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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion and Hand Cream

Hello my dear readers! 

I have a review for you today and an alert of an upcoming giveaway that is *coming soon*!!!

Are ya'll familiar with Eucerin? It has been a brand that I have trusted for years! Seriously, they have some great products! I was first introduced to the brand by my Dermatologist as his office is always passing out Eucerin samples. Please see my previous Sunscreens For Sensitive Skin post which mentions Eucerin's Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin Lotion, it is one of the only drugstore sunscreens that my sensitive skin tolerates! 

This review is for Eucerin's Daily Skin Balancing Skin Fortifying Body Lotion and the Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme. 

Here is what Eucerin has to say about these lotions:

"Life is all about balance, and that includes your skin. So start the day off right with Eucerin® Daily Skin Balance Skin-Fortifying Body Lotion and Eucerin® Daily Skin Balance Hand Crème.  The latest must-haves from the skincare leader, these all-day moisturizers are designed to enhance the skin’s health while they help balance its natural pH level.  Their patent-pending formulas strengthen the skin’s barrier, provide 24-hour moisturization and defend against environmental stressors, all at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking!"

My Skin Background:

I have very dry skin on my body as well as my face. With my occupation as a Speech-Language Pathologist, I am constantly washing my hands or using anti-bacterial hand gels. Needless to say, my hands take a beating from this! I am always looking for rich and moisturizing formulas for my face, body, and hands. I need to combat both natural dryness as well as dryness secondary to frequent washing and hand sanitizer use. 

So how did these Eucerin formulas work out? Please keep reading after the jump for more info! 

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Body Lotion 

I love this new body lotion from Eucerin! This has become my daily body lotion. I apply all over my body right after my morning shower. The lotion sinks right in and leaves no greasy residue. The scent is light and fresh. Perfect for spring! The scent is slightly fruity and slightly floral (cherries maybe? lol, I always have a hard time describing scents). It is not overly scented, just a nice "hint" of a scent. It makes you "want" to put on this lotion! I always smell it when I apply, lol, I know...I am a nut! ;)

As with all Eucerin body lotions, this is packaged in a handy pump dispenser bottle. This 13.5 fl oz bottle retails for approximately $9.99 (depending on where you shop). As ya'll know, I love packaging that includes a pump (for any product!) as it keeps the product "fresh" and is just a great way to dispense lotion.

The bottle states that it "Strengthens skin's protective barrier against external elements and it enhances skin health." In addition, this lotion helps to "balance skin's natural pH level (pH5 buffer) to enhance its natural defenses" and it provides "24 hour moisturization". It contains ingredients like provitamin B5 and Glycerin.

I love how this lotion is super moisturizing, yet super light. It really doesn't "feel" like you are wearing a lotion. Your skin is just hydrated and protected. As someone with dry skin, when I wear this I don't have any breakthrough dry patches nor itchy dry skin. My skin is very sensitive and the product fragrance does not irritate my skin at all.

Overall, this lotion is a winner!

Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme 

The Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme, like the Body Lotion, contains the same light and fresh scent. This lotion has lived in my purse for the past couple weeks and I apply it throughout the day (especially after washing hands). It is like a thicker and richer version of the body lotion. I apply not only to my hands, but dab a bit on each cuticle and then massage it into the cuticle area.

This Eucerin Hand Creme absorbs slightly slower than the body lotion, but it is thicker and more moisturizing. My hands are so soft after applying this! I can "feel" the protective barrier on my hands, yet it doesn't feel greasy. Like the body lotion, this formula also contains provitamin B5, Glycerin, and pH optimizers. A 2.7 oz tube retails for approximately $5.50. This size is *perfect* for on-the-go. I just keep it right in my handbag so that I can apply throughout the day! Love it! :)

As I mentioned, my hands and cuticles take a daily beating at my work with constant hand washing and use of anti-bacterial hand gel. This rich hand cream helps to combat those drying effects.

I really like both the Eucerin Daily Skin Balancing Body Lotion and the Eucerin Daily Skin Balance Hand Creme. When I think of Eucerin, I usually think of "basic but effective". I think that the addition of the nice light scent, these lotions go one step beyond basic! ;) You can't go wrong with these lotions! Your skin will feel hydrated and nice! 

Stay tuned!!! I will be hosting a giveaway for the Eucerin Daily Skin Balance System! One winner will get both the Body Lotion and the Hand Creme. So, stay tuned for my upcoming giveaway post! 

As always, thanks for reading!!! Stay beautiful my dears! 

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Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Nice!!! Can't wait for the giveaway! :) Eucerin was the only lotion I could find when I was a teenager that I could wear on my body and not get a reaction (thank god those days are over and I can wear pretty much anything!) But eucerin has been my every day lotion for years! I have not tried these 2 yet though! :)

Unknown said...

Hey Jacenda! :) Yes, Eucerin is a trusty brand for sensitive skin for sure! Glad you can branch out though! I have had issues with skin allergies as well, so I totally hear ya! The giveaway will be posted within the next 2 days! So, check back soon! xoxo!!!

Anonymous said...

I've tried the Eucerin Calming Anti-Itch Relief Cream and it really works! My skin gets really itchy when it's dry.

Unknown said...

@Tracy/Beauty Reflections-Oh, I haven't tried that one, it sounds good! Sometimes I get so itchy from my dry skin! :) Thanks for reading! xoxo!

BeautyByKrystal said...

I love my Eucerin moisturizer so much, that whenever I find tiny sample sizes, I hoard them in my purse :)

Unknown said...

@Krystal-me too! I always grab the small sample ones at my Derms office! :)

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