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Saturday, April 9, 2011

MAC "Quite Cute" plus Origins Haul: Fun Saturday Shopping!

Hello Dolls!

Super quick post to show you some good ol "Haul" photos from my Mall Shopping today. I couldn't resist the MAC Quite Cute Collection pictures I was seeing online. I mean, the collection just seems so "Pammy" to me! So, I ventured to the Mall to scope it out and pick up some fun new items. Stay tuned as I will do full reviews with swatches soon on all items mentioned below. :)

Here is what I got at MAC: (soooo excited! What a great collection for PPP cool-toned girls!)
  • Sakura Mineralize Blush (I know, it looks *purple*, but it is totally lovely on my skintone!)
  • Candy Yum-Yum Matte Lipstick (HOT pink, fun!!! I never wear bright lips, so this is an adventure here for me)
  • Saint Germain Amplified Creme Lipstick
  • Prep + Prime Vibrancy Eye Primer (OMG, this looks soooo good!)

From Origins:
  • VitaZing SPF15 Energy Boosting Moisturizer: Okay, curiosity killed the cat on this one. I have had it on my list forever...and now is the time of year to bust out your tinted moisturizers with SPF. But, I am a little unsure of some of the sunscreen ingredients on this one (my skin is finicky about SPF, so I hope the SPF combo in this VitaZing works for my skin!). 
  • Sample: Starting Over Moisturizer 
So, that is pretty much it! I also snagged an Alien sample while at Sephora. It is the newer scent by Thierry Mugler. I am a huge Angel fan, so have to give this a try. Not sure how I feel about wearing a scent called, Alien, lol, but I am a bit of a Sci-Fi geek at heart (Mulder would probably *heart* this fragrance)! The Hub liked the scent, so worth a shot! :) 



Jenni said...

i like sakura's purple and lilac hue coz it's not popular among most blushes out there in the market :)

Unknown said...

@Jennifer-exactly why I wanted to pick it up! But, when you see the swatches (in upcoming post), it wears suprisingly pink (with a purple-ish tone). Unique for sure!!!

Justine (Productrater) said...

Does the origins tinted moisturizer come in one colour? I am wondering cause I am pretty fair (like you) and was apprehensive about whether this would suit my skintone.

Nea said...

I LOVE the vibrancy eye primer too <3 I didn't buy Candy Yum-Yum and now it sold out :/ I WANT IT. LOL

Nea/ Fashioned in Finland

Unknown said...

@Justine- Correct, the Origins VitaZing comes in one shade only. I tested it out on my hand at the mall. It is like a regular moisturize with these little pigment dots in it. When you blend it in the dots release the augment and it becomes slightly tinted. The effect is so subtle that I think it would go with any skin tone. I plan on testing it on my face today. From what I could tell from my hand test, it should work (and it has very little to no tint, it is more a hint of color...full review coming soon!). :)

@Nea-Glad to hear that you like the Vibrancy eye primer! My eyes need all the help they can get right now (pollen season where I live). The Candy Yum Yum looks amazing on. Super bright, but I heart it!!!

Phyrra said...

I picked up Candy Yum Yum & In Synch, and then placed an order to grab Naked Liner, Miss Behave and Play Time.

I'm curious how the primer compares to TFSI.

Nice haul :)

Unknown said...

@Phyrra-Hey Girl! Don't you love this collection! You got some great items for sure.

I find the Vibrancy eye primer to be quite different than TFSI (which I totally love by the way!). The MUA at MAC told me that the Vibrancy primer was designed to be used in the under-eye area specifically after moisturizer and before concealer. It has a very nice luminescent finish. The texure is "slicker" and more like a primer than an eyeshadow primer. Also, it is not opaque. I really love how it preps the skin for under eye concealer. I will plan a full review soon for sure! :)


Cydonian said...

You need to post a FOTD with Sakura ;-) I nabbed that too!

Unknown said...

@Cydonian-Hey Wendy!!! OMG, Isn't Sakura amazing!!! And, LOL!!! It totally dosen't surprise me that you picked this one up too as you are my fellow purple-lover!!! Too cute to resist, right! xoxo!!!

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