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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Stylish Blogger Award!!!

Happy Weekend lovely readers!

Well, good things come in threes it seems with these awards! I was recently awarded this Stylish Blogger Award from Texas Type A Mom and Communicating Beauty. Thanks so much to both of you ladies for this award!!! I am excited to post this stylish award on my blog! :)

So, here are the "rules" with this little award:

  • Thank the person who awarded you. (See above, Thanks ladies!!!)
  • Share 8 Facts about yourself
  • Pay it forward to 4 more bloggers.

8 Facts

  1. I live in Atlanta, Ga.
  2. I have been married almost 10 years!!! No, kids yet, but we have an adorable dog, Casey, an English Springer Spaniel. 
  3. I got my Undergrad Degree at the University of Georgia and my Master's Degree at Georgia State University. I used to have aspirations of a Ph D, but now I actually think I am done with school! ;) But, I absolutely LOVE learning and really enjoy my job.
  4. I am a Speech Language Pathologist. I work with Special Needs Preschool-aged children with a wide range of needs. These kiddos make me smile every day and are a constant source of inspiration in my life. 
  5. I am older than I look. LOL, I won't speak of any age specifics, but people *always* think I look really young. ;) I suppose age doesn't really matter if you "feel" young or are young-at-heart! 
  6. I love to bake! Seriously! Cooking is fun too. But, I only enjoy cooking and baking when I have time and don't feel rushed. 
  7. I am constantly finding new making. I would really like to get good at this, but think I might need to take a class or two to take it to the next level.
  8. I LOVE to blog!!! 
Okay, now I must pay this award forward to 4 other bloggers. There are so many blogs that I love and many bloggers that I have awarded already. Please see my previous awards to check out links to some awesome bloggers: The Lovely Blog Award, The Cherry on Top Award, The Versatile Blogger Award

For this award, I would love to pass it on to some of my most loyal readers and commenters!!! Thank you girls for being so supportive of my blog!!! So, in no particular order...
  1. Rizzie @ The Perfect Pout
  2. Tracy @ My Best Beauty Buys
  3. Casssie @ Shabby Makeup and More
  4. Leticia @ Cosmetics Aficionado
Thanks so much for reading!!! 


Unknown said...

Thank you!! So much for this award! And Congrats I just live reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Thank you so so much! This is my first blog award! :D I'll do a post and forward the award as soon as I get on a PC! And congrats! Love your blog! :)

Unknown said...

@Shabby Makeup and @ Lip Gloss Lover:
Cassie and Rizzie-you are very welcome!!! Thanks to you both for being so supportive of my blog! XOXO!!!

Shaylee Anne said...

Aww Pammy I love learning new things about you!! Especially that you've been married for 10 years!! You must have got married at the age of 12 ;)

Unknown said...

@Shaylee-Awwh thanks!!! :) LOL...yes, a child-bride, tee-hee! :) Time flies!!! Love ya Shaylee!!! XOXO!

Toni Tralala said...

Congratulations on your award! :) OMG! How does it feel being married for 10 years? I've been married for almost 3 months now! lol.

You look great for your age! (undisclosed - do not mention. lol)

I'm searching for hobbies as well to keep myself occupied. :))

Unknown said...

@ToniTralala-Thanks girl!!! :) I tell ya, the 10 years have flown by! I am a lucky girl! XOXO!!! :)

Tracy D said...

Well aren't you just too sweet, thanks for the award Pammy! It's so great to get to learn more about you...I only hope I can find 8 interesting things to share. Thanks again, xo :)

Unknown said...

@mybestbeautybuys-You are welcome Tracy! Love your blog!!! :)

sugarbumpkin said...

no way! married for 10 years? I thought you were my age or younger! But then if that was true you would have been married since you were 12 and that's probably illegal in the U.S. Oops hahaha.

Unknown said...

@Sugarbumpkin, LOL...I knew some of you would be suprised that I am older than I appear! ;) I am telling you, I get mistaken for a teenager *all the time*! It used to bug me, but honestly, I dont mind anymore! ;) And no, lol, I wasnt 12 when I got married, but I was young. ;) XOXO!!!

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