel set). The hairs on the "flager" brush are very sparse and do not pick up enough product to be useful.

The powder itself is a sheer and very slightly shimmery fine milled pink silica powder. Because Powderflage is a silica-base powder, it will not settle into fine lines as much as a normal setting (talc based) powder. For this reason and because of its "brightening" properties and sheer pink is ideal for use in the eye area.

Here is how I use Powderflage in my everyday routine:

  • apply eye cream (and let it sink in for about 5 mins)
  • apply under-eye concealer (see my previous post on concealer application)
  • tap out some powderflage from the shaker into the containers lid (or can just shake product a little). swirl a fluffy brush into the powder in lid to pick up product
  • tap brush on lid to remove excess powder (there is a "fine line" between just the right amount of powder, and "too much" will need to experiment here)
  • lightly dust powder under the eye area...take excess on brush and brush over lid and inner eye corner. 
  • That's it!!! You will notice an immediate brightening effect over your concealer...AND, the powder sets your concealer so it will be long lasting. 

Hope you love this product as much as I do! I know that I have not seen anything similar in other brands. I think Bobbi Brown has an under eye setting powder...but, it is yellow based. I prefer peach or pink to counteract my blue/purple dark circles. Neutrogena has also (recently?) come out with a concealer/powder combo; but, I think it is skin-toned (and I love it that powderflage is light pink) So, for now, I am totally sticking to Powderflage for as long as they make it!

Hope you liked this review!

Coming soon:
-more BeneFit reviews
-Fun Halloween Lashes


Anonymous said...

I was interested in this but it's silica powder... I have so many of those (from indie mineral companies) and unfortunately can't use them anymore at all :( Silica is so drying... I think it doesn't work that way in all the skins but I can't use it at all.

By the way, I'm using OpenID to comment so I can't get the follow-up comments by email...

Unknown said...

Interesting...yes, I knew it had silica powder in it, but that dosnt seem to bother me, thank goodness because I love this stuff! I do have normal-dry combo skin and havent noticed this making it any more dry...but, will keep on eye on that. Thanks for the comment!

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